BAYY – Dreams



Hometown: Brighton

Sounds Like: Nothing I’ve ever heard.


This song was released a while back, but because of how busy it’s been, only just got round to it, so apologies guys! I’m a huge fan of BAYY, ever since I heard their first track they released on soundcloud ‘Aqaurium’, and since they’ve had me dangling on a thread waiting for the next track to be released. ‘Dreams’ showcases exactly what I’ve come to expect from BAYY, and they do it so well. This succulent, dreamy track just glides around your ears, while your heads in a slight daze from the simple riff with a gearwave twist that we’ve been handed.

The abstracted melodies continue to appear all around the song, and have that important catchy edge along with them. The lyrics just seem to swirl around as he sings ‘It’s Never gonna happen’, and continues to tell you to just give up, these words still linger around my head even though I listened to it nearly a month ago. The track edges me to go out of my way to see them live, because I know this would make the room glisten effortlessly. Another good track from the band from Brighton, and hopefully we will be seeing an EP/Album release soon, fingers crossed.





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