August 2018 | Top 5 Albums of the Month

August2018 (2)

IDLES smash the Top 5 List, Along with Two Debut Albums!


5) Muncie Girls – ‘Fixed Ideals’  – LISTEN HERE

Muncie Girls Fixed IdealsThis was the second album released by Exeter trio Muncie Girls. Working up to the album I went and listened to their debut record again just to see how this one measured up and it’s clear that ‘Fixed Ideals’ is a step further for the band. Their lo-fi riffs are brilliantly under produced giving a raw feel. The hard hitting tracks are opinionated and fun to listen to, with wild drums throughout. FULL REVIEW HERE.



Top 3 Tracks : ‘Jeremy’ , ‘Locked Up’ and ‘Bubble Bath’


4) Slaves – ‘Acts Of Fear and Love’LISTEN HERE

Slaves Acts of Fear and LoveOver the past five years Isaac and Laurie have continued to grow and develop as a band while keeping their core sound – and this album they offered something a bit different. Of course you still have that raw aggression from the vocal delivery and tireless guitar riffs, but this album had something different which is shown in the song ‘Daddy’. Throughout the album you hear the bands wicked wit, which never gets boring and keeps the album at their high standards. FULL REVIEW HERE


Top 3 Tracks : ‘Photo Opportunity’ , ‘Daddy’ and ‘Magnolia’

3) Bad Sounds – ‘Get Better’ – LISTEN HERE

Bad Sounds - Get Better Album CoverBad Sounds debut album promised the World to us, from new and innovative sounds and limitless creativity, and they delivered. After a lot of build to it with ‘Wages’ and ‘Evil Powers’ the band really did had a lot to live up to, and it was a relief to hear they done just that throughout the album. Listening to the album is a complete joy, and will have you bopping around the room and whistling those sweet little hooks that they deliver with ease. FULL REVIEW HERE


Top 3 Tracks : ‘Wages’ , ‘How You Gonna Lose?’ and ‘Evil Powers’

2) Our Girl – ‘Stranger Today’ – LISTEN HERE

Our Girl - Stranger TodaySince they announced their debut album I was waiting with high anticipation, as everything up until then had moved me and left a mark. From songs ‘I Like You’ to ‘Our Girl’ they had it down. With this release they managed to do that at numerous points in the album, with distant sound of ‘Being Around’ to the mumblings on ‘Two Life’, their sound just throws you around room, and it was everything that I wished for on this album. FULL REVIEW HERE!


Top 3 Tracks : ‘I Really Like It’ , ‘Being Around’ and ‘Our Girl’

1) IDLES – ‘Joy as an Act of Resistance’  – LISTEN HERE

Idles -Joy As An act of Resistance.jpgIDLES completely blew us away last year with their debut album ‘Brutalism’ (Album Review Here) which seem to come out of nowhere. Now with expectation resting on their shoulders, it was interesting to see how the band would fair with a second album. The band proved that they did not suffer with second album syndrome, as they made an equally good, if not better, successor. Much like their first album it’s completely packed with piss and vinegar, and the band will not rest until they’ve got everything off their chest. An excellent listen which firmly puts IDLES as one of the best bands the UK have today, cannot wait for the third release! FULL REVIEW HERE.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘Never Fight A Man With A Perm’ , ‘Love Song’ and ‘Great’

That’s it for this Month, what did you make of the albums in the list? What would you have put in the Top 5? Let us know, in the comments below!


July 2018 | Top 5 Albums of the Month

5) Dirty Projectors – ‘Lamp Lit Prose’

Dirty Projectors - Lamp Lit ProseAfter the self entitled album which was released last year, the Dirty Projectors project has been something to keep an eye on. Although this album never hit the heights that last years did, it was still a good outing. The album has some impressive features, with Haim jumping on for track ‘That’s A Lifestyle’ and Empress Of featuring on ‘Zombie Conqueror’ it brings some great contrasts on the album. Looking forward to what else this project can bring, and what David Longstreth can pull out his magic hat.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘That’s a Lifestyle’ , ‘Right Now’ and ‘I Found It In U’

4) Mikaela Davis – ‘Delivery

Mikaela Davis - DeliveryI was pleasantly surprised when listening to the debut album from Mikaela Davis, as I didn’t think I would’ve enjoyed it as much as I did. The album has a tinge of grit drizzled around it, and when it has Davis’ delicate vocals sit over the top, it makes for some tasty sounds. With the mix of the harp and guitars you have some interesting elements across the whole album. The album wraps up just over half hour which is just enough for you to grasp what Davis is all about, another solid breakthrough act this year.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘Get Gone’ , ‘Other Lover’ and ‘Do You Wanna Be Mine?’
3) The Internet – ‘Hive Mind’

The Internet - Hive MindThis was another album which really went above my expectations. After not listening to much of The Internet, Hive Mind made a real lasting impression on me. With some funky instrumental work and insightful lyrics, the album is steeped with content as there’s plenty to lose yourself in. The sound of the album comes across as very collaborative, as if in some senses it was being made on the fly – and it works so well.


Top 3 Tracks : ‘La Di Da’ , ‘Come Over’ and ‘Girl’


2) The Ophelias – ‘Almost’

The Ophelias - Almost

This was the second album from the Cincinnati band, and after going back and listening to their debut this album is definitely a step up. Their indie rock-pop feel is one of the bands USP, and when it’s got that dark twinge it gives the album depth. Almost is garnished with clever lines and little hooks which give the band it’s own stamp, making this album distinctive to them and their twisted sound.



Top 3 Tracks : ‘General Electric’ , ‘Lunar Rover’ and ‘House’


1) BODEGA – ‘Endless Scroll

BODEGA - Endless Scrolls

This album really made my month, and it came out of nowhere. This debut album is a dream to listen to, as it’s full of ideas and absolutely no fear. The band completely let their imaginations run away with them, and thank god they did. With it being Produced by Parquet Courts’ Austin Brown, it’s clear the bands already raucous sound was only heightened by the introduction of the post-punk indie mastermind. The album never lets you sit still as the BODEGA sound is very erratic and in your face, it’s fantastic.


Top 3 Tracks : ‘General Electric’ , ‘Lunar Rover’ and ‘House’


June 2018 | Top 5 Albums of the Month

Matt Maltese and Boy Azooga burst into the Top 5 for the Month of June!

5) Boy Azooga – ‘1, 2 Kung Fu’

Boy Azooga 1 2 Kung FuThis is another debut album to make the top 5 and it comes from Cardiff band Boy Azooga, who have been gaining some heavy recognition from this release. As soon as the album opens up with ‘Breakfast Epiphany’ you’re thrown into the Azooga universe and you find it very hard to leave. The stoner/Tame Impala sounds that the album inhibits brings a fresh type sound to the indie scene that they’ve been lumped into, but they are very much a stand out act in that category.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘Breakfast Epiphany’ , ‘Taxi In Your Head’ and ‘Hangover Square’

4) Florence and the Machine – ‘High As Hope

Florence and the Machine High as HopeFlorence has an innate ability of churning out consistently good albums, and this one doesn’t break the streak as it’s another gem. Her albums always have serious depth to them lyrically and melodically, just hearing ‘South London Forever’ can send shivers down your spine. Instrumentally Florence stays well within her wheelhouse as she once again opts for the floaty and atmospheric tones which blend so well with her vocal style. Thoroughly enjoyed this album, and can see a lot of Florence fans falling head over heels for it. Of course it doesn’t hit the heights of her earlier work in ‘Lungs’ but it definitely hold its own.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘South London Forever’ , ‘Grace’ and ‘Sky Full of Song’

3) Ben Howard – ‘Noonday Dream

Ben Howard - Noonday Dream 1Since Ben landed onto the music scene he’s drawn attention from people who listen to all types of music, really opening the door for everyone to enjoy his music, especially with his debut ‘Every Kingdom’. However since then he’s stepped further and further away from his debut, and really created some new and inventive material. ‘Noonday Daydream’ is the album which showcases this best as Ben immerses himself in the weird and wonderful, crafting some beautiful lengthy tracks which proves Howard’s genius. Read Full review here.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘Nica Libres At Dusk’ , ‘The Defeat’ and ‘There’s Your Man’

2) Matt Maltese – ‘Bad Contestant’

Matt Maltese.jpgThis is the debut for Matt Maltese however you wouldn’t have guessed it from listening to this album as he sounds like a seasoned veteran. The lyrical depth in this album is something to behold, as each songs paints a wondrous picture direct from Matt’s mind. His sarcastic and quirky lyrics provide the brightest moments on the album, which play off so well to the sound of his piano-’Nightclub Love’ being the perfect example. Although this is only the beginning of Matt’s career it seems that he’s already has a firm grasp on songwriting, which means we’re in for something special moving forward.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘Greatest Comedian’ , ‘Nightclub Love’ and ‘Mortals’

1) Father John Misty – ‘God’s Favourite Customer

FMJ - Gods Favourite CustomerAfter a short year since he dropped ‘Pure Comedy’, FJM delivered his follow up album ‘God’s Favourite Customer’ at the start of the Month. The album was a short and snappy ride with plenty of highlights as he reflects on his life while delivering some of his most cutting edge lyrics. This was a complete contrast to his lengthy last album, but it was a welcome change. This album lit up the start of Month and there’s a strong chance it will be in the memory come the end of the year. Read full review here.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘Please Don’t Die’, ‘God’s Favourite Customer’ and ‘Mr.Tillman’

May 2018 | Top 5 Albums of the Month


May was a Superb Month for Music as Parquet Courts among others showcase excellence

5. Chvrches – ‘Love Is Dead’

Chvrches Love is dead

Since their debut album release (The Bones of What You Believe) back in 2011, Chvrhes have made themselves a band to keep an eye out for. Unfortunately their third release didn’t hit the heights of their debut, but it’s completely packed out with larger than life synth-pop tracks. Lauren Mayberry’s voice continues to be a perfect contrast for the bands sound, which can be heard at various different points in the album.


Top 3 Tracks : ‘Graffiti’ , ‘Miracle’ and ‘Wonderland’

4. PEACE – ‘Kindness is the New Rock and Roll’

Peace Kindess is the new rock and roll.pngSeeing Peace grow since their debut EP release Delicious it has been a very beautiful blooming into the band they are today. Their third album ‘Kindness is the New Rock and Roll’ was an interesting release for the band, as it seem to have more personal values at the heart of it, which can be heard on the track ‘From Under Liquid Glass’  making it the band’s most heartfelt release yet. You can also see evidence of Harrison Kossier taking huge strides in his songwriting and vocal performances, which is a welcome development. The band stepped slightly away from the sun kissed guitars and bouncy melodies for this one, as they prove their a multi-dimensional band.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘From Under Liquid Glass’ , ‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’ and ‘Shotgun Hallelujah’

3. Courtney Barnett – ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel’

Courtney Barnett - Tell Me How You Really FeelAfter a very well received debut album, Courtney really did have a lot of people building up the expectation for this release. Barnett really delivered with this album, the loud guitars combined with the complete raucous vocals helped it inhibit a very raw and real vibe. From the amazingly catchy ‘Nameless Faceless’ where she takes on internet trolls to ‘City Looks Pretty’ which delves into how weird life can really be at times. This release really fills me with anticipation for her next release, as it seems she has a knack of releasing high class albums. Full Album Review Here.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘Nameless Faceless’ , ‘Sunday Roast’ and ‘City Looks Pretty’

2. Arctic Monkeys – ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino

Arctic Monkeys - TBHACThis was the Monkey’s sixth album release, and it caught a lot of attention due to the polar opposite opinions it drew from the bands core fan base. Some admired and enjoyed the release, some admired and disliked the release and some just flat out hated it. For me the album was a great turn for the Arctic Monkeys, one which saw them delve into the grounds that Bowie wasn’t too unfamiliar with. The album was filled with sleek, crooning tunes which just invited you into listen. Of course some people still yearn for the days when Turner would sing about waiting a bus stops and going out to town, but the fact is his influences have changed, and he’s leading a much different life now which will bleed into his music. All in all I’m glad the band were bold enough to take on something new, and they made it work in my eyes.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘Four Stars out of Five’ , ‘One Point Perspective’ and ‘She Looks Like Fun’

1- Parquet Courts – ‘Wide Awake

Parquet Courts- Wide Awake!Parquet Courts really made an exquisite album with ‘Wide Awake’. The band managed to stick to their lo-fi punk roots, however they developed it slightly which can be heard in the title track with the uses of the whistles, bongos and some other interesting elements. The album has such a great flow, with it slowing down every now and then for you to catch your breath which is needed after a song like ‘Normalization’. This really has all the components to be an album of the Year contender, and I’m sure at the end it will be in the conversation. Full album review here.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘Wide Awake’ , ‘Normalization’ and ‘Almost Had to Start a Fight/In and Out of Patience’

Thats the list for May 2018, did I miss anybody?

  1. Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


March 2018 | Top 5 Albums of the Month


Gengahr, The Magic Gang and Camp Cope all make the Top 5 Albums of March!

5. Gengahr – ‘Where Wilderness Grows’

Gengahr Where Wilderness growsThis is Gengahr’s second Album after their debut release A Dream Outside, which was a promising debut. However this one trumps it. This album has lots of beautifully orchestrated tracks which blend perfectly well with the soft vocals of frontman Felix Bushe. There’s catchy hooks laid throughout the entire album, whether it’s the calming tones of ‘Before Sunrise’ or the blissful squeak of ‘Mallory’ , the album has subtle diversities. Can easily see this being an important step for the London band, will be interesting to see what they can cough up next.

Top 3 Tracks : ‘Mallory’, ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ and ‘Before Sunrise’


4. Mount Eerie – ‘Now Only’

Mount Eerie Now OnlyAfter the emotional release of A Crow Looked At Me last year, Mount Eerie quickly became one of my favourite artists. Now Only is the companion album to his release last year which isn’t any easier to listen to. The open-heart stories Mount Eerie shares with us are heathrobbing due to how real they are, and also because he doesn’t hold back. His late Wife is at the centre of this entire album as he drifts and tells stories with her and how life is like without her, with such tracks like ‘Distortion’ and ‘Now Only’ offering two completely different feelings about the same subject. Another great release from a stunning artist.

Top 3 Tracks: ‘Now Only’, ‘Crow Pt.2’ and ‘Distortion’


3. The Magic Gang – ‘The Magic Gang’

The Magic Gang AlbumFans of The Magic Gang have been waiting for an album for such a long time. After several triumphant EP releases it was clear they had the talent to easily cover an album, and March 2018 it happened. The band put together all their greatest songs from their EP’s, (Along with a few new ones) making a great album. The whole tracklist is full of sing-along songs, with melodies and hooks that will whirl round your head for weeks. They made subtle tweaks to their old time favourites which gave them a fresher sound, and new track ‘Getting Along’ blended in well amongst the hits. Now this has been completed, it would be interesting to hear the lads create something completely fresh, but in the meantime enjoy their upcoming UK Tour! Read Full Review Here.

Top 3 Tracks: ‘Jasmine’, ‘All That I Want is You’ and ‘All This Way’


2. Camp Cope – ‘How to Socialise and Make Friends’

Camp Cope - How to Socialise and Make FriendsThis album really made me realise how great Camp Cope are. After their debut they featured a light of bright spots with some great songs, but this album they picked it up a level. Their gritty style combined with the very real voice of lead singer Georgie Maq creates complete magic over a song. The album still has that lo-fi feel which endearing and is pivotel to tracks like ‘The Face of God’ and ‘The Omen’. The final track ‘I’ve Got You’ is drowned in emotion as Georgie sings about her late Father, showing you glimpses of their wonderful bond. Full Review Here.

Top 3 Tracks: ‘The Omen’, ‘The Opener’ and ‘I’ve Got You’

1. Demob Happy – ‘Holy Doom’

Demob Happy Holy DoomAfter seeing Demob Happy support The Cribs last year, they have been a constant figure on my radar. I was aching to hear their new album as their explosive live  performance that night just fuelled me with energy, and I needed more. The album is blast from start to finish as it rich with heavy riffs and sumptuous vocals which reeks of just classic rock. The band have everything, if you want a catchy number you can sing along to you have ‘Be Your Man’. Or if you want to completely lose yourself you have ‘Maker of Mine’. The album also has tinges of Psychedelia to their songs, as their whirring riffs can have you dancing circles at times. Expecting a lot from Demob Happy these next couple of years, and after this album it’s clear they can produce.

Top 3 Tracks: ‘Be Your Man’, ‘Loosen It’ and ‘Spinning Out’


February 2018 | Top 5 Albums of the Month

Ezra Furman - Transangelic Exodus5) Ezra Furman – ‘Transangelic Exodus’

I nearly didn’t listen to this album, which would’ve been a stupid thing to do. This is Ezra Furman’s seventh album release, and judging from what I’ve been hearing and reading, this is his best work to date. The album has a blistering cinematic sound and feel to it all, as each track seems tailored made for the big screen. The album takes you through a story as each song seems to have a clear narrative. There’s also some cool elements worked into album, much of them being electronic and provide that big sound. Also Ezra’s vocal performance on each track is consistently good, as you can really feel the emotion he gives off. Listen Here.

Anna Burch Quite the Curse4) Anna Burch – ‘Quit the Curse’

This was the solo debut for Anna Burch, after stints with the bands Failed Flowers and Frontier Ruckus she finally flew from the nest and went solo. Quit The Curse is a fantastic debut album as it has such a laid back mellow feel to it and is easily digestable. With it’s indie pop hooks and softer than velvet vocals the album just seems to breeze through you. Clear reference points for the record would be The Softies and perhaps a the more gentle side of The Pastels. However Anna easily puts her own stamp on each track, creating an album which has given her a new coat of paint, as it’s clear she’s took a step away from her old folk roots. Listen Here

MGMT Little Dark Age Album3) MGMT – ‘Little Dark Age’

MGMT have been a much loved act ever since their debut album Oracular Spectacular which featured tracks like ‘Electric Feel’, ‘Kids’ and ‘Time To Pretend’ all of which have become indie favourites. However since those releases it seems that the band have tried to distance themselves as far away as possible from that genre, as they’ve delved into various different styles – avoiding the mainstream. Little Dark Age however feels like a step in the right direction. Once again the band continue to push their boundaries by doing something different, however this time it feels like it has more substance. The album is a really dark and gothic twist on pop music, with sinister synths and haunting vocals.  The album has some great tracks like ‘Little Dark Age’ , ‘TSLAMP’ and a personal favourite ‘Me and Michael’, yet it’s not just these tracks as the whole album makes a wonderful listening experience. Listen Here

Table Scraps - autonomy2) Table Scraps – ‘Autonomy’

Ever since I heard this record back in November before its release, I couldn’t wait for the day it was available to everyone because I knew the band had a fantastic album on their hands. Table Scraps as a band embody chaos, and this record is just further proof as it solidifies that statement. Each track comes full with a heavy hook and spooky vocals that sound like they’re coming directly from a ghoul. With songs like ‘My Obsession’ and ‘Sick Of Me’ it’s not hard to  see these going down amazingly well with a live audience. Table Scraps made another big step with the release of their second album, and I can see it being a very important one. Read the review here. Listen Here

silver dollar moment1) The Orielles – ‘Silver Dollar Moment’

Finally the album of the month has to be The Orielles exquisite debut album Silver Dollar Moment. Not only because it’s great record from top to bottom, but because it’s been a long time coming and they’ve delivered without faltering at any stage. The Orielles stay very loyal to the sound that made them so revered by their fans, yet they manipulated their sound in a number of different ways to create a very varied album which is highly enjoyable. For instance songs like ‘Sunflower Seeds’ sounds sunkissed and beautiful, while ‘Borrachero Tree’ has a slightly darker edge to it – but it has that Orielles lo-fi indie garage disco sound (if there’s such a genre). Can honestly see this being in contention for album of the year in December, so it had to be number one this month. Full Review Here.  Listen Here

That concludes this months Top 5 Albums, would love to know your thoughts so please leave a comment below!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise – @Wordsformusic1

January 2018 | Top 5 Albums of the Month

So January is finally coming to a close, and it’s been a superb month for music with so many good albums being released! Here are our top 5 Albums / EP’s of the Month! Would love to hear your thoughts on the list!

5. Peach Club – ‘Cherry Baby’

Cherry Baby‘ was the debut EP from Peach Club, and after hearing it’s consistently been calling back to me. The EP is packed with attitude from the first song to the last, and each of the of the vocal performances are impeccable. The title track ‘Cherry Baby‘ is the stand out track on the album, mixin story with melody perfectly. With a plethora or riot grrrl bands started to make moves now, Peach Club have definitely put themselves on the radar as ones to look out for. 

4.Dream Wife – ‘Dream Wife’

After hearing Dream Wife for the first time, I was immediately looking forward to their debut album. The record has a real riot grrrl edge to it, but at the heart of it’s just stunningly good guitar music with some very poignant riffs. It has a unique sound to it, especially with the vocals and the pleasant Icelandic twang that hangs off every word. The whole album is very tight and follows a very punchy theme, and it’s clear that these songs would play out well in front of a live audience.

3.Dead! – ‘The Golden Age of Not Even Trying’

This album was late to the party, as it was released towards the end of January and was very nearly not listened to. However, it’s a relief that it found its way into my ears. The album is just filled with pent up anger along with aggressive drum work, and some talented guitar parts. With songs like ‘Enough, Enough, Enough’ and ‘Any Port’ providing a perfect soundtrack for complete madness at any live event! The fast paced album is a complete whirlwind and flies by too quick, forcing on several more listens.

2. Jeff Rosenstock – ‘Post-‘

Jeff released his third solo album ‘Post-‘ on New Years Day, which caught a lot of people off-guard as they weren’t ready for this new record. However a New Years Day hangover couldn’t keep me away from this. The album has everything you’d want from a Jeff Rosenstock album, still keeping with his post-punk roots and erratic style. The final track ‘Let Them Win’  is a great song, as it goes on it’s as if Jeff slowly giving up and losing the fight, much like the title of the song.

1. Shame – ‘Songs of Praise’

After some time plotting their debut album, Shame have burst onto the scene with their debut record ‘Songs of Praise’. It has garnered strong reviews all round from several publications, and are being dubbed the best act to come out the UK this year. Although the praise is deserved, it’s important to give the band time to grow and not get to ahead of ourselves. That being said, the album is a monster of its own. With these big heavy guitars combined with know-it-all lyrics, each song follows the same swagger, which is something similar to what SLAVES have done. This album deservedly gets album of the month, and hopefully we can look forward to more great stuff from the South-London band.