Single of the Week | DELIGHTS – ‘Jungle’

Delights - 'Jungle'

Manchester Band DELIGHTS grab Single of the Week with ‘Jungle’

It’s Sunday, which means it’s the time where we dive into all the new music which has recently been released and pick our favourite single!

This week it’s the Manchester band DELIGHTS, who delight (sorry) us with their brand new track ‘Jungle’!

Listen Below:

The simplistic track has a cool breeze feel about it, as the lead singer compares his lovers mind to a jungle, as they express the desire to get away. The riff is tight creating a nice little indie melody which could stick around for days, could easily see this track being added to a few playlists.

After releasing their first track back in 2017, Delights are still fresh but they can clearly put a quality indie track together, very looking forward to hear more.

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Words by Alex Wise

Single of the Week | Ginger Snaps – ‘With Or Without Her’

Ginger Snaps - With or Without Her

Single of the Week gets Ginger Snapped!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday it’s the return of Single of the Week, probably the longest running feature we’ve had here at WFM! This week we have the immensely talented Ginger Snaps who’s been dropping bangers since 2016 with ‘Phat Kids’!

His newest Single ‘With or Without Her’ has got Single of the Week for undeniable catchiness and wonderful production – something which is always prevalent on every Ginger Snaps track. This song takes a slower approach than it’s predecessors, as it seems lead singer Jay Brook seems to mulling over something as he sings “Take it easy little soldier / You’re almost done with this’.

Listen Below:

Jay’s casual rapsy delivery is really infectious and calming to listen to, as he reels off lyrics on top of this subtle crunch sounding drum beat with spiraling guitars. The crystal clear production is impeccable, which really makes this track stand out from a lot of other peoples. You can just tell by the way it sounds it’s been looked after and carefully crafted.

Ginger Snaps still continue to be one of my favourite acts of the year, and I expect something big from them next year like an EP or Album because I’ve got the taste for it, and I need to hear one!

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Words by Alex Wise

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Single of the Week | Chris Westwood – ‘Love & War’

Chris Westwood - Love and War

Chris Westwood takes his first steps going Solo and grabs Single of the Week

Sunday can only mean one thing, it’s Single of the Week. This is used to feature artists that you may not know about who have released something new this week, and the cream of the crop this time around is Birmingham Singer Songwriter Chris Westwood. After hanging up his electric guitar and leaving his previous band Dirty Little Lies, Chris has started his solo career which all starts with this release!

Chris takes to the piano for his single ‘Love and War’, which leans towards the more softer side of his musical talents. He delicately works his way around the keys to create a beautiful song.

It has some very soulful moments with the way the vocals are delivered, you can hear a hint of Paul Weller just when he started solo, a very strict voice which can reach those higher notes.

The tune is gentle and uplifting, something that Chris is able to take to another place with his vocals. The production of the track is also very well done, with the subtle strings which come in after the chorus, really softening it up.

This is only the beginning for Chris, as he still has big things he wants to accomplish. With a dedicated management behind him in Strawberry Moon Records, we will be hearing a lot more of his music going forward!

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Words by Alex Wise


Single of the Week | FAITH – ‘1992’


Birmingham Band FAITH Release ‘1992′ Ahead of EP Two

After having a quiet period in the studio working on their second EP entitled Two, FAITH have released another teaser into what we can expect from their second EP. ‘1992′ is the second track the band have released on the lead up to  the EP, with ‘Honey‘ being the first, and it looks as though the band have firmly fell on their feet and found their sound.

Watch Below:

The slow, soft intro (which was recorded on Garageband), bares no resemblance to what the track turns into as a funky drum beat eases you in. The track has a very Stone Roses ‘Fools Gold’ type feel with wah-wah guitar sounds being a prominent feature, along with quick shifting drums.

The lyrics are something to note as they have a different style to previous FAITH tracks, with the song very much being a reflection on where the band are now, and where they want to be. The song is packed full with lyrics and they’re delivered in a rapid fire style, giving the track an upbeat, pacy energy.

One thing you can count on FAITH for is a good solo, and they deliver that here.  The solo lasts over a minute closing out the song, and is something marvel at. It’s well thought out and put together as it holds your attention while it works around the guitar.

It’s great to hear that the band are ready to release their second EP and play it to live crowds. Keep an eye out for the EP which will be released in September, cannot wait to seem them live!

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Words by Alex Wise

Single of the Week | Sam Fender – ‘Dead Boys’

I’s a day late, but it’s better late than never. It’s Single of the Week!

This week is a big one, as Sam Fender has released his most important track to date with ‘Dead Boys’. The song tackles the issue of male suicides, which is something he’s had to deal with in his own life. This gives the track a lot of depth, and it can be felt when listening to Sam perform it.

The heart thumping, blood pumping track has a lot of built up intensity giving it that raw-life feeling. The racing guitars give visions of life moving too fast, while the drums heighten the tempo, Sam pours out emotion in every vocal. Sam’s song writing skills are highlighted well here, it’s quite clear that Sam belongs with the best, and this is surely another big step in becoming one of the best solo artists in the UK.

Sam has a lot of dates from now until the end of the year, if you’re free go and see.

18 August – Lowlands, Netherlands

19 August – Dockville, Festival Hamburg

24 August – Leeds Festival

26 August – Reading Festival

8 September – DCODE Festival, Madrid

29 October – Mash House, Edinburgh

30 October – Fibbers, York

31 October – King Tuts, Glasgow

2 November – Chapel, Leeds

3 November – Leadmill 2, Sheffield

5 November – Soup Kitchen, Manchester

6 November – Shipping Forecast, Liverpool

7 November – Thekla, Bristol

9 November – Rock City Basement, Nottingham

10 November – The Castle & Falcon, Birmingham

12 November – OMEARA, London

13 November – OMEARA, London

17 November – Newcastle University

3 December – Academy, Glasgow (w/ Blossoms)

13 December – O2 Academy Brixton, London (w/ Blossoms)

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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Single of the Week | The Post Romantics – ‘Call It Off’

The Post Romantics 1

The Post Romantics Release Debut Single ‘Call It Off’ and gets Single of the Week!

Single of the Week Sunday!

Liverpool band The Post Romantics have released their debut single ‘Call It Off’, proving that Liverpool have depth to their music scene.

The band is made up of three brothers and a close friend, making them very tight-knit and unique, comapared to a lot of other bands. Their new song has a dark-pop edge to it with the synths and the slow melodic pace, as it reeks of a failed love story. Instrumentally the song is very stripped back with subtle bits of xylophone (My best guess)  and a synth – but that’s all this song needed to combine with the vocals.

Listen Below:

Considering this is the bands debut single, they’ve set a high bar for themselves because it is very good. Looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring for the band, as i’m sure they’d love to capitalise on the momentum gained from this track.

If you’re around, go and see the band live when they support The Gold @ Hoxton Sq Bar & Kitchen on August 30th!

Tickets & Info 

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Single of the Week | The Desert Yetis – ‘What Can I Do’

The Desert Yetis band

The Desert Yetis debut gets Single of the Week

It’s always exciting having a new band to dig your teeth into, but it’s even better when they come out with a banger. Coventry four-piece, The Desert Yetis have delivered on their first attempt at a single!

What Can I Do’  is a gritty dark guitar pop song which has a relentless unforgiving sound. The heavy bassline at the start of the track gives you a hint of what is to come, as eerie vocals leak in followed by the beautifully heavy distorted guitars. The band have created a very heavy sound which still has pop tendencies, making it lean subtly towards the indie genre. A special mention has to go out to that visceral guitar solo which really is a highlight for the track.

Listen Below!

That’s it fo Single of the Week this week, did you enjoy it?

This track has also been added to the 2018 WFM Play list which you can check out here!

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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Single of the Week | Twilight Driving – ‘Between The Sheets’

Twilight Driving - Between The Sheets

Twilight Driving claim Single of the Week!

As if Brighton didn’t have enough good bands coming out at the moment, with the likes of Gender Roles, Lazybones and Suzi Island – but they also now have Twilight Driving!

Their latest release ‘Between The Sheets’ will really act as a marker for the band as it’s a complete banger. The heavy synth work on the track really is something to enjoy,  along with the large driving guitars. The breakdown in the track is euphoric and it must sound satisfactory hearing the whole thing come together live.

This really is starting to feel like Brightons Year for music and we all should just sit back and enjoy it, as another Single of the Week heads down South in the UK!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks single, be sure to check out next week when I will have another one for you!

Words By Alex Wise @AJWise

Single of the Week | Pool – ‘Surfer Jain’

Pool - Surfer Jain

Birmingham Band POOL unleash ‘Surfer Jain‘ to the World

Today we have Birmingham band POOL giving us the Single of the Week, and it’s a noisy one.

The track is a complete 3 minutes and 13 seconds of chaos. The pace of the track is fightening as it seems to be constantly speeding past you as you try and keep up, as the guitars move with relentless energy.  The brash nature of the song naturally makes it in your face and aggressive, similar to some of the early Nirvana material in some parts.

As much as this track is great for the band, it’s also good for the Birmingham music scene, which has become one of the hottest around the UK.

Well that’s the Single of the Week, hope you enjoyed it! Check back next week when I will have something else for you!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Single of the Week | Patawawa – ‘Fight Me’


DIY 3 Piece Disco Band Patawawa get Single of the Week

Unfortunately Single of the Week is a tad bit late this week due to life getting in the way, however here is this weeks Single of the Week and it’s a little different!

Usually here at WFM we have something a little rough around the edges, something with a bit of bite. However this week we’ve gone for something funky which shoud make you want to dance around! We give you Patawawa!

Their electro funk vibes are something to feast your ears on as it’s something completely different to what anyone else is doing at the moment. Their exterior screams indie rock but the music says otherwise as they invite to dance around the room in their latest release ‘Fight Me’.

It sounds like something that has been lifted straight from 70’s Disco and they’ve done it justice. The bass on the track is impressive along with the Nile Rodgers inspired guitar. It’s the vocals that really make the track as they have that postive upbeat sway which is needed in a song like this!

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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise