EP Review | Sisteray – ‘Sisteray Said’

Sisteray - 'Sisteray Said'

Sisteray Prove Once Again They’re One of the Best Underground Bands Today

When a song begins with as epic drumming as this does, and face melting guitar riffs, I often think how on earth is this going to take off from this moment!? It’s surely not going to, but I was very very wrong.

I was overwhelmed with a punk rocker vocal and in your face lyrics. Can you imagine when this song gathers its deserved momentum, anything other than a crowd erupting at the very first bang of the drums? Cause I can’t.

The song has the feel of Empire, by Kasabian, and at moments it reminded me of Come On Feel The Noise by The Quiet Riot. What’s not to get ecstatic about? It’s a song for the people, the people who have had enough of certain individuals in an ever growing vain society. And the people want nothing better than having a record like this to express it!

So here it is guys. It’s a song I’d be in waiting for amongst that festival crowd, a song where I’d be encouraged to climb on the shoulders of a stranger, and absorb every single second of this new and pure rock anthem.

With that being said, the song ‘Rumour Mill’ had me fascinated by the intelligence  of the lyrics, it’s punk rock poetry, yet you’re not quite realising you’re being hypnotised by a steady tempo on the drums, and occasional teasing guitar riffs. And then the song explodes, which had me throwing my head back and forward like a well seasoned heavy metal rocker.

Lyrically someone, somewhere, has done a lot of talking without thinking. And we all know of those people! The wordsmith behind this record has painted this picture in a rather genius way, and It’s honestly difficult to go back from the fun you’re having now.

Especially when the track ‘Algorithm Prison’ has more edge, it made me think are we all just playing by the rules? Accepting whats in front of us as normal? Like we are players in a real life version of the PC Game The Sims. Being controlled by a hierarchy, that we believe care?

It reminded me a lot of ‘Bring It On Down’ by oasis. It’s melodically banging and with those lyrics the track really had me buzzing! I thought maybe I was in for some breathing space when I heard ‘Sisteray Said’, but the utterly awesome happened again!

I’m well drunk on this EP at this point, but the opening bass just tipped me over the edge.

It was my flaming sambuca. I was a ‘Sisteray’ worshipper now. This song was just 2 and a half minutes of musical mayhem, and no matter how much you want to escape it you can’t.

This EP showed me how brilliantly skilled these musicians are and I cannot stress that enough, they’re different class. The writing with edge but bringing you honesty, adding fuel to the fire while taking you on that rollercoaster with them. This band are the real deal and I cannot wait to hear more.

Words by Captain Sound

EP Review | The Americas – ‘Guitar Music Is Dead’

The Americas - Guitar Music Is Dead EP

The Americas Release a Stellar Debut EP with ‘Guitar Music Is Dead’

‘Guitar Music is Dead’ is the debut EP by West Midlands trio, Harry, Aaron and Alex. The Americas have had a busy year to say the least, gigging all over the country, recently performing at the fringe at the Tramlines festival in Sheffield.

I must admit, the band is very new to me, but the sound doesn’t feel that way at all. The sound is so nostalgic that the tracks seem to have years behind them. The short, six track EP packs a whole load of guitar in one place. The ring of the classic bluesy vocals are complemented by rock and country guitars while hats are surely tipped towards indie music, making you really question the Midland origin of the band.

This nostalgia is really alive in the sound, the six short tracks taking great influence from good old fashioned guitar music. The lead track, ‘Come on Out’ has a Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones drawl, down to the “Oh, Oh, Oh” in the background of the track. The vocals are also delivered beautifully Jagger-y in ‘I Don’t Wanna Go Home’ and ‘American Morning’, putting Jagger in a country situation with clever guitar and drum arrangements.



True, expected country rock is really explored in ‘Rosanna’, one of three tracks released before the EP. The production of the track is really intriguing, the tempo is particularly mellowed out, giving you a rather odd feeling while you listen. The song, before the guitar amplifies towards the end, is rather hypnotising, you may catch yourself feeling as if you’re in a Southern American bar surrounded by people in cowboy hats dancing around you.

The lyrics and their sentiment in the EP, although filled with guitar and drums, make for comfortable listening. Lyrically, the EP seems to encapsulate a certain extent of storytelling with pretty dreamy melodies. ‘Backyard Love Song’ comprises electric guitar and a steady drum beat, but begs deliverance by a raconteur.  The track describes an uninspired life and relationship with the typical wish to get out of their town and regular life. Here, the story begs a familiarity and relationship with the listener, while also inspiring ambition in “Maybe I could get away/ across the country and stay…. It’s somewhere out there, of that I’m sure”. We can see this ambition in the shape of the EP and the number of gigs performed, as well as the quest to make sure guitar music is in fact not dead.

The Americas by @anniewarnerr
The Americas by @anniewarnerr

Perhaps the stand out track of the album is ‘Bad News’. This track strays from the remaining consensus of the EP. With a much faster deliverance and a heavier feel. Here, the vocals seem less bluesy and more snare like. This is more likely a rock track with indie roots, bringing a further dimension to the EP, maybe teasing other avenues they are willing to explore musically.


All in all, this EP was a surprising listen. I was not expecting such nostalgia in a new release, but this really is what makes The Americas stand out. The tongue in cheek title Guitar music is dead is definitely challenged in the EP, band member, Aaron explaining ‘Guitar music seems to die every year. Huge artists like Kasabian and the Gallagher brothers always claim to be the ‘last survivors’, maybe adding The Americas to the list.

This band is definitely one to watch!

Words by Robyn Hartley


Facebook: The Americas

Twitter: @TheAmericasYeah

Instagram: theamericasyeah


EP Review | The Assist – ‘Lost’

The Assist - 'Lost'

The Assist Give Us One of the Best EP’s of the Year with ‘Lost’

It’s been a few important years for Walsall band The Assist, as they have took further steps in growing as a band and this EP is solid gold proof. 2 Years after the release of their Trouble EP (Full Review Here) the band have delivered again, as it trumps their last release  musically, lyrically and the general entire message of the EP.

Lost tackles the struggles of the modern age, and how you can feel lost and not feel in control of your own life at almost every turn. The opening track ‘Love’ is a funky track with the wah-wah guitars and the general dizziness of the song. Mikey Stanton sings about how love can be too much , and how sometimes you need to step back and breathe. Really enjoy the musicality on this one as it sets it up the rest of the EP nicely, being the first steps into The Assists lost World.

All That I Need’ was released prior to the EP along with a great video. Stanton’s voice really sticks out as he charges around giving off some unique vocals which lie somewhere between singing/shouting/conversational which gives The Assist a stand out quality.


The guitar is killer along with the punching drums, with a retro vibe to it and additional electronic instrumentals it nearly gets song of the EP.

For me the track of the EP is ‘Exist’ which comes up next, where Stanton tells us how he wants to be a child again and not have all the concerns of being grown up. The chorus is a masterpiece, with an incredibly catchy melody and lyrics that you can pick up quick and relate to.

We’re just existing to not exist” is sung throughout the chorus, it’s delivered with conviction and heart. The lyrics make this song stand out, another great line is “You know the measure of a good brother/ is how he deals with the success of another”, well thought out and sends a message into the World. You can tell time and consideration have gone into the songs, refusing to lean on tired cliched lyrics.

They wrap it up with ‘Hung Up’ which has a larger than life feel, with reverb guitars and quick tempo rattle drums. The chorus once again measures up to the standard they’ve set themselves throughout, as it plays out the track and slowly winds down the chaos.

I cannot stress how far this band have come since starting out, and it’s heartwarming to see where they are now and how their music is being received. Their sound is completely unique, from the vocals to the way they’re produced, it feels fresh.

Also the band have gone that extra length to make themselves standout by creating a different style with their videos and artwork, something which a lot of people leave to the wayside. As music makers they’re constantly creating and pushing themselves as far as they can, and this EP is a culmination of all of that. This EP is a huge step for the act, and I can’t wait to see the next chapter. Bring on the live shows!


Words by Alex Wise

Listen to it on Spotify!

EP Review | Lady Bird – ‘Social Potions’

Lady Bird - Social Potions EP.jpg

Lady Bird Provide us with Evidence of what a Great EP can do!

Before I start the review, some of you may know that this is EP was released back in February. However, it was such an outstanding piece of work it needed to be featured on the site – regardless to how late.

This was the first EP from Three Piece Punk Kent band Lady Bird, and it is a perfect example of what an EP is about. Over the course of the hard hitting release you get a real feel for what the band are, their feet are fully entrenched in their sound and throw it at you in full force.

Social Potions’ opens up the EP and it throws you straight in at the deep end with a quick feet moving riff and vocals charging towards you. The track is catchy, like most of the EP, and is packed with slick lines that are easily stuck in your head, “I’m not a suicide bomber/
But the effects of this bomb could look like suicide”

Spoons’ is the track which follows and is possibly the best on the EP, as the band paint a perfect picture of a Wetherspoons in England for the typical bloke. It’s so well done as it grabs the experience with a reality chokehold and shows you point blank. The video which goes with the song has a classic British gritty vibe aswell.

Their style is not too dissimilar from that of Slaves or IDLES, with the blunt lyrics and swagger. However they are very much their own band, as they have a completely different sound with the prominent sound of the bass. ‘Leave Me Alone’ follows suit as the band continue to bang you over the head with their punky sound. The closer ‘Baby’ is longer than the previous songs, due to the stunning outro which leaves a bell ringing in your ear and Lady Bird on the tip of your brain.

This EP is one of the best examples of how to use a release like this, especially a debut. They used it to showcase their sound, no filler, just four songs which summed the band up leaving you wanting to hear more. Lady Bird are definitely a band to keep your eye on, especially after listening to this EP.

Words by Alex Wise

EP Review | King Krab – ‘Hard Tide’

King Krab - Hard Tide

Birmingham Band King Krab Release New EP ‘Hard Tide’

It’s always nice to be covering a local band every once in a while, this time around it’s old School Rock Band King Krab with their new EP ‘Hard Tide’. With the band taking influences from a number of bands including Pearl Jam, AC/DC and Black Sabbath, you can take a clever guess at what that might be, and you’d be right. King Krab have a very heavy rock sound, with quick, over driven riffs going head to head with energy fueled drums.

You get a taste for the band straight from the off, when you hear the whirring guitar building up steam in the background being met by those thunderous drums. ‘Couldn’t’ is an ideal EP opener purely because the energy and the lyrics exclaiming that they’re excited, it very much feels like an opener.

The EP rolls through a forest of chaos as the band don’t let you rest with the following tracks ‘Dengue’ and ‘Beat The Rat’ launching an attack on peace and quiet. The drum and guitar work on this EP is flawless and these tracks are where it’s highlighted the most. From the solos, to the neat work behind the vocals you can hear that they’ve left no room for compromise in the songs.

The final track is a personal favourite of mine off the EP, the tunnel contained drums along with the layers of guitar is impressive. ‘Bleed Us’, offers a slightly different side to King Krab as they slow it down slightly giving more room for the song to breath and the listener to connect with the vocals. This also has to be some of the best vocals on the EP, as they’re very isolated at times but manage to stand alone quite well. Worth a listen.

Whether you like or don’t like their genre of music, you have to appreciate how talented these musicians are. Throughout the EP they’re playing to a level that only some people could hope to reach some day, and every song is a constant reminder of that. The band still have a lot to offer, as they clearly show on the EP that they haven’t run out of steam yet as they looks to close out the year with even more shows. Now with the EP released, you can guarantee the band will be flaunting each track any chance they get.

Words By Alex Wise

EP Review | Yonaka – ‘Teach Me To Fight’


Yonaka dominate further on their New EP ‘Teach Me To Fight

The latest offering from rebel-rousers Yonaka is a suitably rocking call to arms hopefully setting the tone for a debut album.

2018 has so far been a huge year for Yonaka; numerous high-profile festival dates and support slots have seen them rise as it was predicted they would. But rising means nothing without songs to stoke passion in people and get them ready to join you on your quest to conquer music. This is where Yonaka’s latest E.P Teach Me To Fight comes in; four songs of punchy and dark pop music with some of the signature crunching guitars that have made them so popular.

Opening track ‘Fired Up’ is about being frustrated and starts with Theresa and the gang a bit more minimal than usual and is similar to their more ballad-like tracks ‘Heavy’. It’s immediately apparent that synths are due to take a more prominent role in the next phase of the band’s evolution and while it’s a departure from their harder more garage-y roots the big scale of sound that Yonaka are great at is still prevalent, and as a set-up track Fired Up is pretty faultless – It definitely gets you fired up to hear more.

Second track ‘Waves’ is back into more familiar Yonaka territory; noisy and kickass with that guttural sound that guitarist George has commandeered and which compliments Theresa’s vocals so perfectly. Like their previous single ‘Ignorance’ the chorus provides Theresa with a means of displaying her vocal prowess and it doesn’t take more than two plays to get this one stuck in your head.

It is, however, title track ‘Teach Me To Fight‘ that packs the biggest punch and is the most triumphant. The opening riff straightaway marks this out as a certifiably enjoyable track, and the two-fingers up at the world attitude that Yonaka have long exuberated comes to the forefront. What I felt opening track Fired Up was missing this song has in spades. Yonaka have never been ones to mince their words but this tune leaves me wondering if the “explicit” warning is to do with the language used in the song or the feelings it causes inside of me: The chorus rocks hard and you can see many an adrenaline and Yonaka fuelled moshpit in your mind’s eye when you hear it.

Final track ‘Wish You Were Somebody’ keeps that high with a very No Doubt twist on the guitars and verses. As a longtime fan of Yonaka who somehow hasn’t managed to catch one of their festival slots yet I’m extremely excited to hear these last two tracks live and get the real measure of them – Theresa and the gang are always on top form and their releases have yet to disappoint but I know that live these songs will really shine.

Words by Oscar Rees


EP Review | I See Rivers – ‘Play It Cool’

I See Rivers - Play it Cool

I See Rivers deliver on their Second EP ‘Play It Cool’

Ever since finding out about I See Rivers I was fascinated with their style of music and the wonderous ways they used their vocal harmonies. Last year the band took on the 10 Questions, and they really showed their personality along with their eclectic music taste!

Fast forward a year and the band have released their second EP Play It Cool which I was highly anticipating after the release of ‘I Don’t Know’. It turns out the anticipation was justified as the band delivered on all fronts.

The EP has 4 tranquil tracks filled with blissful vocals and complete wonder, something you can truly relax to. The opening track is the title track ‘Play It Cool’ setting up the EP perfectly, with dainty guitars and flawless harmonies. The uplifting sound of the song really finds a home in the summer, as it as welcoming as a cool breeze on hot day.

T Think I Like You’  is a another great song due to the different elements the band bring into the track, with the finger snaps along with the high tone guitar. It’s a lot more snappier than the other tracks on the EP, making it really stand out. Following that you have the bright ‘I Don’t Know’ which just aches of of not knowing where you’re meant to be, and they bottle that feeling perfectly within this song. This makes the song easily relatable as we’ve all had times where you don’t know where you’re supposed to be or what you’re meant to be doing in life, giving it an honest raw human touch.

To end the EP you have ‘Give Up’ which is an ideal closer as it has a darker and slower edge to it, as they sing you a tale of an ending relationship. Once again the harmonies really dominate this track and leave you with a great lasting impression on the band.

I See Rivers have quickly become one of those bands I constantly go out of my way to see what they’re doing, and it’s because of their sheer consistency they have when it comes to writing music. Highly recommend this EP to anybody because it has that quality – they don’t tie themselves down to a certain genre, it’s a likeable EP.

Looking forward to see what the band gets up to at the back end of this year, but you know for certain they will be busy! Honestly one of the most enjoyable acts out there at the moment.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

20 EP’s In 2018 That You NEED To Listen to (So Far)…

Before I start this list I want you to know that these are in no particular order, each of these EP’s are great listens and this is simply to showcase which ones I feel have really stood out. It was incredibly hard making this list as I have listened to a lot EP’s this first half of the year, so there are ones that have unfortunately been left out! So, without further ado.

Sea Girls – ‘Adored’

Sea Girls - AdoredSea Girls have been on my radar for quite some time, and I thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Call Me Out’’ EP which they released last year. However, ‘Adored’ really was a 3 hit banger, as each song has so much about it. Their big sound could easily fill out big venues, just listen to the hook on ‘Eat Me Whole’ and you can easily hear what they’ve got to offer. Along with this, their live performances have been highly praised which only adds to the bands aura.



Listen to the EPSea Girls – ‘Adored’

Youth Man – ‘Five Songs

Youth Man - Five SongsSince announcing their return to music, two-piece Birmingham band Youth Man have been highly anticipated. Their song style draw similarities from Drenge, another two piece band which carry a lot of angst and pace in their songs. Five Songs definitely is a flag in the ground to say that the band are back and hungrier than ever. The aggression that features on the EP makes the songs so intense, and ‘Constantly’ showcases this perfectly. Welcome back Youth Man.


Listen to the EPYouth Man – ‘Five Songs


Spinn EPComing across SPINN this Year has been a delight, as their floaty rhythms and hooks have helped me along many of my car journeys. Their EP featured four great songs which really put them in the front of people. Most notably ‘After Dark’ which is arguably the band’s best song to date as you feel like you’re diving into the unknown when the songs first hits you. The bands also catered to the lighter side with happier songs like’ She Takes Her Time’  which really is an indie disco anthem at heart. Full Review.


Listen to the EPSPINN – ‘SPINN EP’

Adam French – ‘You From The Rest’

Adam French - You From the Rest EPUpon first hearing Adam French I was astonished that I never had the joy of listening to his music before, simply because of how good it was, it felt like he should’ve been getting regular plays on radio 1 already. This EP is a rich masterclass in songwriting, as he delivers 4 of the best tracks to feature on a single EP. His acoustic tendencies are enhanced with great instrumentals. Normally this is because of the lack in vocals, but that’s not the case with Adam as his warm voice puts a firm trademark on his songs.

Listen to the EPAdam French – ‘You From The Rest’

Gender Roles – ‘Lazer Rush’

Gender Roles - Lazer Rush EPSince listening to this EP Gender Roles have become one of my favourite bands whom I haven’t had the chance to see live yet. Their brash punk roots and insane guitars show tints of The Cribs, which is why I initially gravitated towards them. Yet the band have their own style with tracks like ‘About Her’ and ‘Gills’ are fast and fun tracks with wall sticking chorus’, which I’ve come to learn is their forte. Cannot speak more highly of this EP, listen to it. Full Review.


Listen to the EP  – Gender Roles – ‘Lazer Rush’

Rascalton – ‘C S C’

Rascalton - CSCSticking with the theme of punky sounds I will slide on over to Glasgow punk band Rascalton who released a gem of an EP earlier this year. The frantic pace at which they move through this EP is invigorating, and gives you an uncontrollable buzz. ‘Told You So’ throws you into what Rascalton are all about, angsty vocals and mad riffs. It’s refreshing to hear 4 songs which finish under the 3 minute mark, because you never feel like it’s going on to long, and are always left wanting more.


Listen to the EPRascalton – ‘C S C’

Peach Club – ‘Cherry Baby EP’

Peach ClubThis was the first EP that I had the pleasure of listening to this Year, and I still find myself coming back to it wanting to hear more. Peach Club really do the the Riottt Grrrl Sound justice as it is all over this EP, and the vocal performance across all five songs are incredible. They were even more incredible live. ‘Cherry Baby’ is the epitome of what Peach Club are all about, the story telling, the in-your-face guitars and impeccable vocals. Full Review and Live Review



Listen to the EPPeach Club – ‘Cherry Baby EP’

Bryony Williams – ‘Conscious’

Bryony Williams - Concious EPThis EP caught me by surprise as I saw it being shared around twitter by my followers, and how glad I am to have found it. Bryony Williams creates her own world on this EP with it’s complete full sound and the far out vocals. It’s clear that her influences bleed into her music with Kim Gordon and PJ Harvey being her shining light of examples, but Bryony takes this on without turning into a cheap rip-off. With the beautiful sound of ‘Conscious’ really is Bryony’s best work to date, with her having so much more to offer.


Listen to the EP Bryony Williams – ‘Conscious

No Hot Ashes – ‘Skint Kids Disco’

No Hot Ashes Skint Kids Disco EPI’ve known No Hot Ashes for quite some time now which is a testament to the bands quality, as they’ve always produced a high standard of  songs. This came to light when the band released their 3 track EP Skint Kids Disco which premiered everything that is good about No Hot Ashes. Their attitude comes through in every song, especially in the EP’s title track. What is most unique about the Stockport outfit is the vocals as Isaac Taylor delivers some rough vocals which brand their songs with the bands mark. Looking forward to seeing the band live later this year. Full Review and Interview.

Listen to the EPNo Hot Ashes – ‘Skint Kids Disco’

I Feel Fine – ‘Long Distance Celebration’

I Feel Fine - Long Distance Celebration EP.jpgI first came across I Feel Fine when I heard ‘Everyday Safari’ which I completely fell into because of their quality punk rock sound, which had something about it. Their shout down the door approach to songs work so well, and they knew that going into this EP. Each song shares that noise punk-rock combined with the shouting vocals. ‘Lifer’ really is the stand out on the 5 song track list, as it has a great building intro and breakdown. Also the band is from Brighton, which seems to be a breeding ground for great music at the moment – along with everywhere else.


Listen to the EPI Feel Fine – ‘Long Distance Celebration’

The Modern Strangers – ‘Meltdown Mechanics’

The Modern Strangers - Meltdown MechanicsI was always taught to reference my sources so I have to give a shout out to Robbie Warren for letting The Modern Strangers come into my musical life. Meltdown Mechanics is a talented piece of work which is reminiscent to some of the material the band HURTS put out some years ago. The slick looking band delivered a suave debut EP which featured some great synthesizers and vocal performances. ‘One Of My Mistakes’ has all the qualities of a summer tune, which is a contrast to the bands darker songs like ‘She’s So Cold’.

Listen to the EPThe Modern Strangers – ‘Meltdown Mechanics’

Remo Drive – ‘Pop Music’

Remo Drive - Pop Music EPAfter becoming a keen fan when they released their debut album ‘Greatest Hits’ last year, I was interested to see what Remo Drive had to offer with this EP. Pop Music is a 3 song hit-and-run which still elements of their pop punk flavour which they delved into on their debut. It was refreshing to hear Remo Drive release something like this, as it done the band a favour and kept them at the forefront of their fans minds. ‘Heartstrings’ really stands out on this one as a favourite and is deserved to be on this list.


Listen to the EPRemo Drive – ‘Pop Music’


Pale Waves - All The Things I never Said EPAt the end of last year I said that it’s a really big year in 2018 for Pale Waves as they have a lot to prove to the World, as it seems they’ve been pushed some influential people in music. This EP ofr me was their first hurdle, and they leapt over it with ease as they back it up with the songs. It’s completely doused in productions with an extra coating of sugar, but the songs hold up. ‘The Tide’ is easily a floor filler and will resonate with a lot of young people, as well as ‘New Years Eve’. You can’t argue with good pop music. Full Review.

Listen to the EPPale Waves – ‘ALL THE THINGS I NEVER SAID’

Fangclub – ‘True Love’

FangClub - True Love EPAfter their impressive debut album last Year I was hoping Fangclub wouldn’t rest, but instead continue their momentum by releasing more music Luckily they released True Love which has been another shot to the arm for the band as their grunge sound is perfect when it’s packed into 5 songs. ‘Knife’ is a solid opening track, and when you have punchy rock songs like ‘Smother’ and ‘High’ to follow it’s a winner. All of these songs could’ve feature on the album they’re that good – which shows they’re not resting on the laurels.

Listen to the EPFangclub – ‘True Love’

Michael Cera Palin – ‘I Don’t Know How to Explain It’

Michael Cera Palin - I dont know how to explain it EP.jpgWhen I type that this was stumbled upon, it was genuinely stumbled upon. It was a night where I was just listening to all sorts of music just trying to find something new to cling to and there I found Michael Cera Palin. Released back in February the band unleashed five bursting tracks full of life that would engrain themselves in my brain. The standout track is ‘Portrait of a Man on a Couch with Cats’, not only because of it’s great name but because of it’s pop punk tendencies and heavy guitars – and the whole EP is like this.


Listen to the EPMichael Cera Palin – ‘I Don’t Know How to Explain It’

Cassia – ‘Movers and Shapers’

Cassia Movers and ShapersAt the start of the Year Cassia released ‘Come & Talk’ which won Single of the Week here at WFM – Read here. Since then the band have been breaking down doors at their live shows while continuing to release great music. Their EP release came at a great time, much like Fangclub they’ve built on their momentum. The tropical and upbeat sound which Cassia have adopted is all over the EP, from the moment ‘Sink’ hits you’re dropped on a mythical island to enjoy yourself.


Listen to the EPCassia – ‘Movers and Shapers’

Fuzzy Sun – ‘Want Love’

Fuzzy Sun - Want Love EP.jpgInitially it was the EP’s title track which gravitated me towards Fuzzy Sun, however it was the EP which made me become a fan of the band. Their elecrto-emotions on the title song is so good that it was whirling around my head for months “So tell me you want love!”. The EP very much builds a room of sadness for the band filled with desperation and a yearning for love and it’s a unique electronic universe.



Listen to the EPFuzzy Sun – ‘Want Love’

Sick Joy – ‘Amateurs’

Sick Joy Amateurs.png

Sick Joy delivered a very thick and heavy debut EP, which completely does the band justice. For a band with only two members that make some amazing noise, ‘Smiling Shame’ has a manic switch from singing to shouting and it’s a joy to listen to. The band show some real promise with this EP, and you can see the songs being big winners at a live show because they have a rawness about them.



Listen to the EPSick Joy – ‘Amateurs’

Sports Team – ‘Winter Nets’

Sports Team - Winter Nets EPWinter Nets’ is a very different to other EP’s on this list because of how unique the vocals are, as the lead singer delivers them in such a different style. The musicality on the EP is also interesting to listen to as it has some cool breakdowns as the guitars are just punchy and so poignant. Sports Team do everything they can to separate themselves from the pack, and they do in spectacular fashion, also with the recent release of ‘Kutcher’ you can be sure that you will hear off them before the end of the Year.


Listen to the EP –  Sports Team – ‘Winter Nets’

Glass Caves – ‘I Do’

GLass Caves - I Do EPGlass Caves have a very classy sound, from their vocals to their smart guitars they’re sound very tight and clean cut. The polished sounds come off very well in the EP, from the start with ‘I Do’ you already get the feel for what you’re in for. On this list they are one of the most oldest acts having released an album back in 2014, but this EP definitely feels like a fresh coat of paint for the band. The final track ‘Swim’ has to be the highlight with the angelic reverb and slow build it has a magnificent ending which is fitting for the EP.


Listen to the EPGlass Caves – ‘I Do’

That’s the end of the list I encourage you to take the time out and listen to all the EP’s listed as they are well worth your time. As I already expressed, unfortunately I couldn’t put more on the list but I wanted to stick to 20 so it didn’t become overcrowded! It’s only half way through the year so there’s another big 6 months ahead for more music to be released, really enjoyed making this list so I will be doing one again at the end of the year as I know there will be even more mind-blowing EP’s to be released!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Would love to know your thoughts on the choices, so please leave your comments below!

EP Review | Sea Girls – ‘Adored’

Sea Girls - Adored

Sea Girls Prove Once Again They Are One of the Hottest Secrets Around

Adored is the third EP from London quartet Sea Girls, and it sounds after those three outings the band have firmly found their musical feet. After their two prior successful EP’s Call Me Out and Heavenly War it felt like the band were ready for another big push and Adored is catalyst. Every live review the band gets it reads like a gig from heaven, with their performance upstanding those high expectations, which bleeds into this EP release.

Opening up with the title-track ‘Adored’ the EP has a strong premise to build off, with a strong and dreamy vocal performance along with some powerhouse guitars driving the track forward. The ethereal instrumentals are pivotal to the Sea Girls sound, the sound is very much of its time with a lot of bands going forward with this poppy sound. However Sea Girls don’t sound flabby or packed with fluff – the songs are strong back to front.

Too Much Fun’ is, pardon the pun, a really fun song. One thing that music fans love is well written, well delivered and super memorable. Sea Girls have cornered this art of the chorus, as they make it looks incredibly easy. This is also showcased on the final track of the EP ‘Eat Me Whole’ which is easily the best track on here. It’s a classic indie banger which you could hear being played in every indie nightclub.

Sea Girls have definitely carved themselves a place in the music world amongst some of the big bands. The band has a Catfish and the Bottlemen feel to them, as they simply know their way around a tune and have a great passion for the songs their singing. Looking forward to seeing the band play live this year and hopefully they will have some new material out by the end of it. The next step logically would be an album release, however if we get another EP – I won’t complain.


Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

EP Review | The Calamity – ‘The Calamity EP’

Wolverhampton Band The Calamity Release Debut EP

After releasing ‘I Fell Asleep‘ earlier this year, the band have been teasing their EP, and here it is.’ I Fell Asleep’ opens the it up, and with a slow and subtle pace it’s sets a laid back feel for the EP filled with insightful lyrics and thoughtful guitars.

Lifestyle Express‘ brings some vibrant light to the collection, with the funky bass and punchy guitars giving off some vibrant 00’s indie tones. At times you hear subtle remnants of The Libertines, especially with the way the lyrics are delivered.

The pace is taken back down slightly with EP favourite ‘Pagens‘ as it comes across as a sing along, especially with the distorted piano and guitar in the background. The storytelling in the song is a feature, making it really stand out.

The EP ends with ‘Rag and Bone‘ which sticks to that more methodical slow pace which The Calamity favour, giving the vocals more room making them prominent. The use of some brass in the instrumentals is a sweet touch, to a beautiful song.

This is a solid first release for the Midlands Band, one where they fully cement their sound and deliver some great songs. Of course there’s some growing left to do as a band, but this is a great way to start off your music portfolio.

EP Launch Show – 2nd June – Asylum Art Gallery, Wolverhampton

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise