New Release | Life At The Arcade – ‘Little Lies’

Little Lies

Life At The Arcade Release their Third Single!

This is one reason why you should be on the constant look out for new music, because you just don’t know what you might stumble upon. Liverpool band Life at the Arcade released their third single ‘Little Lies’ , and it looks as if the great city has another band to flaunt around the UK.

The track boasts slick vocals along with heart pumping bassline and a tasty chorus. The heavy reverb sound of the song along with the little hook gives impressions of Catfish and the Bottlemen, however the band very much have their own stamp with that Liverpool twang.

This has been added to the WFM 2018 Playlist, make sure you follow the Playlist to keep up with all New Music – Playlist Link.

The band have some shows coming up, so if you dig the track and you’re around make sure you’re there!


August 9th – This Feeling – The Monarch, London

September 22nd –  ALTR 2018 – St. John’s Minster, Preston

September 29th – Red Rum Club, Liverpool

Words by Alex Wise



Natalie Bouloudis has stepped forth from her home, where she usual records music in her kitchen, and out into the world. And we are glad she has done so. Bouloudis takes inspiration from literature and she fills her songs with mythical imagery. Second single ‘Firebird’ is no different. It is the follow up to the evocative debut single ‘Burning Pier.’ It tells the story of someone rising from the ashes like a phoenix. For this reason, the song is nothing but uplifting.    

‘Firebird’ was recorded live, which complements the smoky folk/blues vibe of Bouloudis’ music. The song invites you into the room to be a part of the story. Her songs are spellbinding and the influences of Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, The Cure and, of course, Bowie can clearly be heard. And like those great singers, Bouloudis has a voice that is unique and truly beautiful.   

Her debut EP ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ is out in May.                                                                                             

You can purchase the track via the link below.

NEW MUSIC NOW! American Anymen- ‘Beach and the Sun!



Today on New Music Now is punk outfit American Anymen, a three-piece from New York!

Their music is incredibly alternative with a a very lo-fi sound in all aspects, from the instruments to the vocals, which is something a lot of bands tend not to do now. The sound is reminiscent of something that The Strokes would do in their earlier days, however American Anymen have less of a pop edge to them and more of an angsty teenage vibe surrounding them with a lot of aggression.

<p><a href=”″>Beach and the Sun</a> from <a href=””>American Anymen</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Their new song”Beach and the Sun” shows a lot of promise as the band clearly have a goal of what they want their music to sound like, and they don’t hold back. The song doesn’t come across as aggressive as a stereotypical punk song, yet the spirit of the song has an edge to it.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

NEW MUSIC NOW! VACAY – “The Other Side”


Photo By Mark Klassen
Photo By Mark Klassen


The past two days on New Music Now! have been filled with upbeat and fast paced noise throughout, however today VACAY has come to slow it down and bring something a little more soulful. His new song “The Other Side” bleeds out the feelings of being alone in a relationship wondering where the passion went, and he does an exquisite job of doing so.

The song is incredibly soulful as it’s completely stripped back to an acoustic guitar and his powerful voice, which is all this song needs as it conveys the message perfectly. The light use of the reverb really helps the track as it just extenuates how VACAY feels in the situation, alone. Another aspect of the song which cannot be ignored is the clever use of lyrics as he rigorously breaks down the situation and is brutally honest with every line.


Words by Alex Wise @al456


New music now! Ivory Wave- ‘Paradise’



After dipping into the music that has been sent throughout the day Ivory Wave were one of the first bands that graced my speakers, and it stuck since it was first played. Taking influences from the glorious Madchester era, the band have a clear view of what they want their music to sound like and they act on it with conviction.

‘Paradise’ is a perfect example of their Madchester style as it has this hint of psychedelia to it with the floating harmonies and far out vocals, but it’s actually quite progressive. The band smartly use samples and synths to their advantage which manages to create their own little World in the song.

The band’s catalog is rather impressive after I dived into their pool of music, which is highly recommended. Expect to hear more from this Birmingham band as they continue to grow steadily!

Words by Alex Wise @al4563


NEW MUSIC NOW! Not Monsters – ‘On Tilt’

This is a debut for Not Monsters on WFM, which is fitting seen as this is their debut video for their new song ‘On Tilt’. The Four-Piece from Dublin, Ireland have come out with quite the debut video here as they’ve nailed an aesthetically pleasing piece of work, but what about the music?
The track is packed to the brim with energy as it kicks off with an intense build combined with some soft guitars before it turns crazy, as they pace picks up and throws you into madness. The vocals float in which have a Guy Garvey feel to them just less dramatic, but they suit the track perfectly. This sets them apart from a lot of up and coming guitar bands which seem to have a similar vocal style imprinted on them. A feature that really sticks out in the track is the poignant drums which gives the guitars this really raw edge to them.

The song has a really dark undertone embedded within it and the band have flaunted it which is perfect. As well as the video having this dark image of an unknown pill being taken the lyrics really paint a dark picture with the line “I lost some friends and some family/my car window changing scenery” is a heartfelt line.

The track is released May 28th so make sure you back the band and buy your copy here! >

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

NEW MUSIC NOW! Pure Youth – ‘Other Side’



To follow a trend that’s been set here, once again New Music is being promoted today and it’s Pure Youth with their long awaited new track ‘Other Side‘, a song filled with noise and energy throughout. The track starts with a nice soft opening before it jolts into action and pummels you with crashing drum beats and an atmospheric sounding guitar.

It has UK indie lad band plastered all over it as it has several influences on show from Catfish and the Bottlemen along with Circa Waves and The Naked and Famous. However the band do not hide from this as they wear it bravely and pull it off with style. It’s a risky move having these styles so blatantly on show yet they manage to have their own twist making them a completely different act.

It may have been a while waiting for this track but it’s been worthwhile as the band have been working very hard and it’s paid off. Now they’re on the WFM radar they won’t be dropped, as I wait eagerly for new material.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

New Music Now! West of the Sun – ‘Siberian Hysteria’


West of the Sun are a new band that has been stumbled on by chance, and they’ve been found at the right time as they’ve just released their new single ‘Siberian Hysteria’. The five piece from North London have been around for just over three years, making a strong name for themselves gaining fans from all around the UK, and this new track will throw them deeper into the depths of recognition.

The fast paced build up initially fused with electronic sounds is an interesting way to start the track, and when the beat drops and the slow methodical guitar comes in the band have you in their hands. The song is relatively slow paced with a huge psychedelic influence spraying from all corners, yet it has this desert Arabian feel to it which is really sleek and different. The vocals are spoken and not thrown out at you, which mixes well with the feeling of the song especially as it spirals out at the end.

You can purchase the track to if you just follow this link >>

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

New music now! Trowler – ‘Get so Far’


On the quest to find the best new music, we have now stumbled upon another act which will catch your ears and refuse to let them go, Trowler.

With their debut EP ‘All The Truman Girls’ being released on 17th October as part of this years Cassette Store Day, they have teased us with one of the tracks and it drips of magic.

The track is subtly psycadelic with its hints of drowziness scattered around it, but it mainly comes across as a clean jangle-pop gem. The song is completely stripped back, with the emphasis being put on the vocals while the synth lingers in the background. The guitar is similar to something Swim Deep would be caught doing, but the track itself has a place of its own.

If this song is anything to go on for the EP, then I’m sure it will be a huge step forward for them.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

10 Questions for…Lights Out Lester



I caught up with London duo (and sometimes trio) Lights out Lester who have been making some sounds down in the capital, and getting people’s attention!

First things first how did you come to be?

Ben: – We coincidentally lived together at university and bonded over creating a foul potion at the end of Marty’s 21st birthday party. The ingredients included, vodka, wine, whisky, orange juice, milk, coke, celery, salami, leftover bolognese.

Marty: – Yeah, it wasn’t till after that year of living together that we started doing the music thing properly. Whenever we hung out in that house we just sort of dicked around. Then it wasn’t till about 6 months after Ben had left uni that we had our first recording session for fun and came to realise we worked together really well musically.

What genre of music would you say you play?
B: I guess it’s kind of ‘exploratory rock’ if you do have to put a label on it.

Which bands/artists do you take influences from?

M: There’s far too many to begin to name. We were just talking about this a couple of hours ago. That’s probably the biggest plus of being part of a generation that grew up with the internet, if you love music then there’s so much incredible music out there from all over the world and that was made decades ago that you can access/discover 24/7. Plus it’s not just music that influences us. Personally I get influenced by anything from listening to my favourite musicians to people-watching in coffee shops. The song we’re recording at the moment which is gonna be track 2 of the EP was actually an instant response when I was watching an episode of House Of Cards! The lyrics have got nothing to do with anything in that show and neither does the mood of the music, but I think Kevin Spacey did some monologue where he talked about phantom pain and I thought ‘I’ll have that’ and went upstairs and did a demo of the song. So it’s often not even necessarily music that influences us musically.

Best venue you’ve ever played and why?
M: We both have a bunch of live experience from past projects, but we’re not starting gigging together as Lights Out Lester till Autumn when everything with the EP and the music video is complete. But we have done one gig together which was a lot of fun. It was a party in a field in the middle of nowhere next to this old pub called The Bull’s Horn.

Best gig you’ve ever attended?

B: Soundcraft at Latitude. That was probably the most I’ve enjoyed anything ever. Was it Soundcraft? Kraftwerk! No, yeah it was that. With a K.

M: Probably the Hives at Glastonbury in 2013. They were one of the first acts on the Other Stage on the Friday and they had so much energy. Plus their roadies were dressed as Ninjas so they had everyone’s attention before they’d even stepped foot on stage. That said I might be securing a pair of Kylie Minogue tickets this week, which could change everything…

A band you would most like to support and why?

M: Lana Del Rey because then she can fall for me and I can tick that off my bucket list. Or Snoop Dogg.

B: Pink Floyd. There’s just something really ‘full’ about their music that I’ve been drawn to.

A band that you would like to work with?

B: Tame Impala.

M: Snoop Dogg. Or maybe Lana Del Rey.

Top five albums you’ve ever heard?

Bold As Love by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar

Live At The Greek by Stanley Clarke

Hot Shot by Shaggy

Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis

Biggest accomplishment as a band/solo artist?

M: I guess the fact that we’ve taught ourselves to do everything from scratch and it doesn’t sound shite! Everything from the songwriting to making sound insulation to where the microphone is placed to the mixing is done by the two of us with no external input/assistance. That and pulling off quite ambitious songs without it sounding pretentious. The finale of the EP is a song called Ant vs Elephant and it’s 6 and a half minutes long, has three key changes and I think we’ve written, recorded and mixed it without making it sound pretentious. Or at least I hope we have.

What’s next in the pipeline?

B: Putting the finishing touches on the EP, shooting a music video for SMOKESCREEN with a production company called Somnio and then gigs gigs gigs!


Thankyou so much guys for taking the time out to answer the questions,you had some interesting answers I never expected!