Single of the Week | SPINN – ‘It’s Not Getting Better’

Spinn - It's Not Getting Better

Liverpool Band SPINN provide another gem with ‘It’s Not Getting Better

It has been quite the year for SPINN wth them hitting a few Spotify milestones (‘Notice Me’ hitting over a million), as well as releasing one of the best EP’s so far this year. However they haven’t let this momentum slip with a tour scheduled for September this year, and also releasing this gem of a song.

It’s Not Getting Better’ is still very much in touch with the sounds SPINN showcased on their EP, with those atmospheric dreamy guitars and a riff to die for. The pace is slower than their fan favourites ‘I See Through You’ and ‘After Dark’ but the track is still of that same breed. The production on the track is also something that should be noted, as it’s levelled perfectly and the outro seems like it’s been lifted directly from the heavens.

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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Single of the Week | Marsicans – ‘Pop Ups (Sunny at the Weekend)

Marsicans - Pop Ups.PNG

Leeds Band Marsicans grabs Single of the Week!

With it being Sunday, it can only mean one thing – Single of the Week. Pretty difficult week, as you had a lot of new tracks being released including the one from Palava on Friday.

However, it has to go to Marsicans as they deliver with another bright and intelligent indie song for the Summer. They impressed earlier on in the year with the release of ‘Wake Up Freya’ which had great harmonies – but this song is a step above.

With uplifiting guitars and a convincing vocal performance, the band conjure up a a masterful track with an anthemic feel. After the dainty little intro, the song bursts into life and doesn’t let the pace drop. This is turning out to be one of the most impressive years for Marsicans, and this song is another step which proves it.

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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Connor releases new Track ‘Petals’

Connor - petals


JAWS Frontman Connor releases a Song for the Summer

With Summer not too far in the distance now we’re getting ready for those songs that will accompany us on those long nights. JAWS frontman Connor is one step ahead of you with him releasing his latest track ‘Petals’ which is tailor made for that summer sun.

The song has a shoegaze soul which comes out in every aspect, from the distant vocals to the dreamy hooks. Listen down below and see what you make of his latest solo work!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


Single of the Week | Track Not Found – ‘Science Gone Wrong’

The Grungy Sound of Track Not Found gets Single of the Week

Single of the Week goes to grungy three piece band Track Not Found with their new song ‘Science Gone Wrong’. Leaning towards the more heavier side with the chunky bass riff, the band manage to craft a very catchy number with ease.

The erratic vocals create a sense of angsty chaos, which is only heightened with some good guitar work underneath. Track Not Found have a very real approach to their music, as you can hear that it’s personal and raw as they use it to get things off their chest.

Can easily see these three girls from Guernsey will be making some noise this year, with a string of shows lined up and hopefully more releases!

Exclusive! Campfire Social release new song “Breathe Out Slowly”

Campfire Social release Brand New Track ‘Breathe Out Slowly’

After releasing their incredible debut EP Wellbeing last year it was clear the Campfire Social had something really special to offer. With their glowing harmonies and tightly sewn riffs, the EP had a very positive vibe which felt like it was designed to be played out in the sun amongst ice cream and freshly cut grass.

Well after nearly 9 Months since releasing the EP, Campfire Social have returned in very timely fashion and gifted us with ‘Breathe Out Slowly’. This track very much follows suit of what Wellbeing was all about as they keep their charmingly bright harmonies and Summer-Fuelled riffs, while adding some subtleties to their repertoire.

The streak of positivity which runs through Campfire Social comes out in their songs, with this being a perfect example as the words “What if I was to tell you that everything works out fine” ring through my headThe breakdown of the track has more of an electric guttural approach, which is something there wasn’t a great deal of on Wellbeing so it’s great to hear that on the song.

The time away from releasing music hasn’t affected Campfire Social in the slightest. This track provides evidence the band have so much to offer, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one left wanting more.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Violet release New Track ‘Jaded’

Birmingham Band Violet release New Track ‘Jaded’ on Clash

There’s a lot of new music going around the Midlands at the moment, so it’s a not a surprise to hear that there’s even more coming out!

After Ivory Wave released ‘Cool Kids‘ last week, we have another treat this week with Violet laying ‘Jaded‘ on us. The songs big sound feel and luscious vocals highlight similarities to popular Birmingham band Peace. However Violet differ themselves by having an edge of darkness attached to them which comes through in the track.

The Midlands music scene is currently very healthy, and this is further proof to that. If you dig the track make sure you see them live dates below!


11th – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen – London – Tickets

21st – The Jericho Tavern – Oxford –  Tickets 

27th – O2 Academy – Birmingham – Tickets



Ivory Wave release new track ‘Cool Kids’

Ivor Wave - Cool Kids

Ivory Wave release ‘Cool Kids’ making it a fantastic day for Birmingham Music

Today saw the release of two great tracks from the glorious city of Birmingham. The Cosmics kicked the day off with their release, and then Ivory Wave came along and released ‘Cool Kids’.

The song has an Ivory Wave all over it, with the brash swagger and attiude dripping off every word. You get a hint of that infectious Happy Monday’s sound, but Ivory Wave’s give it that new age print making it sound fresh.

With this being released it’s further evidence pointing to a successful year for the Birmingham music scene, watch it unfold.


Get tickets to the latest Ivory Wave shows below!


4th – Lending Room – Leeds – Tickets

6th – KASBAH – Coventry – Tickets

19th – The Cellar – Oxford – Tickets

21’st – Nambucca – London – Tickets 

27th – O2 Academy 3 – Birmingham – Tickets

28th – The White Heart – Corby – Tickets



NEW MUSIC NOW – Evvol – ‘Comfort Fit’



After a few days of gutsy rock music taking over the New Music Now section, we have Dublin/Berlin two-piece Evvol to break the mold with their new track ‘Comfort Fit‘.

Comfort Fit‘ is one of the promising songs coming off their new EP ‘Physical L.U.V‘ which will be released this coming Friday (13th May), and if this track is anything to go by, then the EP should be impressive. The track has a refreshing  feel surrounding with the sounds they use to accommodate the angelic voice of Julie and Jane, whose voices combine to create a unique partnership. Although the song is very light footed and delicate it has a dark undertone which doesn’t bring the song down, as it in fact makes it more classical giving it an impactful edge.

Make sure you grab your copy from their website ( this will be a really important release for the band and you will not want to miss out.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563




When you’re scouring the interwebs for new music, you never know what you might come across. A lot of it is bad, some is good and only very few bits are exciting, and ‘PLINK‘ by SQPR falls under the latter category.

The song has some a really attractive lead guitar in it with a riff that makes the toes tingle, which is the main hook here, however the band have more than one attraction. The vocals are distinct and commanding as lead signer Peter Harris Hawk powers out the words “I’ve become undone, I’m not what I was” as the fuzzy guitar behind it emphasizes the drama of the song. A nod of the head has to go towards the bass and drums as they’re perfect for the song as both are such important components to the song, as they refuse to linger in the background and become an afterthought.

The song comes out 20/5/2016 on Elevant Music Limited, so make sure you grab this track as soon as it’s released!

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

New Music Now! West of the Sun – ‘Siberian Hysteria’


West of the Sun are a new band that has been stumbled on by chance, and they’ve been found at the right time as they’ve just released their new single ‘Siberian Hysteria’. The five piece from North London have been around for just over three years, making a strong name for themselves gaining fans from all around the UK, and this new track will throw them deeper into the depths of recognition.

The fast paced build up initially fused with electronic sounds is an interesting way to start the track, and when the beat drops and the slow methodical guitar comes in the band have you in their hands. The song is relatively slow paced with a huge psychedelic influence spraying from all corners, yet it has this desert Arabian feel to it which is really sleek and different. The vocals are spoken and not thrown out at you, which mixes well with the feeling of the song especially as it spirals out at the end.

You can purchase the track to if you just follow this link >>

Words by Alex Wise @al4563