Your Favourite Enemies – I just want you to know


Band: Your Favourite Enemies

Hometown: Canada

Sounds like: Post-Punk


An audio wave on soundcloud can tell you rather a lot about the song that you’re about to dive into, when faced with his wave, it was just one big large block, which told me it was either badly recorded, or it was going to be unforgivingly loud. It was the latter. The recording was spot on and the track was as loud as an unwanted builder outside your house. Sharing a band name that could be attached to The Joker out of Batman, Your Favourite Enemy 4 minutes of solid and pure energy, sounding like a promising act to go and hear live. After the rush you get the from the intro, the vocals kick in, which are the type that you would hear from an American pop-punk outfit, with every vocal screaming ‘America’, this isn’t a bad thing.

Some of the tempo is lost when this is given to us, but they manage to remain entertained with the lyrics, not as witty as Arctic Monkey, but not as dumb as Oasis’ ‘Little James’. As the song goes on it takes a slightly haunting twist as the lead guitar comes into the fold, delivering some shivering notes and along with an effect pedal In play, it makes it all the more daunting. The song is crying out for mind-blowing solo to come and step up, we have these little ditty’s here and there, but nothing solid. Overall still a strong song with a lot of positive points, but unfortunately this won’t be changing the world, and getting the head labels on the phone.