Fragile Creatures – ‘Fragile Creatures’ EP Review


As good as a full album is sometimes you just cannot beat a tasty little EP, and Fragile Creatures have shown this with their debut EP release entitled ‘Fragile Creatures. Full of melodic indie songs the band have nailed what an EP should do, getting people interested for future releases.

The EP opens up with self-entitled track ‘Fragile Creatures’ which is an ideal opener as it shows their whole sound off in one track. You have this smart indie feel to it as it is all pieced together like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, as nothing is out of place and everything fits perfectly.

‘Sunshine’ then comes bursting in with a funky riff which is reminiscent of The Coral and their catchier tunes. Although it has this upbeat feel surrounding it with the upstrokes of the guitar, it has this dark tone to it which makes the upbeat parts seem even more jumpy.

All of the songs on the EP are supported by great vocals and lyrics which add to the songs entertainment value, this is best exhibited best in ‘Stoneways’ as the band take a stab at the World and the way works.

The EP finishes strongly with ‘End of the World (for two)’ as it paints this bleak picture of the World ending, but yet still being happy as he is with the one he loves. In places he reminds you of Damon Albarn and how he subtly sings, however Kidd still has this personal touch to it as he offers you to dance.

The EP is a strong start as it would be for any band, and with more releases like this you will see their fan base begin to grow. It would have been great to hear more from the vocals; however it still blended very well with the music. Also, some more upbeat songs would be great to hear from the band as it’s probably where they are at their strongest.



Words By Alex Wise @al4563