New Release | The Novus – ‘Break’

The Novus - Break

The Novus Release Brexit Fuelled Track ‘Break’ and give a real opinion!

I think this new track by The Novus symbolises an under pressure Government, trying to keep its head above water in a post-Brexit society. And we as a country are to scared to speak up, previously and to this very day. All I know is there’s Talk of a deal, or no deal UK. And I can’t help wonder if we need to give Noel Edmonds a phone call, get deal or no deal back on the TV? Featuring Teresa May as a special guest, picking our kids and grand kids futures from 22 boxes at random, which will be filled with pros and cons. The banker will be the European Union Headquarters, offering us imported French wine on the cheap, in exchange for Boris Johnson’s resignation letter as she progresses through the game. And so on and so forth.

Some one give the government a better idea ? Now as you’ve probably gathered, I’m not a Brexit enthusiast. I’m a music fan. This song is electric from the start, and as the vocalist sang “left hand is held high, la la la la la la laaa” I instinctively raised my left hand and sang along. I was in that mad mosh pit without physically being there.

The song was a time machine, transporting me back to the 80’s. When the Smiths burst on the scene, and Morrissey spilled lyrics without a care, conveying controversy and standing by his beliefs. As did the sex pistols. this song paints that exact picture. With the lyrics ‘We’re scared to speak out, about those men who walk those carpet halls’. And I can’t help agree, and make this song one of the best I’ve heard in sometime in that context. The vocals have some mega phone effect, it’s regal, and you’ll hear it from outside as well as you would right up the front of their gig. Like the ring leader of a protest, only in dynamic, political punk-rock style.

What do you make of it?

Words by Captain Sound

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New Release | Pizzagirl – ‘Highschool’

highschool_Press Shot.jpg

Bedroom Synth-Artist Pizzagirl release New Track ‘Highschool’

Bedroom Music Makers are one of the most interesting when it comes to listening to new music, because a lot of the time they’re completely alone when making a new track. So they know no boundaries, and each idea they have isn’t contested so you get to hear the purest form of the artist.

Pizzagirl took this route when releasing his new synth orientated track ‘Highschool’, which sounds like its been picked directly out the 80’s and on the way caught a bit of the 00’s on it’s back legs.

Listen Below:

The slow and smooth the track works it’s way over the three minute mark, giving you a solid slice of synth-pop action. The vocals are completely soaked in reverb and slightly lost in the beaming synth which raged throughout the track.

For the majority of the song the pace sits at the same tempo, which heightens its cool and overall suave feel. It sounds as if he written the song from the perspective of John Hughes out of the Brat Pack film, as he frets about losing his cool.

This has been released ahead of his sophomore EP Season 2 which will be released this November!

What did you make of the track?

Words By Alex Wise


Interview W/ Courtyards

Courtyards UK Band

Alright guys, thanks for taking the time out to complete this interview. I understand what a busy bunch of lads you have been lately, so it’s a much appreciated you doing this!

First off lets start with your brand new track ‘Hear You Call’, you wasted no time really to get this track released so early in the year. Was that always the plan for this track? I’ll be honest, it’s great to hear bands start the year off early.

We really wanted to hit the ground running this year. We’ve had Hear You Call recorded for what seems like forever and definitely wanted to get it out earlier, but now just feels like the right time now to start the year off with new music and now we have the music video polished off.

The song has a really large anthemic sound to it, which is what I also get from your earlier releases in 2017 with ‘Everything’ and ‘Firelight’. Where do you draw your influences from as a band, also which albums really inspired your sound?

I think we all draw from different individual influences which is what creates our sound. One of our main drives is creating songs with an immersive atmosphere.

Bands like Grouplove, Catfish & the Bottlemen, Young the Giant and Amber Run contribute to our influences, among many others. Grouplove’s Big Mess is a great album, inspiring some of our riffs and hooks. YTG’s Mind Over Matter probably influenced our song textures, inspired us to be more creative with instrumentation, effects & harmonies.

How do you find it going in to the studio to record? Because it can be quite a tiring process when you can’t seem to get the sound you want. Also where do you record your tracks, is it several studios or do you have one go to studio?

It can be a draining process getting everything tracked in one day definitely, but we love it. The studio is our favourite place to be. The excitement when we see a track coming together compares to nothing else, we’re all like kids at Christmas. Sometimes we can go in with one idea for a track and it come out completely different for the better. We always record with Sugar House studios, the guys there are magicians of production and we really value their input as we work through the recording process.

Also I found out you guys will be playing Live at Leeds this year which must be a big thing for you lads as it’s giving you the chance to play alongside bands like Peace and Circa Waves! How did this come about? And who are you looking forward to play alongside?

Yeah, we’re pretty buzzing about that one to be honest! We’ve played smaller festivals before but this is our first bigger festival with a lineup that’s absolutely insane too.

As well as the headliners, we’re looking forward to seeing Blaenavon, High Tyde, Sunset Sons, BLOXX, Cassia, Ten Tonnes & our pal Martha Phillips from The Elephant Trees. We recently played with Sea Girls too who are also on the lineup, class band.

Yorkshire is a great place for music, my favourite band of all time The Cribs are from round that area as well as some others. Do you have any particular favourite bands to come out of Yorkshire?

Yorkshire is wonderful. There’s the obvious choice of Arctic Monkeys but they just can’t be denied, can they? One of our favourite upcoming bands Marsicans are from Leeds I think.

Yorkshire is also home to so many great venues, one of course being the Brudenell, which other venues really stick out for you guys up there, any that you particularly love playing?

Yeah Yorkshire definitely has some lovely venues scattered about. The Picturedrome in Holmfirth is probably the biggest we’ve played and it’s amazing. We also love The Wardrobe in Leeds, West Street Live in Sheffield and The Parish in our hometown of sunny Huddersfield.

I also know that the Yorkshire music scene is doing well at the moment, which acts do you think will be looking to perhaps break out this year, and who would you suggest to keep our eye on?

Well, Marsicans for one, recently playing Maida Vale and releasing tune after tune. Huddersfield pals Mahatma Raindrop and Leeds band Peace Frog are definitely worth a look at.

With 2018 in full swing, and being in a band it doesn’t offer a lot of opportunities to stop and look back as you’ve got to be constantly moving forward. What are you looking to accomplish this year, and what would make it a successful one?

This year we want to focus on reaching new people and new places so we can carry on getting our music out there. We’ll hopefully have the chance to tour up and down the country a lot more. We’ve got another track recorded ready to be released later in the year to finalise into our debut EP, and were working on new songs that we’re really excited about and can’t wait to start implementing into our live set.

Thanks for taking part in the interview guys, I know 2018 will be another good year for you lads! Hopefully will get to see you live at some point!

Thanks very much man, see you soon!


Single of the Week! Cassia – ‘Come & Talk’

This weeks Single of the Week is brought to you by Macclesfield trio Cassia! This looks to be a big year for the band, especially with huge tour coming up, and songs like this will only keep the fans excited.

Come & Talk’ has a wonderfully chilled out vibe, with the guitar work proving a nice little riff for the vocals to fall on. The song has an uplifting energy with the bright guitars and perfectly toned harmonies – the track just seems to make the cold January disappear for a while.

Anyways hope you enjoyed the track this week, if you think you have a Single of the Week on your hands please just get in touch!

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Single of the Week! Skirt – ‘Sarcasm’

This weeks single of the week is ‘Sarcasm‘ from Corby Indie Rockers Skirt! The band have very rough edges with a wonderful sketchy side to their music, making this track so great.

The scratchy guitars with combined with the upbeat tempo of the track give it an eratic feel, something that would remind you of the early indie music that was being released in the early 00’s. In the song the band sway between melody and raw energy, a fantastic combination. Towards the end of the track, the band break into chaos with these far out vocals, with the guitars being let completely off the leash. This is a perfect representation of the band, as they manage to create this sort of atmoshpere on each of their songs, which are well worth listening to!

Hope you enjoyed the track, if you feel you have a single of the week on your hands please send it over to

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise



Interview w/ Sugarthief!

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Hey guys thanks for taking part in this interview, I really appreciate it considering how busy you are even at the start of the year!

So 2017 was a very busy year for you guys, which saw you play a heck of a lot of shows, especially towards the end of year. Which Towns and Venues really stuck out? And where would you like to go back and have another crack at?

Of course Birmingham is our favourite. It’s where we have the strongest fan base so naturally have the best shows, but saying that, Glasgow was a crazy one, we had never played there before and every person in the crowd was so passionate and we loved that! We had a similar vibe at Newcastle too so we’d definitely be keen to get back to those two cities.

I saw you play at COW Birmingham later on in 2017,which was really cool seeing a band play in that sort of setting. How did you find the experience, and would you want to do that again?

We’ve wanted to play there since the first time we stepped inside the store and saw other bands do it, we got to know everyone at COW pretty well – who are all absolute legends by the way – and they asked if we wanted to play in there. It was such a cool show and we were really surprised by how many people turned up! We definitely hope we can play there again in the future.

2017 saw the release of your latest track ‘Provide’ , which I really enjoyed because of the sleek poppy guitar hook. How do you think the song was received? And was you happy with the end product of the single?

It was a weird one for us because Provide was actually one of the first songs we wrote, even before Sugarthief was a thing. We’ve played it since the band started so it was nice to give it to people who have heard it endless times live. In a way it was wrapping up our older style and helping make a clear step towards the future and everyone seemed to dig the track a lot so we can’t complain at all!

I know you’re currently in the studio at the moment, do you like the process of it? Because I know a lot of bands find it quite tiring if they can’t seem to find what they’re looking for.

We love being in the studio, the process of seeing these songs you’ve written build together is really satisfying and getting to experiment with them is a lot of fun. Ryan at RML who is producing our new stuff really gets what we’re trying to achieve which makes the whole thing a lot easier and the songs sound better than we ever could have imagined because of that. It can get a bit tense when there’s disagreements about sound or structure or whatever but luckily we’re all best mates in the band so there’s never any bitterness and we just love hanging out talking about music in depth for 10 hours a day.

In terms of you style, is that something we can expect to be back in 2018 or will you be introducing some new elements to your music?

Our new material explores a lot of new elements but still honours our older stuff, we’ve really honed in on our sound now and have written a bunch of tunes off the back of that. We’re so excited for everyone to hear this progression and really think it could be what will take us to a new level this year.

It was a decent year for bands in Birmingham in 2017, is there any bands that particularly stood out for you?

Where do we start! Birmingham is amazing at the moment not just because of all the awesome music coming out of it but we’re all mates as well! Violet are awesome, we think they have an amazing sound that kinda reminds us of the OG btown era haha! We also have to mention our good mates Ivory Wave who are killing it at the moment. Also shout out The Assist, The Lizards, Riscas & The Cosmics, just to name a few.

While we’re on the topic of music in 2017, is there any albums that you particularly enjoyed?

Beach Fossils released a beautiful album called Somersault, just not a single bad song from start to finish! Also Flyte released an incredible debut album which really innovated their sound, so we’re really into that too, so we’re very excited for all the bands bringing out debut albums in 2018! watch out for The Magic Gang, Island & The Orielles. All gonna be bangers.

With 2018 staring at us right in the face now, what have you got planned for this year? I would love to see an EP release from you guys.

At the moment we’re focusing on getting a bunch of shows booked not just in brum but across the country and preparing to release our new stuff in the form of a single first and then possibly an EP, but we’re making no promises, we’ll just see where the year takes us.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer the questions guys I really appreciate it, and I wish you all the best for 2018!

Interview by Alex @AJWise

Single of the Week! Shrines – ‘Glitz and Glamour’

This week Shrines are the band that supply us with the Single of the Week, with their new track ‘Glitz and Glamour‘.

The song kicks of with a really heavy bassline as if it’s going to break into some sort of jazz funk, then the drums and upbeat guitar kick in acheiving a very early 2000’s indie rock sound. This is something the duo were aiming for with their influences coming direct from Arctic Monkeys along with Milburn and The Sherlocks.The song drips with that early Alex Turner and Joe Carnall attitude, with smart one liner quips with them being strung together effortlessly it seems, even being combined with a baritone voice. The chorus is easily gripped, and you can be singing it after only hearing it once.

Overall the song is a really upbeat triumph for the band, this is still the the beginning for the East Midlands band and will be great to hear what they can bring to the table next year, enjoy!

If you think you have a single of the week on your hands, please get in touch at!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

8 Facts about The Stone Roses Debut Album

The Stone Roses Debut Album Cover

1.When the album was originally released back in May 1989 it’s peak postion in UK Charts was only No.19. However it has been rentered twice since then once in 2004 and then once again in 2009. Reaching No.9 and No.5 respectively.

2. Originally when it was first released the highly praised cult classic ‘Fools Gold‘ never featured on the UK release back in 1989. However when it came to re-releasing the album and putting special editions of the album out, it always made the cut.

3. ‘Elephant Stone’  was another song which never featured on the UK version of the album, yet it was placed on the album for US release.

4. Over the years the album has gained so much recogination, and is considered as one of the most important albums ever to have been released by a UK band. Making it not hard to believe that the record has sold over 4 Millions copies Worldwide.

5. The album artwork was created by the bands very own guitarist John Squire, who has always been influenced by Jackson Pollock. The use of various different colours of paint splattered across the canvas is entitled ‘Bye Bye Badman’, which is a refrence to the riots in Paris back in 1968.

6. The album was given birth in three different studios, with a chunk of the album being recorded in Battery Studios in London, and then some at KONK Studios and Rockfield Studios.

7. John Leckie, the Producer of the record said ‘Where the Angels Play‘ was the only song that was cut from the debut album. This sounds unfortunate to me as it’s such a good track, and never even featured on their Second Release.

8. The album helped the band clean up at the NME awards back in 1989, winning Best New Band, Band of the Year, Album of the Year and Single of the Year.

Hope you enjoyed those quick 8 facts, if there’s anything else that you’d like facts on leave a comment, and we’ll see what we can dig up!


Top 10 Albums of 2017!

This is always a hard list to create, as it takes into account all genres of music and is ultimately very subjective, however it is also a very fun one! 2017 has been a strong year for music with some of the bigger artists not releasing anything this year, it’s allowed for some smaller lesser known bands to creep in and be heard. Also it was a year where both Gallagher brothers released an album, along with Kendrick Lamar making his highly anticipated return to the forefront. There were so many acts who had great years so it was impossible to fit them into a list of 10, so here’s how I think it stands.

10. The Cribs – ’24-7 Rock Star Shit’

First entry in the top 10 is a band that I will always be fond of, which may be why they find themselves in this list. However this is one of my favourite records that the Wakefield trio have come out with since bursting onto the scene early 00’s. The album was recorded in a very short space of time and has such a raw and live feel to it – something that made it what it is. It has some brilliant tracks on it, and hearing them live I suppose it gave the album a new feel.


Top Tracks: ‘Year of Hate‘ ‘Dead at the Wheel‘ and ‘Partisan

9. Kendrick Lamar – DAMN!

After only getting into King Kenny at the start of the year, it made it really exciting to hear what he was going to release after a two year break since TPAB. Although it received some mixed reviews, it always had a shine to me. After listening to it once, I find myself repeatedly going back to it, listening to certain songs over and over to hear the message he was putting across. On top of this it had some really catchy hooks and some innovative beats like what you would hear off a mixtape.


Top Tracks: ‘DNA’, ‘Humble’ and ‘XXX’

8. Los Campesinos! – ‘Sick Scenes’ 

I heard this album very early on in the year and it always stuck with me. I’m a sucker for good little indie songs with great pop hooks, and this album seemed to have a bucket load of them, it is such a fun album to listen to. Each song got stuck into my head with ease, and I never wanted them to leave. Some say that this style of music has become boring and repetitive, but when it’s done right, like here, you have to admire it and just enjoy it.



Top Tracks: ‘Renato Dall’Ara‘, ‘I Broke up in Amarante‘ and ‘Here’s to the Fourth Time!’


7. The XX – ‘I See You’

This album also came out very early in the year, and it was just what The XX needed. After five years since their last album Coexist it was getting worrying where the XX had gone. However I See You put them back where they were before. The album showed a more lighter side to the band, however they still kept their brooding vocals and sleek guitars and fills. There are several great moments on this album, mainly the track ‘Dangerous‘, which really brought people to this album. A strong year for The XX, just hoping they don’t have such a long break next time.

Top Tracks: ‘Dangerous’ , ‘Hold On’ and ‘Performance’

6. Vagabon – ‘Infinite Worlds’

Vagabon was a brand new artist to me this year, and how happy I am to have stumbled across her and this wonderful album. It’s a relatively short album as it only has eight songs, however those eight songs are all great. The vocals on each track have an innocence to them, and when they’re combined with these drowning guitars, it creates an ear catching sound. You can hear hints of The Softies across this album, but Vagabon very clearly put her own stamp on each track. This was a big year for her, and hopefully she can capitalise on this and continue to release good music.

Top Tracks: ‘The Embers’, ‘Mineappolis’ and ‘Cleaning House’

5.   Idles – ‘Brutalism’

This album had the most rage and anger that I heard throughout the year, and not only did have these components, they were genuine. Brutalism was exactly that, it was brutal. Drawing comparisons from SLAVES, but Idles definitely had something different. Their sound is fully packed with driving guitars and combined with these classic British punk vocals, that have a dirtiness about them. What was most satisfying about this album was that the band were attacking general political issues, and doing it with so much sarcasm, which must be applauded.

Top Tracks: ‘Well Done’, ‘Exeter’ and ‘Rachel Khoo’

4. Alvvays – ‘Antisocialites’

This was another band that was new to me, but after hearing this album I will be listening to them for many years to come. Alvvays have these dreamy melodies, and witht the vocals they seem to be floating in the air around you. Yet the band still have this very raw side to them like in the track ‘Lollipop‘ it still has the unfinished sound which is endearing. At the core of each track is a devilishly good riff, which holds each of the songs together, and the album is consistent from start to finish, a very good Sophomore album from the Canadian band.

Top Tracks: ‘In Undertow‘, ‘Plimsoll Punks‘ and ‘Lollipop

3. Mount Eerie – ‘A Crow Looked at Me’

This was one of the hardest albums that I will ever listen to, but it’s also one of the best. The record was written shortly after the death of his wife, and the raw and painful emotion is there to be heard on every single track. Each track is description of what’s been happening and how he feels, and Mount Eerie pulls no punches as he’s brutally honest with himself and every single listener. It’s very hard to not get upset or feel sad listening to this album because it’s so obvious how much pain he is in when he’s recording this album. It won’t be revisited much, but it’s such an honest listen.

Top Tracks: ‘Real Death’, ‘My Chasm’ and ‘Soria Moria’

2. Wolf Alice – ‘Visions of Life’

After being such a big fan of their first release I was extremely excited to hear their follow up album, and it didn’t disappoint. It may not have had the charm that the first album had but it definitely had the songs. The album has everything from pure energy with ‘Yuk Foo’ to oozing sexiness with ‘Beautifully Unconventional’ the album managed to cover all corners. The musicality of the record seems a lot more mature than the first album, so it seems the band have refined themselves a bit, but it definitely felt like an evolving stage for Wolf Alice.

Top Tracks: ‘Yuk Foo’, ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ and ‘Visions of Life’

1.  Father John Misty – ‘Pure Comedy’ 

The album that constantly kept me coming back throughout the entire year was undoubtedly this one, and it is well worthy of the top spot this year. The slow methodical and sarcastic pace that Father John breaks down utopian World is fantastic, as he does it in such style. The album has so many genius moments scattered across it, it starts at the first track when he breaks down being born and crazy it comes down to luck whether you’re taken care of or not. He also has some very introspective moments on the album where he brings some personal moments of his to the forefront, and is very blunt in how he feels. This album keeps giving, as I still feel I haven’t got all the juice from this orange.

Top Tracks: ‘Pure Comedy’, ‘Leaving LA’ and ‘In Twenty Years or so’

Single of the Week! Palava – ‘Sometimes (I Wonder)’


Apologies as this weeks Single of the Week is a tad bit late due to the festivities at this time of year! This week however it is four piece Manchester band Palava with their new track ‘Sometimes (I Wonder)’.

The song seems to lean towards that more indie style, with a straight-laced chord progression combined with introspective lyrics, and it works a treat. The melody of the track is really punchy and great to sing along to, however you get the feeling that hearing it live you would get that extra bit of punch that would push the crowd into a frenzy.

The sound of the guitar really stands out on the track as it seems to have a certain shine and glimmer to it, along with a real heavy treble sound. Also the drums play a real spectacular part with their punchy build ups, with a stab-like approach. This is the first I’ve heard from the Manc band, but after hearing this, it would be interesting to hear what they could deliver on an EP.

Hope you enjoy the track! The lads already have some dates booked in for the start of next year so make sure if you’re around to pop in and see them!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise