New Release | Lions Of Dissent – ‘Honey From Hell’

Lions of Dissent create utter chaos in New Track ‘Honey From Hell’

Lions of Dissent are a 7 Piece band (or should I say septet) from Wolverhampton. Since starting out the band have dazzled with their extremely depthy music. This was showcased on the bands debut EP What Would It Feel Like To Be Free, which was released last year (2017).

The band are back with one hell of a track, after premiering on CLASH the song has picked up a lot of steam and it’s not hard to see why.

Honey From Hell’ has that chaotic & raw sound, which is fronted by the gritty guitars and underground sounding vocals. With 7 people in the band it gives them capabilities that other bands don’t have, which comes across in this song. The vocals are heavy and dynamic, helped by the fact they have some amazing backing vocals supporting the track. The song has a psychedelic edge to it which is driven by the repetitive riff, and the feeling like you’re always trying to catch up with the song itself.

Since starting out as a solo project Lions of Dissent have come a long way, and it’s clear to see the band has a lot more to offer!

Words by Alex Wise

The Town – Who Can You Trust

This band is from round my area, they originate from Wolverhampton and I’m from Walsall so that makes them from round my area. They’ve only been together for about 2 years, and they’ve come quite a far way having played the Isle of Wight festival and quite a few gigs. They’re a Mod band, getting influences from The Jam, Oasis, Small faces, The enemy bands like that.

I personally think their music is different to anything that is out there at the moment, there’s no young band really that is flying the MOD flag, and I think we need that. When you think of MOD music you think of attitude, a distinct voice and just great music and they don’t lack in any of those departments, and I think this song proves it. It’s got a great riff that goes on throughout the song, and when it stops you’ve got Jack (the lead singer) singing, which is strong. Now the solo isn’t fast paced or filled with a million notes, but it’s still brilliant because it’s simple and is catchy and keeps you interested in the song. The song isn’t wordy, but that doesn’t matter because it is a good piece of music.