Rebel Territory – Falling For You – unsigned bands


This band is actually quite close to home as they’re from the Midlands, and they said that ever since they were kids they wanted to be remembered as legends. They put everything into their music and they’re known for the spectacular tricks and treats (now I’m wondering what they are). They’ve played with some pretty big acts in The Kooks, Tribes and Viva Brother (less said about them, the better), who apparently have some very nice things to say about this band. They’ve been offered to support the likes of  The Mystery Jets, The Kooks, Tribes, Tinchy Stryder, Los Campesinos, Viva Brother and Professor Green, as well as The Bluetones.

‘Have brought rock music a new lease of life…the Rebels have captured the meaning of great music and guitar work to die for’ – Music Review Unsigned

‘They wowed the crowd with a blistering one hour set’ – NME

So some very kind words from the bigwigs in music.

The Song

Before I start talking about the song I just wanna say how amusing the video is, really like the intro adds a bit of character and charm to the band, except for the part where he’s taking his tooth out, that ain’t a vary nice sound, right onto the song.

Overall the song is a very catchy poppy piece of music, with some very nice piano  parts in the song. Really like the little guitar piece which starts at 2.57, then when it ends it throws you right back into the middle of the song. It’s a very get up and go song, loud drums, catchy chorus and a blaring guitar that makes you just want to jump from wall to wall. No real content in the lyrics, but you’re not really looking for that in this type of song, you just want something to shout out loud. the singer you can clearly see has some character, and some talent on the guitar as well as his singing, the vocals on the song don’t miss a beat.


A very catchy song, with probably one of the catchiest choruses I’ve ever heard. I think it’s one that would really shine when it’s live!

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The Uptights – Unsigned Bands


When I found this band, I was extremely excited because they’re MODs, and MODs are just the coolest, everything, the music, the style, the haircuts, just everything. I don’t have a lot of information on this band unfortunately, but I do know that they’re based in Southampton, which is bad for me because I can’t go and watch them in Southampton because I’m from crappy Birmingham. They take influences from, The Jam, The Libertines (So they’re already in my good books) and Joy division.

The Music

To my knowledge they’ve got 5 songs, and all of them are exactly how you would expect them to sound, loud , in your face, a commanding voice and blistering guitar riffs. The five songs are entitled ‘Liar’, ‘What comes around’, ‘Today’, ‘La’ and ‘The other side’. After listening to them all, I can honestly say there’s not one that is miles better than the other because they”re all they good. They’re all this good because they’re exactly what I want from this type of music. I’m going to put a few of the songs here, because I’d like you to go on their soundcloud and check them out yourself, and give them some feedback.

This one was released 3 days ago

If you wanna listen to the other two, get on their soundcloud!

If I really had to pick a favorite out of these three I think I would have to go with their latest ‘Liar’, mainly because of the attitude it has in it and I think the riff that’s in there is that loud and in your face, it has to be my favorite. Also the lyrics are just pure aggression, something that you can shout to the top of your lungs. Also from the first second it just goes, with that first drum beat it just pulls you in , and the rest of the song just makes you want more of the same.

In the second track that I’ve put on here ‘What comes around’, I think you can hear that Joy Division influence through the vocals. What I like about it is that even though they’ve took that Joy Division/Ian Curtis influence they’ve kept that uptempo beat with bass in the background, and that really loud drum beat as well, I think it works really well and I didn’t think it would.

‘Otherside’ is the final track that I’ve put on here, this is one of their oldest ones I think because it was brought out a month ago, but in a sense it’s still relatively new. I’ve pure put this on here because of the shouting part just after the chorus part, I think it’s class and have they have that shout in there, just so much attitude and aggression. When 2.12 comes, I think when this song has it’s brightest side because it’s got this cool little guitar piece slowing down the whole tempo of the song, the 3.06 hits and rock back into the middle of the song again, like your caught in a rut. I also like it because they’ve got the same affect as The Libertines ‘What a waster’ at the start haha.


Probably one the best bands I’ve listened to since I’ve started doing all the unsigned acts, because of everything in their songs, I could see these playing a gig with a crowd of people going mental, hopefully, it will happen one day. If I could sign em’, I would.

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Harting – 2 Track Demo – Unsigned Bands


Another band found through Twitter (Thankyou Jack Dorsey). They’re a very young band based near Brighton, the band consists of Sam, 15, Fletcher, 16 and Luke 16, these are all quite young but the music you would think very experienced musicians would’ve created these two beautiful songs. The band have played in several venues around the South East.

They take influences from Alt-J (being the most obvious I think), The Maccabees, Bombay Bicycle Club, Wild Beasts, Little Comets and we were promised jetpacks.

This two track demo was released earlier in 2012 (why didn’t I find it earlier!), the two tracks that feature on here are called ‘Innocence’ and ‘Wired’, they say their songs are filled with intricate melodies, up tempo beats with a dark-beach style twist, and they’re beautiful.

The Music

Before I start rambling on about the songs,  I think it’s better you listen to them both now.

I got into this type of music very late because when I got into rock/indie music I was very against alternative music, because I just found it strange and weird, and it’s took me quite a while for me to appreciate this type of music but I’m glad I do now because they’re not easy pieces to create.

Sometimes I find singers in these types of bands can be quite false, and not seem real but these vocals seem genuine, like that this is his normal singing voice and it really is something to listen to, just want him to be the commentator in my life.

‘Innocence’ was the first song I listened to, and I thought they were going to be quite a heavy band as soon as heard the first not played, then you get this silence and it just all of a sudden bursts into life, with so much energy. The lyrics in this song are very impressive, considering how young the writer is, I  know people who are twice his age and struggle to piece a sentence together (you don’t want to meet them). I’m more impressed about how it was pieced together and the composing that has went on to create this song, I can make a guess that has been anything but simple or easy. In this song they just pick up the tempo and then drop it again, and it feels so natural, it doesn’t seem out of place or anything.

‘Wired’ is the second track on this EP, and although I prefer ‘Innocence’ I think this has the more melody that they said they brought to the table. I prefer this melody because, you’ve got a constant guitar part playing in the background, just the same notes and that quite addictive on it’s own. But you have this incredible voice over the top of that. Again like the first, the lyrics are very impressive and they just pick up the tempo and drop whenever they like and it just feels like that’s the way it should be.


These two songs truly are brilliant, and it would be a crime for them not to reach everyone because they really are that good. Hopefully they’re working on some more tracks, one things for sure they definitely have a new fan that will buy into them.

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Chris Ilett – Free EP – Unsigned bands


Chris Ilett is a singer/songwriter and producer based in South East London. He’s currently working on his debut solo album. At the beginning of the year he released ‘The Fateful Smile EP’, which was a free download-only release, which you can find on his twitter! The songs from the EP have picked up around 150 radio plays this year, from different stations all over the country, which isn’t bad going because of how hard it is to get air time.

Back in 2009 Chris took a break from making music, as he’d been recording and touring constantly since 1998 when he left school which is some going really and thought it’d be cool to tour Australia for year (which of course it was). Around this time last year, XFM played one of his old bands songs (the band was Vitriol I.D.). That prompted me to get back into the studio, and how glad I am he did.

He’s also trying to talk the lovely ladies from Bond Quartet to play on the album. He doesn’t believe that he stands much of chance of getting them to play, but if we can get behind him, perhaps they will!

The EP

If you want the EP you can get it off his twitter, really easy to download, I’d advise it.

If you want something with great riffs, a husky voice and very loud, this is it for you because it has all those elements, especially in the songs ‘she rocks’, ‘the drive’ and ‘fascinate by hate’, really are get up and go songs. It’s not just these types of song though, you have two beautiful slow paced songs with ‘The Rope’ and ‘The Fray’. Especially ‘The Fray’ because it’s got a sort of hypnotic side to the song because it’s got this constant acoustic part looping, which I really like and adds to the affect. Also you have have this husky voice over it, which the more I listen to it the more I enjoy listening to it.

Now I’m not a massive fan of really heavy guitar sounds, but in the song ‘fascinate by hate’, I got really addicted to the sound. I think it’s the riff at the beginning of the song, it’s really catchy and in your face.

It also has some cool lyrics e.g. “You care for me like I care for disease” which features in the song ‘The Drive’ which is another catchy song that you can’t help but enjoy.


Another artist who is giving everything into his music, and the least we could do is listen to it. Altogether they’re a great bunch of songs, which really could stand up well on there own but together they’re even better.

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The Royals – Summer – Unsigned Bands


I first got talking to this band over twitter a couple of days ago, and I asked them who their influences were inspired by everything, and that they influence themselves and that they’re their own genre. At this point I thought ‘I reckon I can link them to someone’. They’ve been together since 2010 but the current line up has only been together for 3 months and for the songs that they’ve got it seems like they’ve been together for a lot longer. They also said that they were the best band coming out of Manchester, and it was only until I listened to them when I thought ‘you know what, they actually might be’. They’re not your typical ‘Madchester’ band, to be honest they’re not your typical anything band because I couldn’t link them to anyone really, I think they actually might have their own genre, and probably their own sound. I’ve listened to a track that they haven’t released yet, so I can’t review that song, but I can tell you it’s really something.

The Song

Well what can I say, the vocals are perfect, they really are spotless. The title really explains the song, because it is a summer song, with everything together, the soft vocals, the jumpy, choppy and a very trebely guitar (Trebely is a word now). Also you’ve got these nifty little guitar pieces in the song underneath the vocals and that works really work together. I think what I admire most about this song is the melody because it really is beautiful, how they introduce the chorus is really smart. The lyrics are perfect for the song because you don’t want really deep meaning lyrics in this type of song, so the lyrics just explain a typical hot summer day, which is what you want from a song.

On to the lead singer, Callum Holt. I’ve never seen such a charismatic character on stage, although I’ve only seen him on video, he just puts so much energy into his performance, singing and entertaining. Have a see for yourself 🙂


A beautiful song from a very, very promising band! They’ve got they’re free EP out which you can download from their facebook, which is here.



Really, watch out for this band, they’ve got a lot of potential.

The Bedroom Hour – Unsigned Band


Yet another band found through the use of twitter, these are a five piece band called ‘The Bedroom Hour’ (think that’s a good name), and they’re a psychedelia guitar/synth band with quite charmed vocals. They record and mix everything in their own studio space in Uxbridge, in greater LondonThey take influences from bands like Elbow, Interpol and Doves which you can tell when you listen to them, especially Interpol, he’s got a very Paul Banks voice, just a little toned down.

The Music

For a band that hasn’t made it big yet they have some good tunes in the locker, 6 in all (that I know of), one of those being an acoustic song called ‘Nocturnal’. The music sounds very haunting, which I’m a fan of being a fan of Pulp as they put a lot of haunting elements in to their songs. A big input into why it sounds so haunting is because of the voice on these tracks, it sort of howls and screams at you, which adds to that effect. Although it does have these elements in the singing, there are some beautiful harmonies in there, for example in the track ‘Heart will Haunt’.

The most notable out of all these tracks is ‘X marks the spot’ a song with a melody so so smooth, a drum beat that is so distinctive and vocals that are so beautiful you’ll forget where you are (especially if you have your earphones in). I’ve listened to ‘X marks the spot’ quite a few times, and I think it’s such a good song because of how brilliantly it’s put together. One of my favorite lyrics in the song is ‘I promise to love you more than my life’, doesn’t sound too good saying it, but listening to it, different story.

Throughout all the songs there are beautiful vocals in all of them, I just really like his voice, especially in ‘Submarine’ because I think the piano and his voice really compliment each other, making it stand out more.


Some beautiful songs that you would only expect off a band that has been going around for a very long time. Something tells me that this band is where they’re supposed to be so lets get their music out there and support em!

Listen to their songs and follow them, wouldn’t hurt 🙂


Feed The Kid – I love the walk – Unsigned Bands


Another one of the bands that I have discovered through twitter, and they’ve asked me to review one of their songs called ‘I love the walk’. They’re a five piece rock and roll band from Manchester, and they originally started so they could give there mate’s gingerbread kid a future. They formed in early 2012, so still quite new for a band really, and they’ve performed their first single which is ‘I love the walk’ on Manchester’s Imagine FM. They take influences from Cast, The Doors, James and The Cure.

The Music

For their first single, and as a band that is relatively new as they’ve only been together for about 7 months, I think this song is rather good. It’s got a beautiful acoustic guitar in this song, just rolls off and is actually quite soothing. As well as the acoustic guitar it’s got some piano parts in it which I’m normally not a very big fan of, but It really suits the song in this case.

I think it’s been produced brilliantly, it’s sounds very together and it sounds like they’ve put a nice effect on to the guitar and the vocals. The singing in this which is done by Taylor are sublime, in the vocals department it’s a top class performance, and it gets better at 2.23. The lyrics are beautiful, also there’s this really nice part in there where they’re singing ‘ahhhhhhahhhhahhahhhh’ , sometimes bands do this just to fill a gap and it doesn’t seem necessary, but here it fits in nicely.


Another great song, from another great band, hopefully they will bring out some more stuff soon because this really is a beautiful piece. The least we all could do is to listen to the song and follow em’ on twitter. FEED THE KID!

Here’s their Soundlcoud –

Their Twitter – @feed_the_kid

Shotaway – Unsigned band – Southampton


This band approached me on twitter and asked me to check out their music, and because I’m a nice person and I had the time I did, and now I’m writing a review on them because they’re that good. The band reigns from Southampton and there music is blues infused indie rock, and I didn’t really know what to think of that until I heard this band and I thought, oh that’s what it is, that’s good.

The Music (the most important thing)

Northern Lies


Runaway Lane

Gamblers Technique

This is only just 4 of the tracks I didn’t wanna put them all on here because I want you to go on their sound cloud to listen to them, and their soundcloud is

Probably my favorite thing about this band is the sound of the guitar which is amazing, gain whacked up to full, and no bass, also the licks in here are pretty good as well. Another thing I like is that the lyrics don’t seem forced, sometimes a band can sing songs and it sounds a bit cheesy because of the lyrics but this band doesn’t have that problem, just seems naturally.

Out of the fist three my favorite tune would be Northern Lies, and then Gamblers Technique came on and that made me change my mind for the same to reasons I gave in the previous paragraph, the guitar is just immense and the lyrics just seem to flow. The song just really caught me especially when it really kicks in about 50 seconds in and you have those catchy little guitar licks, and I think this probably the best sung. Not that the other ones are bad, not at all, I just think his voice sounds spot on in this one, he has that edge on his voice.

Pretty cool picture I thought.


Another great band that have a lot to give, and create great music and you shouldn’t deprive your ears of listening to them. Have a look at their sound cloud because there are still a lot of songs you haven’t heard and they deserved to be listened to,

and their Facebook…

Lets support British music and this brilliant band.

Van Laun – Unsigned artists – 3 brilliant Demos!


I started talking to this band literally on the first day of opening my actual twitter account and working on it properly haha, they said they took influences from The Libertines, so instantly I was interested and I wanted to know what they sounded like. They also said they’re looking for a bass player and a drummer. When I listened to the songs it sounded like a band that had been together for quite a while.

The Demos

Here are the three demos they have, listen to them if you have ears (that’s everyone, except for people without ears)

I’ll be honest, I’m hooked on em’, and I can definitely hear hints of The Libertines in there. I love the tracks ‘Hourglass’ and ‘Interrogator’. All the songs are fast paced and have great melody, in two of the songs ‘Interrogator’ and ‘Half way home’ it breaks and then goes it turns into a little indie rave, I think that’s good how they’ve worked that into the songs.

All the songs have really catchy riffs in, the one that stands out for me is at the start of ‘interrogator’, i’ve heard a lot of unsigned bands try this at the intro and sometimes it sound quite under produced and a bit scratchy but this one is perfect,it gently brings you into the song.


I’m intrigued to see what they will be able to do when they have a fixed drummer and bass player, really think they could be something good here. If these are just the first of the songs, surely they can only get better, love to see if they could get an EP out. Another English band, based in Portsmouth willing to create music for us to hear so I think the least we can do is listen to it. They deserve a lot more recognition in my humble opinion, especially for a band that’s just started.


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King & Queen Of Sorry – Step of The Ledge

King & Queen sorry

Right actually started a twitter for my blog yesterday (finally) wanna follow?  Knock yourself out!

Since I’ve started on twitter (yesterday) I’ve got in touch with a lot of bands, bands which are unsigned and I’ve got a lot of content I can cover now, and music that deserves to be around the world.

This was the first band to approach me and ask me to take a look at their music, and of course I agreed with a smile on my face.

The Album

I’ve only listened to it a couple of times, but I feel I can give a decent review on it.  It’s an acoustic duo, if you’d like to check them out  , be my guest because you won’t regret it. This is their first EP entitled ‘Step of the Ledge’ and has 4 really good songs on that have a lot to give. The four tracks are called ‘Traffic Lights’ , ’33 to 45′, ‘Open door’ and ‘Sighs’.

The guitar in it sounds a lot like Johnny Marr’s guitar in The Smiths even though it’s an acoustic guitar, it has a very jingly jangly sound to it, which I love, I really like that sound on a guitar because it really compliments the singers voice. Before I listened to them I thought they could have been songs that weren’t produced or mixed or anything, but they and really well. It’s done in such a way where the guitar if softly in the background and the singers voice is brought to the forefront so you can listen to the beautiful lyrics and voice.

In ‘Traffic Lights’ and ‘Open door’ you can hear a slight undertone of a piano underneath them, and that really compliments the song well because it doesn’t sound out of place it’s a love little touch to it.

The tracks that really stick out to me are ‘traffic lights’ and ‘sighs’ mainly because a love the little guitar parts in them. Normally in acoustic these aren’t introduced, but these do it and it suits so perfectly with the song. Especially in ‘Sighs’, it’s brilliant .

I get the feeling that the lyrics are very well thought about, they aren’t just stuck together it sounds like he’s really sat down and thought about them, and I like to know that artist is working hard, that they are putting a lot in to it. Each song is like a little story, if you concentrate and listen.


I think it’s a great little EP, one I shall be downloading because I still feel it’s got a lot to offer. Here’s how to listen to it and perhaps you’ll download it to if you have taste haha. Lets get this music out there…