Shatter Effect – Cold

Shatter Effect

Band: Shatter Effect

Hometown: West Midlands

In The Band: Rebecca Davies  ,Robin Davies, Ricky Hill ,Tom Karakas, Edd Duffell

Sounds Like: Depeche Mode, Coldplay (Bar Vocals)

Shatter Effects attempt at introducing the most hard-core indie/rock fans to the slightly more dance side of music is probably one of the best attempts I’ve ever heard as it’s swung me over. Whether it was intentional or not, Shatter Effect as new sort of indie dance music, with a slightly more uplifting feel surrounding it accompanied by some angelic vocals.

As they slowly introduce some subtle dance conventions, for example the atmospheric sounds and the slight change of the drum beat, the song starts become catchy. The riff is perhaps the main reason for this, as it continues to float throughout the whole piece it brings a mellow side to the song because not as overpowering as what I usually find myself listening too. Finally the track is immaculately produced, as there are no flaws in it at all, with no rough edges. After hearing this track by Shatter Effect, I will be more than likely following them to see if they release any new material, it’s something about their sound that just sits well with me.





The Twenty – Camerilla EP

The twenty


Band: The Twenty

Hometown: Belfast

Boys in the Band:- Craig Jerome, Pete Leggett, Paul McGrory, Colm Warren, Robin “The Honey Badger” Spencer

Sounds Like: The Clash, The Undertones



After  listening to their debut single off this EP ‘No More No’, I prepared myself what to expect off the EP, which was high energy punk songs throughout that refuse to let up, and I was correct to expect this. Their American punk like style gleams through in every track, with each one keeping the tempo that was created by the first song on the album. This song being ‘Heads Up (Heads Gone)’, and it begins with grainy lick which you could have found embedded in a heavy rock track. This builds the tempo ideally for the rest of the EP as their American punk influences slowly come drifting out in the track; also we’re treated to a decent little solo which ties the song up, and keeps you hungry.

The twenty 2

These angsty manners are demonstrated in each track as ‘Take a Penny’ is passed the baton and continues what they’ve already started. The flagship single ‘No More No’ is undoubtedly the gem within this EP as the classic punk themes and conventions are all present, the power chords, the shouty sing along lyrics, the vitality and it clocks in well under three minutes. It’d be wrong not to crown this track as the best on the EP after playing twenty odd times. However the song that follows is too similar to the previous track, and is easily noticeable, perhaps not sounding wise, but in terms of melody it was too close for comfort. ‘Petrol Fumes’ rounds up the EP, and remind us one ultimate time what the band are clearly so good at doing, generating that much drive out of one song, as it follows suit from the previous track, using the formula that works so well.

It’s hard recording your first EP as a band because it’s something that people will judge you on as it sets up your bands stall, and also it’s quite expensive.  The Twenty have utilised their EP well, as they’ve clearly stated what the band are capable of and what they’re about.





High Violet – Wheels – Unsigned

High Violet


Some bands just have a good feel to them, which is what High Violet has. This is a four piece Alt/Rock band from Wirral, Liverpool. After initially beginning as a two piece in 2012, the band had to go through several chops and changes to finally get it right, and have begun building their name around Liverpool by playing several different venues to raise awareness.

Boys in the Band

Ryan Lee – Vocals, Piano and Guitar

John Fellick – Guitar and other strange musical noises

Jake Kuguloglu – Bass

Joe Akroyd – Drums and Percussion


Unfortunately this is the only piece of music that High Violet has released, so we only have this to feast on until we get fed some more, which I’ve gained a taste for. ‘Wheels’ isn’t your typical indie track that your use to listening to, as it’s much more than your average riff bulging, fast paced song. It’s a slow, soft melody that soars throughout, with a sound that hints that you’re way out there, in space.

high v

Lee’s vocals need to be clean and clear, as they play such a large part in the song, thankfully Lee doesn’t disappoint and gallivants along with every chance he gets to in this song. Although it’s not the most complex of pieces, it remains a strong song as everything is completed with aplomb and nothing is untidy or incomplete. However it lacks a certain kick in there which could get a crowd excited, for instance a long, hearty solo, other than this minor point, it’s still a very good song.

This is only the start for High Violet, as they’ve only just begun their musical quest to create a larger fan base, and this song is provides a healthy start for the band. The song is promising sing and could possibly leave you hunting for some more of their material.





The Domino Set – British Romance (EP)

Domino set


Like the majority of bands we feature on here, these guys are a four piece indie band, but here’s the twist they’re from a different place, Shropshire. Since forming in 2011, the midlands based band have took off relatively fast, having already supported the fine Scottish four piece The View and heavily underrated General Fiasco. Playing these shows gained them some well-earned reputation and with their debut EP creating quite a buzz, this only added to it.

The Boys in the Band:

Lee Roberts – Vocals/Guitar
Russel Greene -Guitar
David parry – Bass
Kris Hill – Drums

Domino set

British Romance EP

With the commanding drums, which sound very similar to marching drums at the start of ‘British Romance’, the EP gets underway. There are definite connotations of the early Monkey’s material with this song, as the sharp choppy strokes come through and remind of the 2003, where guitar bands were coming through thick and fast, and could possibly be argues as one of the best times for guitar music. Bar the Scottish accent you could draw some links between Roberts and Kyle Falconer’s voice, as they both seem to be able to give a song a new level to it, with the uplifting vocals. The chorus without doubt is the life of this song as everything becomes loud and is in full bloom, the only feature missing is a nice little solo, nothing too long, but a tiny solo. ‘You don’t listen’ is the second on the EP and also the closer; once again it’s another bouncy and punchy riff which serenades in our ears. It has a very Turner-esque style to the verse’s lyrics as they’re lengthy, catchy and witty, and needless to say they’re well delivered once again. The trebly guitar is dominant in this one, as the riff is appearing in every place it can, creating an indie – pop feel to it.

Although it’s a little short, there aren’t many faults pick with EP, the indie pop remains consistent throughout with the riffs taking much of the credit for it. With some new songs on the way, the next EP/Album release looks promising and we should be looking forward to what else these lads can bring to the musical table.





Ferals – Somersault (Single) – Unsigned Bands



This is a rock/indie trio hailing from the Northern part of England, that being Huddersfield. They begun in mid 2012 when there vocalist/guitarist Matt Dryden had been away rattling away writing songs and planning it all out, as soon as that was done he recruited a drummer in Matt Porter and they started to work on stuff in a bedroom. All that was needed then was a bass player, which they found in Corey Clough-Howard after advertising for one in their merry town  Huddersfield.  Soon after the band recorded in luck lane studios their first track ‘White Gold’, and began to gain airplay from BBC Introducing along with receiving excellent feedback on reviews. So all in all not a bad start for band who are still quite young, but from first glimpses it looks like they’ve got to give.


A friend of mine that interviewed stated that Ferals were a band to adore, just after one track. Well after listening to the second track, that statement still stands as I believe it’s trumped their first track undoubtedly.

It’s hard to believe that this could only be the second track that they’ve released purely because of how polished and complete it sounds, nothing seems to be out of place or missing. The clear opening to the song with a slight glisten to it is most pleasing to your ears, and as the beat drops the whole song gains vitality and exuberance, however there’s still a hint of vulnerability that lingers their giving the song some depth to it. Matt Porter’s drums in this are something to be appreciated  because this plays and imperative part on this fresh sound.  The vocals are also capital reason to why this song stands out from so many others that I’ve heard, those clean cut, astonishing dramatic vocals  play over this song in such style you can’t help but acknowledge the talent he is showcasing on the track. There are definite influences from the Foals, especially from the sound they have, but with the those vocals on top it distances itself from this influence, making it stand alone and not like a rip-off.

Hugely anticipating their next release because of what they’ve come out so far have been incredibly well received, and there’s no disbelief that their next track won’t equal what their previous tracks have.





The Cottonettes – Satisfy Me (Single)


Three lads make this band, one being a hairdresser, another ex-navy sailor and finally a salesman, so they’re not the most predictable of bands with that line up. Coming from the Surry/Hampshire borders, the guys started out in February 2012 with a love for good music which include Biffy Clyro, The Jam and The Cure, but when you listen to their music their screaming influence is The Clash. Since starting out the band have grabbed much attention, which includes Melita Dennett from BBC Introducing who exclaimed their music as ‘Punk rock as it should be’, which is the simplest and best way of summing their music up.

‘Satisfy Me’

After their first release ‘Love, Love, Love’ which you can listen to here I was excited by the pure punkiness throughout it all, because some bands have the tendency to call themselves punk, and they shy away from all the conventions of it, those being, short, sharp,catchy and full of attitude in each song, The Cottonettes are simply not scared of doing those things, and they do it to some degree. ‘Satisfy Me’ encapsulates what it means to be punk in just 2.06. With a chorus that’s sure to make the most hardcore coach potatoes get up and start stamping their feet, and if that fails the short, sweet and tasty guitar solo is odds on favorite to do so. The song is two minutes of punk bliss, it’s sounds like something that has been picked out of the 70’s and has been placed in the modern day.  What makes this song, and Punk as a genre so endearing is the brutal honesty of it, it’s not dressed up in sparkles and glitter because it is what it is, just solid guitar song with simple lyrics, and a catchy chorus, along with it’s rawness.

It’s a song that extenuates even more how punk they are, and it should you leave you eager to hear their next song.

BAYY – Doctor – Unsigned Band

Bayy - Doctor

Having reviewed these before, they don’t really need an introduction, if you were unfortunate enough to have missed that post, hold your breath because it hasn’t disappeared, here’s the link BAYY – Aquarium.


After listening to their previous track, they leave you thirsty for even more, with their mouth-watering sounds that confuse you but at the same time achieving  to make you dancer in a rather unusual way. If you haven’t listened to the track, again don’t fear, here it is

If that one failed to make move in a way that you never knew you could before, than this one will push that boundary that bit further.

‘Doctor’ has this strange yet beautiful sound blessing this track throughout, it’s possibly the most soothing yet eerie sound that you have ever come across. It’s guitar work and melody is something that you would only expect from seasoned veteran that has been doing it for endless years, not from a band that’s just uploaded only their second track on soundcloud, but you hear it, and it goes against every convention you have for a relatively new band.  With lyrics that sound like they’ve been picked from a trippy dream, the song keeps you listening intently to hear what else he sings. The vocals may sound like a cry in woods with no one there to hear, but that makes you pay more attention, and keeps you revisiting the song to hear those lyrics which are distributed by some soft vocals.

One things BAYY proved in their first song was that they were capable of putting together a song that made you step back and appreciate, this only strengthens this argument, excellent work from and excellent band.




The Hottelles – Movie Reel

Movie Reek


I stumbled across this band a couple of weeks ago, and as soon as I heard the first song ‘Ignore Me’, I knew that this was the band for me. Fortunately I’ve had the luck of getting in touch their people and they were happy for me to get an exclusive on their upcoming new single ‘Movie Reel’, so I’m doing something right.

They’re a three piece coming out of London, and aren’t following any speed limits after their music has currently featured in a promo video for the fashion company Vans, as well as support Fantastic Mr Fox. The band are made up of three brothers, which just makes this band that much better with:-

– Tom Easton (21) – Vocals and guitar

-Ben Easton (18) – Bass and Vocals

– Sam Easton (14) – Drums (I was shocked when I found out his age because he drums like a pro)

With this Cribs set up and two other singles behind them, I was excited to see what they could do next.

‘Movie Reel’

Unfortunately the song hasn’t been released yet so I can’t place it on my blog, but I can tell you how good it is and how you should most definitely buy it.

The single was produced by Cam Blackwood who has worked with the likes of The Horrors, Florence and The Machine and Hurts (so he hasn’t got a bad body of work). The song see’s them take a step into a more mature direction after their first two releases, which are well worth a listen to.

The song has a very Cribsy feel to it, especially with the catchy but at the same time quite complex guitar riffs, however they seem to keep this independence at the same time, it’s not like they’re ripping The Cribs off. The song contains a very British guitar sound, which sometimes you don’t hear so often anymore with up and coming bands so it’s nice to hear.The vocals are flawless throughout and the lyrics are fresh and don’t seem fake or thrown together, they just roll of the tongue, lyrics like ‘someone to kiss in the sun’. It’s an excellent performance from the band on this one, and especially  Tom for his undeniable talent on guitar. For a relatively young bad, this song sound so past their time, it sounds like a song that should be coming out from a band that are experience, but it’s not which is pleasantly surprising and can only spell good things for the future.

The song is released on March 4th so be sure sure to buy it from every outlet you can and give them every penny they deserve. I definitely will





Palahniuk – Flying – Unsigned Bands


Before I write about this band, I would like to apologise because of how long this has took, they got in touch with me a while back, Twitter failed and I didn’t get in touch with them for a while but final I’m doing it, Andrew, Shaun, Chris, I’m very sorry. If you don’t know how to pronounce the name (which I couldn’t), it’s, (Pala-nook), see it’s simple. It’s a three piece band, consisting of are Andrew Ralph (Vox, guitar), Shaun Potterton (Vox, Bass) and Chris Ralph (Vox, drums),they take their influences from The Beatles, Feeder, Travis and a slight bit of Bon Iver (which isn’t evident in this song). They formed in 2007, so been doing it fora while now, getting experience under their belt. They have been on BBC Introducing Three Counties no less than five times as well as featuring on the playlist through December 2010  January 2011. Playing prestigious venues such as The Dublin Castle (London), The Jericho Tavern (Oxford) The Cavern Club and The O2 Academy (both in Liverpool) its no surprise that theyre always called back for more, not too bad then.

The Song

There were two songs they sent me to review, and they said choose one, and I went with this one because I prefer it, simple.

I think it’s quite subtly a very psychedelic piece, with the drums giving this sort of hazy effect off by using the symbols quite frequently. As well as this I find the vocals and the lyrics quite psychedelic, with the ‘lalalalalalas’ in there. The riff which features at the start of the song is really catchy, and when that effect is being put on it, it gives it that psychedelic undertone. There’s also a really nice, solo, riff, diddy, (whatever you wanna call it)  in the middle of the song, which again carries that same effect as the rest of the song, there’s only the one guitarist so he must be using a pedal for the solo part, don’t ask what pedal I don’t know but it’s got quite a crunchy sound to it.

The Beatles

They also have a passion for The Beatles and because I’m a bit of a fan myself I couldn’t resist putting this video on here. The BBC wanted them to cover a Beatles song, so they did, and it’s probably one of Lennon’s best vocal performances in a song, along with Mr. Moonlight, I found out, and many others. Although it’d a cover, they’ve placed their own spin on it,, which I’m a big fan of in covers theirs nothing worse listening to a cover which sounds exactly the same as the song, because that’s not a cover, it’s an imitation.

The Band

Another good band in the UK which we should be supporting, so lets do our part.

Looca – Unsigned Bands


Another band that’s been found off twitter, this band is quite close to home as they’re hailing Birmingham, UK (So you don’t wonder if it’s the USA one).  Taking influences from bands like Oasis, Kings of Leon, The Coral and Ocean Colour Scene which is quite obvious when you listen to the band. These are a three piece band, members consisting of Iain Gough – Vocals/Guitars, Dom Boyle – Bass/Vocals and Ant Heath – Drums. They reformed in late 2011, and they spent a lot of time writing songs so they were ready and prepared for some gigs in 2012. They have quite a growing fan base in the midlands and supporting CAST and The Musgraves have only helped that.

Their Music

I’m just reviewing one of their songs, they have four more tracks which you can listen to on their reverbnation page, which is…

This band is quite versatile, with their acoustic song ‘Goodbye Charlie’ (which is probably my favourite one) to their heavy their heavy guitar riffed ‘Chase The Dragon’, which is another one of my favourite ones, purely because of the solo.

‘Goodbye Charlie’ was the first song that I listened to by them, and it’s a really catchy song with, the lyrics and the beautiful acoustic guitar part in the background. It doesn’t  sound like one of the most complex of songs but perhaps that’s what makes it so good, because it is that simple. I also think the lyrics are a big part in ‘Goodbye Charlie’ because it doesn’t have any solos in it or anything, and I just think that’s what makes the lyrics such a integral part of this song and they really are some well written, well thought lyrics.

The lead singer reminds me of Tom Meighan a bit in his voice, because it sounds quite commanding but uplifting at the same time, you can see a good example of this in the song ‘I don’t need you anymore’, which also has a really catchy riff in it.


Another band, giving the world what it needs more of, MUSIC. Also they’re close to home so quite nice to do a review about a band that isn’t so far away. Lets get behind em’