Holograms take over – 24-04-12 – AW

Haven’t got time for a review on a an album, been up since 7 , been working like mad, but I thought I’d just do a quick blog. Got some music to look at though the Dirty Little Lies have got some new music which I have got to have a look at so, should be good.

Just thought I’d say a quick word on this whole hologram thing when I first saw it and watched the video with the hologram of
Tupac I was pretty impressed, and I thought it was quite good. Then the news came out that Snoop Dogg might tour with it (I don’t know, i’m not completely sure), I was excited for the prospect of that happening. I was reading some blogs on the news and I commented on one of them saying I wonder if that would spur on a whole thing of getting other dead idols and bringing them back and having them tour.

I think why not, would it be a bad thing, if people wanna see it and will pay for it why not? I was talking to some of my friends, and asking if they would pay too see like a hologram of Kurt Cobain Playing? or the sex pistols with Sid viscous?  The old Beatles line up? I’d pay for it, I mean I wouldn’t pay a high price but £20 I think I would. Just wondered what everybody else thinks on this?