The Forgotten Saints – The voices in my head


This is a four piece indie band who formed in June 2012 in Wigan. The band consists of Vocals + Guitar + Acoustic – Peter ,Kirwan Bass – Paul Walker, Lead Guitar – Chris Simpson and Drums – Marcus Mayes, and they’re currently on a label called Home Demo Recordings. They take influences consist of Miles Kane, Oasis, James, The Rolling Stones and The Stone Roses.

The Song

Think you should listen to it before I start talking about it, and I would also like pint out that they have another song called ‘Sinking in’, which ia a really beautiful pieces of music, the vocals and lyrics are something special.

Got to say I haven’t really heard anything like this for quite a while, it’s something quite new and fresh. The song has all these really nice sounds going on, with the bass and the drums really complementing it well, as well as they’ve added this cool affect to the acoustic guitar which I really like. Also what they’ve done is really brought the vocals straight to the front of the song, and I’m glad they did because you can really hear the lyrics and such brilliant vocals.

The vocals remind of Liam Gallagher but a more toned down version, which is not a bad thing at all because he’s got a really good singing voice on him.  Another element I really like in the song is the guitar part which just jumps in,  which first kicks in at 2.40, it’s nice part which only adds to the song, and gives it a slight edge.

I can’t really liken it to any other music I’ve listened to say, all I can say is that it is five minutes an nineteen seconds of well written, well composed and very well produced music. After listening to their other song, I’m pretty sure that they can produce more of the same stuff. For a band that has only been together for 2 and a half months, they’ve got two brilliant songs under their belt and they deserve our support.