The Vaccines – Teenage Icon

The Vaccines have a new track out, well not a new track because I heard it a couple of times before and at T in the Park, so basically they’ve got a new video out haha, if you haven’t heard it, here it is…

What do I make of this?

The Vaccines I think have established themselves as a band that are more than capable of writing a very catchy song, with catchy riffs and lyrics. But sometimes this isn’t enough for me, I’d like to think that bands have more to offer than something to shout out loud on your own. So have they evolved with this song, have they done something different? the answer to this is no they haven’t, they’ve stuck to what they know, and what they do well.

If you like The Vaccines first album and your looking for more music like that, I’m a 100% you will like this because  it’s pretty much a step in the same direction. I really like the solo in the song which was composed by the lead guitarist Freddie Cowan, his sort of made his own sound out of his solos and they really catch the melody of the song, it really fits together. Oh, and I think he’s getting cooler every time I see him.

I like the song, it’s good to put on and have a sing too. Just feels like there’s no substance to it, this does not mean I don’t like it what so ever. Make of it what you will, leave a comment and tell me what you all think of the new tune.

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