Live Review: Peach Club @ Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham – 06/02/2018


Peach Club made their Birmingham debut at The Sunflower Lounge a few nights ago, and what a debut it was. With their new EP Cherry Baby still fresh in everyone’s ears, it was clear the crowd were chomping at the bit to see the band perform it live.


The night was packed with music, with 3 support acts before the main event and they all covered a different end of the music genre. Pool took to the stage first, and regardless to the band being a bassist down they still turned out a strong performance. With dirty fast-paced guitars, you got a slight taste of grungey garage-rock and I couldn’t help but think if they had a full complement they would have been that much better.


IMG_0266After the crowd had settled slightly, Miss World toned the night down with an impressive acoustic performance. Both of their vocals were outstanding, with each note being pitch perfect and meshing so well together. Their setlist was also quite cool as they offered acoustic renditions of ‘Beggin’, Lana Del Rey’s ‘Cola’ and then finishing it off nicely with ‘Champagne Supernova’


IMG_0274.jpgFuture Fires then burst onto the stage vowing to take the night up a notch. The performance was filled with confidence and high tempo songs. Although they’ve only been at it for a year, they’ve packed their setlist out with some great tracks, as well as a solid cover of The Beatles’ ‘Hey Bulldog’. Also the lead guitarists performance across the setlist was something to behold, as at times it looked like his hand wasn’t attached to his body it was moving that fast.




Finally the time had come for the Norwich Riot Grrrl band to take to the stage, and as they were setting up it was clear that they were more than ready for it. Considering it was their first time playing Birmingham, anyone who didn’t know would’ve thought they played there regularly as the crowd welcomed them with open arms. Their setlist was packed out with high energy, kick you in the teeth songs and each of them were delivered with poise. Kicking off with ‘Bad Bitch’ was perfect, as it gave the chance to for the audience to get involved by clapping, it also provided lead singer, Kat, the perfect platform to go mental.


This was a regular occurrence throughout the show, and regardless of how tired Kat informed the crowd she was, her performance never waned. Throughout the madness of ‘Oh My God’ and ‘My Best Friend’ the crowd started to loosen up and lose themselves along with each of the band members.  After all of the chaos they did slow it down with another track off the Cherry Baby EP, ‘Venus’  which was cool as you saw a softer side to their performance – however the venom was still in each word. ‘Cherry Baby’ was a great highlight as well, just to see that story told live along with the screaming vocals of the words “Cherry Baby“.



The final song ‘Mission Impossible‘ was a unique way to end the show. Kat provided a backdrop for the song with a story which only made the song that much sweeter. As she burst into the middle of the crowd singing away, she never missed a beat as every note was hit with perfection, you could see this going down well at live any show.

Overall the night was filled with great music and great moments, putting several bands higher on the radar. Peach Club will continue to do this at any venue they perform at, purely because of the sheer confidence, quality and conviction they have throughout their set. I will be sure to see them again this year!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise