TOTD – 23/09/2015 – Morrissey leaving the UK


After Morrissey sadly announced that he will not be returning to the UK to play live shows, a little uncontainable sigh couldn’t help but urge its way out of my mouth, this is why.

Morrissey is possibly one of the only true solo artists that have an incredibly body of work that he’s proud of. Yes, you have solo artists with the same large portfolio, but most of them have been compromised and are undeniably plain at some point. Morrissey has his own personal standard and will not accept for anything less, each song has a message, a story or a strong view which has always put him out of favour with many people. But for the ones who share the same passion he does for his songs, his music is a work of art to live by.

This is the reason it will hit some people hard, because there’s nothing like being in the presence of your idol, a true great and to be singing to the top of your lungs uncontrollably with them. Although he will still be touring around the World and some hardcore fans who are not strapped for cash will undoubtedly venture out to see the icon, there will be others who are tied to a low paid job and have bills to pay will have to sit and watch from the sidelines.

I had the privilege to go and see Morrissey earlier in the year and, it will be my only time as I’m one of those poor people. The experience was magical and mind blowing, as I still cannot believe I saw him perform live. To those people who never had the chance it would be cruel to lie, but you missed out. To Morrissey, I wish him only the best and I hope he can continue to create music nobody else can.

Johnny Marr – Upstarts

So Johnny released a new tune yesterday on NME, I don’t know how long it’s been floating around for but I imagine it has been floating around for a bit. Since Johnny left The Cribs he’s begun his solo career by already giving us a taster of his album ‘The Messenger’ by releasing ‘The Messenger’ (Single obviously). I’m a big fan of Johnny Marr, obviously with what he done with The Smiths and Th Cribs, not so much Modest Mouse,  sorry if that’s got to anyone, the band just never clicked with me.

I’m really excited for Marr’s new solo stuff, think it will be good and It will be interesting to see what he’ll do being such a versatile guitar player and what he can conjure up lyrics-wise. After hearing ‘The Messenger’, it got me more intrigued because  of the vocals really didn’t know he had a decent voice on him, then he graced us with ‘The right Thing right’, which I really liked because it was loud and it had a slick little solo in. So I’m going to put my neck out here for this song and say I’m not really that keen on it. I think musically it’s rally good because obviously it’s Johnny Marr the riff and the solo are going to stand out but I don’t think lyrics are too strong, and I don’t think the vocals are too good either. I reckon it will grow on me though, perhaps it might take a while but if i listen to it enough, it will grow on me. I think this song will probably be so much better when it’s live because, everything is really isn’t it? Nearly everything’s better live. Get your tickets to see Johnny If you haven’t because it’ll definitely will be a good night, especially because it’s his FIRST solo tour, something to put on the gig CV.

Oxford, O2 Academy (March 10)
Norwich, Waterfront (11)
Cambridge, Junction (12)
Brighton, Concorde (14)
London, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire (15)
Birmingham, HMV Institute (16)
Sheffield, Leadmill (18)
Glasgow, ABC (19)
Liverpool, O2 Academy (20)
Manchester, HMV Ritz (22)
Manchester, HMV Ritz (23)

The Tennysons – Fortune Faovours – Unsiigned bands


Been a very long time since I’ve posted, here’s what happened, I went on holiday, came back, had a lot of work, went on holiday again, then had a lot of work. So there is my explanation for my terrible blogging in recent weeks.

I was meant to do a post on these a very long time ago, before I went on my first holiday. This is a band called The Tennysons, hailing from Leicester like Kasabian, the band consists of Ryan Dunn – Vocals/Guitar, Max Stafford – Bass/backing vocals and Ben Woolley who plays drums. I haven’t seen these guys live before but from reading other reviews and listening to their music, I can say that they’re a lad band, and a very good lad band. They play music that makes people just punch the air stomp their feet, the sort of music I like, especially live because it gives me what I want. Their Influences are Oasis, The Smiths, Sex Pistols, The Stone Roses. You can see bits of these bands in their music, especially Sex Pistols because have punk edge to their music. One review suggest that The Tennysons reminded him of an early Oasis, and Ryan Dunn to a young Noel Gallagher.

The EP – Fortune Favours

They have a new EP out entitled ‘Fortune Favours’, which consists of four songs which are ‘George Smith’, ‘Sometimes’ , ‘New found glory’ and ‘Liar Liar’. When you listen to them you do get a taste of Oasis especially with the vocals in the songs, and I’d also say that with the sound of guitars as well, they are extremely well and in your face which gives me no doubt that they would be brilliant live.

All the songs on the EP are very strong and very catchy with the lyrics in the songs and the riffs playing a big part in that. One to mention would be ‘Sometimes’, as they have these really catchy part where they drop and the drums go with it, which really stud out for me. All the songs are actually quite capable of being an anthem for the youth (the cool youth, not the uncool).

I’d say my favourite song on the EP is ‘Liar Liar’, as it changes pace in the song which I liked, also you got the backing vocals in it which it gives it more of that laddish music effect. Love the little solo in it, not the most complex of solos, but it really sits in well with the song. Also this my pick of the bunch because it’s the most in your face. It’s 2 minutes of absolute energy, and 2 minutes of joy.


These are a little bit closer to home for me, so I might actually be able to go and see these live,which I hope I’ll be able to do soon. I think it’s a really strong EP, but I still think they’ve got a lot more to offer us, and I’ll be there to listen to it, and tell the world.