The Smiths – ” The Queen is Dead” Record Review


No recent shit come out, well there probably is but I’m too lazy to find and listen to it, so I thought I’d do something quite close to my heart and to a lot of peoples hearts, I know this because I think it’s one of the most loved indie albums of all time, and it should be. Just start by saying, if you haven’t listen to it, please do you’re missing out it’s beautiful,smart and funny from start to finish and really don’t think there will be anything like this ever again, so go on treat yourself.

Finding out, learning to love

I was introduced to The Smiths by a mate from college, and he said ‘They invented indie music, you’ve got to listen to these”, and it wasn’t until then I got a real understanding of what Indie music was. I remember getting home that day and starting listening to them, as soon as I listened to them I fell in love with them, the lyrics, the riffs, and how unique it was. I think it was that, they made me want more, how unique they were, the sound of the guitar the singing everything just sets them apart from every other fuckin’ band, I loved finding out about them and indulging myself into them. Every song I listened to I’d be listening out for clever witty lyrics and the classic riffs that Johnny composed. I tried to learn the riffs on guitar, way too hard gave up immediately.

Finally Listening to the Album

I think I listened to their whole back catalog in about a month, so I listened to all the songs but not the album, because I didn’t know which song belonged to which album. So in the worst way you could listen to an album, I created a playlist on youtube and listened to it that way. I regret it now, because it deserved a lot better, the only way you could listen to the album for the first in the most respectful way would be to have it playing on vinyl, with candles around the room, listening to it  on your own and devote yourself to the album for the time it’s playing, it’s the only respectful way. Having heard all the sons before, I was singing along to them, but they’re such a strong set of songs.

The Album

Morrisey is known for his lyrical genius and this just proves it really, with the witty lyrics of ‘Frankly Mr Shankly’ and ‘Vicar in a Tutu’ (that sounds funny) to the painful lyrics of ‘I know it’s over’ and the beautiful ones of ‘There is a light that never goes out’. Another thing I really like about this album is that all of them aren’t hits, by that I mean they couldn’t all be singles which works really well. You’ve got the classics which will forever stick in your mind with ‘The boy with a thorn in his side’ and ‘bigmouth strikes again’, but you have the soft padding of ‘Cemetery gates’ and ‘Never had no one ever’. It’s amazing how Morrisey’s lyrics go so well with Marr’s guitar parts, it’s as if it was meant to happen, they suit each other so well.



This is my favorite Smiths album, it’s a close one but this wins, purely because I love every song on here. Just on some of the other albums, they’re songs that just haven’t hit me as much as these did. I know I’ve said this throughout this post but I will say it again, it’s beautiful all the way through with really powerful songs. As I look at the back of the case now, there’s just not one song I dislike. This is definitely one I will have to get on vinyl, because CD is just not good enough.Just appreciate that The Smiths created this album, and gave it too the world