The Sea The Sea release ‘Captives’!



With Summer bearing down upon us (or has it started) the encouragement to make a summer tune is hitting a yearly high, and there’s always bands that will take up on the option.

The Sea Sea have seen the opportunity and followed through with their new song ‘Captives’, as it captivates summer with breezy song that allows you to sit back and enjoy.

The Sea The Sea – Suba Rosa EP Review



Dreampop is risky business. You could record your album in a garage and hope it works, your music could get boring after 5 songs into your album, you could even shower your project with so much reverb it’d give the listener a headache. But mix solitary dreampop with post punk, along with influences of lucid dreaming, Roald Dahl, and a band who made possibly the most heart wrenching concept album of all time; well you’re onto something there, aren’t you?

I honestly can’t remember the last time the opening track of a project got me as hooked as The Sea The Sea’s has. The sweet leads and (furious/lonely/depressing/everything I could ever hope for in a voice) baritone are pinnacle highlights for Sub Rosa. But these vital elements compliment each other throughout the whole EP. Don’t ever think The Sea The Sea only pull off their shit for a single or two, oh no…they know what they’re doing. They know exactly what they’re doing. ‘These Shadows’ boasts relentless amounts of jangle-pop, a gorgeous melody…it’s a wonder why Captured Tracks haven’t got their hands on these guys yet. Layered, well planned, well played, with the cleanest production holding hands with that dirty bass in the verse – a brilliant start.

Track 2 ‘System Sleep‘ is also pretty special. The vocalist completely submits to confession after an emotional enough verse to belt out “and this is my soul shaking.”  Repeated over and over again. Reminiscent of The XX all over the place, a bit of folk music here and there; despite the change in pace to the previous song it’s still quite lovely. The (mostly) inevitable decline of the EP comes at the next track. There just seems to be a loss in spark on ‘What Came Before’.  The majority of the song is quite cheesy, the chorus doesn’t shout anything interesting, in fact I’d go as far as saying it sounds like a hymn. That’s not to say there aren’t great parts to this song, though. The actual climax of the song does drive it somewhat forward, and the verse is awfully catchy.

Sub Rosa ends with the fitting name of ‘Anemone’. Starting soft and quiet, and ending louder, harder, angrier; reminds me of Interpol’s The New. Contrary to The New though, ‘Anemone’ has no awe inspiring bass line, in fact a very minimal bassline. And with a song that should create a thunderous end to such a stellar EP, ‘Anemone’ feels somewhat half baked without the noticeable bass and deep element to the song. The closer is built up by light cymbal crashes, solos, and reverb that makes me shiver. Vocalist whispers about the oddness and eventual explosive end to relationships, “at least if we were still passionate, we could be deafened by heartbeats”, which then actually leads to him replicating that same explosive end with his voice. Bitter and emotional, but somewhat truthful.

If I had any more negative points to say about The Sea The Sea’s Sub Rosa, it’d only be the slightly off pitch vocals, and the strange falsetto vocals in between the thunderous baritone. But really, The Sea The Sea have made something very special here indeed. The production is so clean and these lads know what they’re doing to point. Almost miraculously, reverb isn’t overused but neither does it sound out of place. They’re tight, succinct, clever, and just really fucking emotional. The mood is melancholy, the singing is melancholy, the lyrics are melancholy, but if melancholy sounds this beautiful, give it to me everyday.






Words by Saagar Kaushik


The Sea The Sea – Winter Parade

the sea


Band: The Sea The Sea

Hometown: Oxford, Britain

Sounds Like: Wild Beasts, The Antlers

There’s not many better feelings when a new indie/rock/punk band pops up on our twitter feed that we like, partly because we haven’t had  a lot to do to fine them, but mainly because we’ve got more good music to listen to. The Sea The Sea’s slightly magical indie tone coruscates throughout their song ‘Winter Parade’.  So much so, you will need to wear a pair of sunglasses when listening to it because of the gleam you receive from it.

The repetitive but memorable melody seems to roll on for a while, but it somehow manages to keep your attention, similar to the TV when I’m attempting to fall asleep. Some sections of the song hint at how the XX would sound if they became faster paced and energetic, with the bursting reverb that is ever present. Without warning the song seems to drifts off from the tight grapple it had you in, and before you know it you’re pressing play again. This is a perfect example of how indie pop can work, a lot of artists/bands attempt, but it comes of weak and limp, however The Sea The Sea has done the genre proud and have just gained themselves another fan.