The Sea The Sea – Winter Parade

the sea


Band: The Sea The Sea

Hometown: Oxford, Britain

Sounds Like: Wild Beasts, The Antlers

There’s not many better feelings when a new indie/rock/punk band pops up on our twitter feed that we like, partly because we haven’t had  a lot to do to fine them, but mainly because we’ve got more good music to listen to. The Sea The Sea’s slightly magical indie tone coruscates throughout their song ‘Winter Parade’.  So much so, you will need to wear a pair of sunglasses when listening to it because of the gleam you receive from it.

The repetitive but memorable melody seems to roll on for a while, but it somehow manages to keep your attention, similar to the TV when I’m attempting to fall asleep. Some sections of the song hint at how the XX would sound if they became faster paced and energetic, with the bursting reverb that is ever present. Without warning the song seems to drifts off from the tight grapple it had you in, and before you know it you’re pressing play again. This is a perfect example of how indie pop can work, a lot of artists/bands attempt, but it comes of weak and limp, however The Sea The Sea has done the genre proud and have just gained themselves another fan.