Not long for The Stone Roses big return

So with The Stone Roses just around the corner, I think it would be wrong not to talk about them. I got into this music quite late, i’m 19 now and I got into the music when I was about 16 so it wasn’t so long ago when I was into grime.

The Stone Roses were on of the first bands I listened to when I started getting into guitar music because I was into Oasis and my friend said that The Stone Roses played a big part influencing Oasis, so I went home and treated myself. I never listened to them before, because my mate said they influenced Oasis, I was expecting something exactly like Oasis, and fuck me was I wrong. The Stone Roses were so different, the guitar, Ian Brown’s singing, and the drums were out of this world. Since I listened to them, they have been one of my favorite bands and they always will be.

I wasn’t alive when The Roses came out so I can’t talk about how they changed music, or how it was different to anything I’ve ever listened to. I can say they still sound fresh, they still sound exciting and they still sound new. I don’t think there will be a band like this for a long time.

I still think The Roses will put on a great performance at Heaton Park after all the reviews I’ve read it seems like they won’t let anyone down. Also I think they still have a lot to offer to music and our ears, hopefully they will continue after this reunion and go on to make another album because I don’t think the ‘Second Coming’ was a good send off for one of the greatest bands ever.

To all you lucky fuckers that are going to the gig at Heaton I know you will have a good time, get smashed and do that dance that you can only do when you’re listening to The Stone Roses.

Treat yourself, have a listen.


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