The Magic Gang Q and A!

The Magic Gang Album

The Magic Gang invited their fans to ask them anything!

The Magic Gang had some spare time and invited their loyal and devoted fans to ask them anything using the Hashtag #askthemagicgang. Unluckily I was at work while this took place so I missed it, however I decided to round up some the best answers and put them on show.

They confessed that Ought’s album ‘Room Inside the World’ was their favourite record so far in 2018.

The quote they live by is one from ex-Spurs Manager Harry Redknapp.

They favourite Oasis track was ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out‘ didn’t expect that one.

It was great to read that their favourite Smiths record was the same as everybody else’s

Being a Birmingham based person it was interesting to read that they actually like the accent. Surely that’s sarcasm at its finest!

They gave a great insight into Aldi, probably one of the best questions of the Q and A.

Finally if this is true and that’s where The Magic Gang name came from, I need the idea to happen.

Those are just a few of the great answers that the lads gave, well worth checking out the entire Q and A on their Twitter!