Classic Album: The Cribs – The Cribs Review

The Cribs


For most people who see The Cribs as just another indie band will possibly think that this album is the worst that The Cribs have ever done because it is, under-produced, patchy and simply not as good as the four that proceeded them. Well this review provides an argument against all of that, and argues the case that it is the best record that The Cribs ever put out, and probably ever will put out.

The album was released back in 2004, so it got lumped with some very moderate and mediocre albums that were coming out at the time, however it was strongly linked to The Strokes first release ‘This is it’, which the guys never had a bad word to say about. Yet the album had something that set it away from most of the records that were coming out then, it was raw. Yes there were bands bring out debut albums that were also Raw, BUT! this was completely raw, fresh out the box with plastic wrapped round it, as it was The Cribs at their earliest, where they were at their lo-fi best.

At the core of the album, it is just another pop record with most of the songs having catchy chorus’ and tasteful one liners with ‘You were always the one’ and ‘The Lights Went Out’ demonstrating this element. However with a lick of Wakefield accents growing all over it and earthy sound, the album sounded real and made it increasingly down to earth and human, making anyone believe they could pick up a guitar and write a song.

So you had your bouncy pop songs around the album, but you also had the songs that set Hardcore Cribs fans against normal Cribs fans, with songs like ‘The Watch Trick’, ‘Direction’ and ‘Third Outing’. These were the songs that set them apart from any ‘indie’ band that were coming out at the time, because no one  was trying that, because they were too busy trying to be the new Oasis or Blur, which is not a bad thing, but it got boring.

You also had that song that would never be forgotten even if you were flashed by one of those sticks from Men in Black, just because it’s too catchy. ‘Another Number’ takes a simple riff that you wouldn’t even think of using for a song, and turns it into an anthem that will be shouted wherever the guys go. Memorable albums always have a song like this, a song that most people will know, and if you don’t, you will end up enjoying it.

It may not be the most glamorous album The Cribs have ever made, but it is definitely the best one, as it is no other band could really pull it of, and The Cribs managed to do it and put themselves in peoples hearts for a long time.