EP Review | The Assist – ‘Lost’

The Assist - 'Lost'

The Assist Give Us One of the Best EP’s of the Year with ‘Lost’

It’s been a few important years for Walsall band The Assist, as they have took further steps in growing as a band and this EP is solid gold proof. 2 Years after the release of their Trouble EP (Full Review Here) the band have delivered again, as it trumps their last release  musically, lyrically and the general entire message of the EP.

Lost tackles the struggles of the modern age, and how you can feel lost and not feel in control of your own life at almost every turn. The opening track ‘Love’ is a funky track with the wah-wah guitars and the general dizziness of the song. Mikey Stanton sings about how love can be too much , and how sometimes you need to step back and breathe. Really enjoy the musicality on this one as it sets it up the rest of the EP nicely, being the first steps into The Assists lost World.

All That I Need’ was released prior to the EP along with a great video. Stanton’s voice really sticks out as he charges around giving off some unique vocals which lie somewhere between singing/shouting/conversational which gives The Assist a stand out quality.


The guitar is killer along with the punching drums, with a retro vibe to it and additional electronic instrumentals it nearly gets song of the EP.

For me the track of the EP is ‘Exist’ which comes up next, where Stanton tells us how he wants to be a child again and not have all the concerns of being grown up. The chorus is a masterpiece, with an incredibly catchy melody and lyrics that you can pick up quick and relate to.

We’re just existing to not exist” is sung throughout the chorus, it’s delivered with conviction and heart. The lyrics make this song stand out, another great line is “You know the measure of a good brother/ is how he deals with the success of another”, well thought out and sends a message into the World. You can tell time and consideration have gone into the songs, refusing to lean on tired cliched lyrics.

They wrap it up with ‘Hung Up’ which has a larger than life feel, with reverb guitars and quick tempo rattle drums. The chorus once again measures up to the standard they’ve set themselves throughout, as it plays out the track and slowly winds down the chaos.

I cannot stress how far this band have come since starting out, and it’s heartwarming to see where they are now and how their music is being received. Their sound is completely unique, from the vocals to the way they’re produced, it feels fresh.

Also the band have gone that extra length to make themselves standout by creating a different style with their videos and artwork, something which a lot of people leave to the wayside. As music makers they’re constantly creating and pushing themselves as far as they can, and this EP is a culmination of all of that. This EP is a huge step for the act, and I can’t wait to see the next chapter. Bring on the live shows!


Words by Alex Wise

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