EP Review | The Americas – ‘Guitar Music Is Dead’

The Americas - Guitar Music Is Dead EP

The Americas Release a Stellar Debut EP with ‘Guitar Music Is Dead’

‘Guitar Music is Dead’ is the debut EP by West Midlands trio, Harry, Aaron and Alex. The Americas have had a busy year to say the least, gigging all over the country, recently performing at the fringe at the Tramlines festival in Sheffield.

I must admit, the band is very new to me, but the sound doesn’t feel that way at all. The sound is so nostalgic that the tracks seem to have years behind them. The short, six track EP packs a whole load of guitar in one place. The ring of the classic bluesy vocals are complemented by rock and country guitars while hats are surely tipped towards indie music, making you really question the Midland origin of the band.

This nostalgia is really alive in the sound, the six short tracks taking great influence from good old fashioned guitar music. The lead track, ‘Come on Out’ has a Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones drawl, down to the “Oh, Oh, Oh” in the background of the track. The vocals are also delivered beautifully Jagger-y in ‘I Don’t Wanna Go Home’ and ‘American Morning’, putting Jagger in a country situation with clever guitar and drum arrangements.



True, expected country rock is really explored in ‘Rosanna’, one of three tracks released before the EP. The production of the track is really intriguing, the tempo is particularly mellowed out, giving you a rather odd feeling while you listen. The song, before the guitar amplifies towards the end, is rather hypnotising, you may catch yourself feeling as if you’re in a Southern American bar surrounded by people in cowboy hats dancing around you.

The lyrics and their sentiment in the EP, although filled with guitar and drums, make for comfortable listening. Lyrically, the EP seems to encapsulate a certain extent of storytelling with pretty dreamy melodies. ‘Backyard Love Song’ comprises electric guitar and a steady drum beat, but begs deliverance by a raconteur.  The track describes an uninspired life and relationship with the typical wish to get out of their town and regular life. Here, the story begs a familiarity and relationship with the listener, while also inspiring ambition in “Maybe I could get away/ across the country and stay…. It’s somewhere out there, of that I’m sure”. We can see this ambition in the shape of the EP and the number of gigs performed, as well as the quest to make sure guitar music is in fact not dead.

The Americas by @anniewarnerr
The Americas by @anniewarnerr

Perhaps the stand out track of the album is ‘Bad News’. This track strays from the remaining consensus of the EP. With a much faster deliverance and a heavier feel. Here, the vocals seem less bluesy and more snare like. This is more likely a rock track with indie roots, bringing a further dimension to the EP, maybe teasing other avenues they are willing to explore musically.


All in all, this EP was a surprising listen. I was not expecting such nostalgia in a new release, but this really is what makes The Americas stand out. The tongue in cheek title Guitar music is dead is definitely challenged in the EP, band member, Aaron explaining ‘Guitar music seems to die every year. Huge artists like Kasabian and the Gallagher brothers always claim to be the ‘last survivors’, maybe adding The Americas to the list.

This band is definitely one to watch!

Words by Robyn Hartley


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Interview | The Americas Answer 10 Questions

The Americas by @anniewarnerr
Photo by @anniewarnerr

The Americas bring their swagger to The 10 Questions

We’re just three days away until The Americas release their new EP ‘Guitar Music Is Dead’. Ahead of the release we caught up with the band so they could answer our ten questions about music, Enjoy!

Where did your band name come from?


What made you want to get into music?

You can’t put your finger on it… There’s not really any choice in the matter… If you do it, It’s just what you do.

Best venue you’ve ever played and why?

The main room at O2 Academy Birmingham was an amazing stage to play

One band/artist you’d love to support?

Courtney Barnett

What’s the greatest love song ever written?

Nothing Compares 2U // Hallelujah // Go Your Own Way

The best album that you’ve heard this year?

Damien Jurado – The Horizon Just Laughed – Listen Here
Here Lies Man – You Will Know Nothing – Listen Here
Shame – Songs of Praise – Listen Here

Most overrated band/artist of all time?

Ed Sheeran

What was the last song you streamed on Spotify?

Bobby D – Man Gave Names To All The Animals

Which three artists/bands should we be looking out for? (Musically not for Criminal Offences)

The Surrenders
False Heads
Bad Bug

What do you want to accomplish next as a band?

Nandos black card!

Just would like to say thanks once again to The Americas for taking the 10 Questions on. Make sure you follow them and check out their music!

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Rosanna’ –  Listen Here

American Morning’  – Listen Here

Single of the Week | The Americas – ‘Come On Out’

Come On Out [artwork].jpg

Midlands band get Single of the Week with ‘Come on Out


Ahead of their debut EP which is set to be released on Spetember 7th, The Americas have released the first teaser to get us excited. However the teaser was that good it manged to get Single of the Week.

Come On Out’ has a really laid back-slack vibe with the guitars plodding at their own pace, creating a sound similar to The Strokes at times. With vocals similar to Dylan’s in some respects, the track really has an american twang and feel to it, which doesn’t come off as it’s being put-on, it’s quite clear the band have a genuine love for that style of music, and they carry it so well.

The song stretches over 5 minutes, and it’s one you could easily hear being played over a BBQ while having a few beers in the sun.

That’s it for this week, you think you have a Single of the Week get in touch over twitter by messaging @WFMBlog or email: wordsformusicblog@gmail.com

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

10 Question for The Americas!



Ahead of their UK tour that’s taking place in March, I got to interview up an coming Birmingham Band The Americas for the very first time on this site. After listening to their music I really got a feel for the sound they were developing and had to know where it came from, so they took on the 10 Questions!

1)First things first how did you come to be?

Me and Harry met a couple of years ago… I’d just got back to the UK after living in Sydney for a year or so and was looking for like-minded musicians to play with… We started writing and demoing songs… We played with a whole bunch of different people before we finally found Alex and settled as a three-piece.
2)What genre of music would you say you play?

Genre is always hard to answer… Thin wild mercury, metallic and bright gold!
3) Which bands/artists do you take influences from?

People with interesting things to say… The more believable the better… We don’t listen to beautiful people… They tend to make ugly music…
If you crashed one of our parties you’d probably hear a lot of late 60s early 70s stuff…

4) Best venue you’ve ever played and why?

02 Academy main room in Birmingham blew our little minds
5) Best gig you’ve ever attended?

Alex: A toss up between Tame Impala in Amsterdam and Arcade Fire in Lisbon last summer…
I’m going to speak for Harry (because he’s not here) … We both saw The War on Drugs in Barcelona… The Mediterranean at our backs… Sunset… Oh man sweet deathbed memories.
6)A band you would most like to support and why?

Courtney Barnett? She’s fantastic.
7) A band that you would like to work with?

Daniel Lanois.
8) Top five albums you’ve ever heard?

What a question… Here are some good albums we dig
Takk (Sigur Ros)
Time Out of Mind (Bobby)
The Suburbs (Arcade Fire)
Crime of the Century (Super Tramp)
Trouble Will Find Me (The National)

Exile on Mainstreet (Stones)
Do Hollywood (Lemon Twigs)
Hills End (DMAs)

Comfort (Splashh)

Is This It (Strokes)

Harry (again making these up):
Anything by Neil Young
Anything by any of those blues men who sold their souls to the devil…
Spice girls

9) Biggest accomplishment as a band/solo artist?

Completing these 10 questions…

10) What’s next in the pipeline?



Thankyou guys for taking on the 10 questions, really appreciate it cannot wait to hear some new music!