New Music Now! Swine Tax – ‘Chronic’

Chronic’ is the debut single from Newcastle Upon Tyne Alt-Rock band Swine Tax. Considering this is the first single from the band they’ve been increasingly brave with this song, as they haven’t held back in any aspect, and delivered something alternative which music fans should warm to. However the noise they’ve created feels empowering while maintaining an eerie vibe,  something which wouldn’t seem strange to hear on a Radiohead or Joy Division Record. Also ‘Chronic‘ is a very personal song which interrogates frontman Vince Lisle’s  feelings of inadequacy in intimate relationships whilst living with a debilitating chronic pain condition, so to deliver something so honest and truthful on your first track is commendable as a songwriter, and hopefully something we can continue to hear from the band.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise