Suzi Island release new Track ‘Actor’

Suzi Island Actor

Brighton Band release ‘Actor’ accomponied with a thoughtful video

Since bursting onto the scene with their debut track ‘Show Me The Way‘ Suzi Island have managed to keep a buzz surrounding the band. All this has been achieved with a genuinely good song, teasers and keeping in touch with their audience.

Actor’ is the latest track to be released from the Brighton act and it’s just as good as their first release, if not better. It’s clear with the video that the song tackles Women in the Film Industry, which suggests recent news has heavily influenced this track and what lies in the heart of it.

The songs is fun and full of quick hit lyrics which will resonate with music fans. The beat of the track almost sounds like a hip-hop beat with the crashing claps. Throughout the song you have well placed screeches from the guitar which adds depth to it.

This is another great release from Suzi Island, and over these next 6 Months I could see them being one of the breakout bands this year, as they’ve moved from 0-60 in no time.

Words By Alex Wise @AJWise

Single of the Week | Suzi Island – ‘Show me the Way’

Brighton’s Suzi Island provides us with Single of the Week!

It’s Sunday which means it’s Single of the Week day!

Heard a lot of good music this past week, but it’s Brighton band Suzi Island who really found a way into my ears and stayed there. The song has a very laid back vibe to it, with some really endearing acoustic guitar. The vocals are heavily charismatic, as the vocals scream “Show me the way”. The track is extremely well put together as everything is crystal clear and really emphasizes those vocals. Important to note as well that the track was produced by former Vaccines member Pete Robertson, which quite a cool fact.

I hope this means more to come from Suzi Island, because this track has some great qualities.

The band will be playing The Star inn, Guilford May 1st if you wanna check that out!

That concludes this week’s Single of the Week, if you think you have a Single of the week on your hands, get in touch!


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