Take Note of the Birmingham Music Scene


Tim Senna documents how alive the Birmingham Music Scene is

The Birmingham music scene have watched a fair few acts blossom these past few years with the likes of PEACE, Superfood, Swim Deep and Jaws all gaining recognition. However Tim Senna went out to prove that Birmingham has so much more to give.

The Sugarthief show which took place at The Sunflower Lounge on 8th March, was a hallmark for the scene as a sold out crowd came to watch some of the best acts the Midlands has to offer.

The video really grasps the feel-good culture surrounding the entire Birmingham Music Scene at the moment. There’s no bitterness between any of the bands, as they all support each other. In the video you see the likes of Ivory Wave, VIOLET and The Assist all supporting the show in one way or another. It’s apparent that each of the bands know that working together they really can make something special here in Birmingham.

There’s a lot of creativity going on in the Second City and it needs to be taken note of, because it won’t be long until these bands really start making a big push. Combined with what the likes of Jacky P and Tim Senna are doing, it’s really putting a magnifying glass on this brightly-lit talent.

Would just like to thank Tim for letting me share the video on the site, he’s doing a lot for the scene and is well worth checking out, and as he would say, Welcome to the Madlands!

Tim Senna – @TimSenna

Madlands –  @UKMadlands

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Words by Alex Wise – @AJWise