NEW MUSIC NOW! The Weeks – ‘Start it Up’

‘Start it Up’ is the latest release from Jackson, MS four-piece The Weeks and is taken off their upcoming album Easy, which will be released April 7th.  After listening to the track for 20th time this morning (Which won’t be the last) it’s easy to pick up on the catchy nature of the song, which is showcased at the beginning of the track with a deep rhythmic bass line that brings you to the party. All throughout the song your gifted with this beautiful riff that ties the song together nicely, and combined with stories of being young and dumb, it’s easy to become endeared to it. It’s clear the band take some early Kings of Leon vibe with that dirty rock feel combined with The White Stripes as they heavily lean on the guitar work to do the talking.

Here’s hoping that the album brings this same amount of energy and musicality to the album, because if they do it could easily find itself to be a contender on the albums of the year 2017!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise