EP Review | Spinn – ‘Spinn EP’

Spinn EP

Liverpool Band Spinn Release their Jangly Dream Pop Debut EP

Just finishing listening to ‘After Dark’ earlier in the year it was quite clear that Liverpool band Spinn had a lot to offer. Since then it’s been a short wait for the band to release the EP, and it’s so good to have it in the Worlds arms.

The EP from top to bottom is coated with twinkling guitars, similar to ones that could be heard on a Mac Demarco record. But the sleek vocals that lay over the instrumentals couldn’t be any further from Mac Demarco, as that endearing scouse twang gives a subtle attitude to the tracks. From the start you’re given the fast paced dancer ‘She Takes Her Time’ which is a joy to listen to, especially with that arcade sounding solo.

You then have the two tracks that were released this year ‘After Dark’ and ‘Who You Are’, both of which could contest to be song of the EP. Their jangly dream pop warps all around the room giving off cool breeze that only a sweet guitar riff could. ‘After Dark’ has this brooding composure about it with it’s deep riff, while ‘Who You Are’ carries a in-your-face attitude fronted by the lines:

“Don’t you tell me/how you’re so oh so/oh so very different to anyone else/I See through you”  

The final track ‘November‘ is Synth heavy and once again is armed with that deep and dark guitar riff. However the song comes bursting to colour when it breaks down, which is bliss to listen to.

Spinn have a special air around them which gives them that slightly larger than life feel. The guys can be very proud of this EP, and I’m looking forward to them taking it out on the road, if you’re around one of their shows make sure you get yourself down there.

Listen to the FULL EP HERE!


Words by Alex Wise @AJWise