New Release | Matt Portland – ‘South Destruction’

Matt Portland - South Destruction

This song had the wings and never really got off the ground, but It didn’t need to! I appreciate musical talent. London Born Matt Portland wrote, recorded, and produced this song and to achieve that all your own takes a certain breed of human, that’s skilled and determined.

The intro of guitar was ‘Pink Floydish – wish you were here’, and that automatically had me intrigued. I was looking forward to that coming back in at that chorus, where it was expanded and gave the song the Roast dinner we all crave.
You do hear it again flickering in the background behind a building of keys and relaxed drum tempo, but not how I hoped it would.

But I continued to be dragged into this song anyway, lyrically it was sincere and his vocals were sounding like Alex Turner on a Tom Odell record especially at the beginning.
Overall The heart and soul of this track was the lyrics. ‘carry on when your head drops, you pray that you will stop, the way you make a tough guy tongue tied, the way you make the dark days sunshine’.

Instantly suggested to me that we all need someone to pull our heads out of a dark cloud, and keep pushing us forward!  I feel like the sentiment conveyed has been delivered well, but just a bit apprehensive to push that boat out a bit more.

It has the qualities to be a ‘wave of lighters in the air’ kind of song, where it would be a perfect last song on the set list.

Words by Captain Sound