Single of the Week! 1971 – ‘Anxiety’

It’s Sunday, which means that it’s time for another Single of the Week! This week we have 1971 from Canada with their latest track ‘Anxiety’!. A slight change from last week as this track has much more dark undertones and a really eerie feel to it. The slow pace to the song only accentuates this feeling. The vocals have an isolation surrounding them, while the guitar seems to mindlessly wonder around, adding to the mystique.

The song really kicks into life around the 1.50 mark when a heavily distorted guitar breaks through and gives off this powerful bellow, leading into the lead singer shouting “You cannot breathe/in the air”. The vocals give off a message of desperation, which can really be heard just from how the lyrics are being delivered.

It’s a long yet rewarding listen as the song clocks in at a lengthy 5.27. However they keep your ears perked as the band sway between these two motions through the song, before unleashing a tasty breakdown. When the drums pick up the pace, it gives the song another side and keep you interested, especially when the lyrics are thought provoking and well thought out.

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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise



Single Of the Week! Lazybones – ‘Snake’

This week Lazybones grace us with their new track ‘Snake‘ which is very deserving of this weeks Single of the Week!

The song is a raucous triumph with the loud and dominating guitars driving the song forward, and laying a great bed for the vocals to scream their way over them. The song is very chorus heavy with the lead singer bellowing “Snake” urging you to sing along as you slowly begin to give in. There’s a very grunge/garage rock sound right at the center, and combined with an in your face attitude it has a great presence.

The track is relatively short as it just clocks in under 3 minutes, giving this very punk feel to it as its short and sharp nature is perfect for a live show to get the crowd falling over each other. ‘Snake‘ is an impressive track which leaves me wanting more from the band, which hopefully the new year will bring!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Single of the Week: KIOL – ‘Hard Things’


After last weeks wonder into the electronic wilderness we return to the familiar ground of guitar music this week!

KIOL is featuring this week with his recently released track ‘Hard Things’, and it looks to be the song to firmly place his flag in the music world. His unique vocals are the first thing to hit you, with KIOL putting vocal signature with each word he sings. It’s very clear that he’s carved out a certain singing style for himself, which can only be a good thing when trying to stand out from the rest.

The musical part of the song is also very impressive, with a gritty and grainy guitar providing the ideal bed for KIOL to perform his raw vocals over. towards the end of the track, it has a real grandiose beakdown with crashing drums, an imposing guitar and KIOL in the background keeping that emotion there.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Single, look out next week for the best of what’s been found. As always, it’s good to keep it varied and different!

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Words by @AJWise



Single of the Week: AVA – ‘After the Storm’


This week’s Single of the week is AVA and her new single ‘After the Storm’! This is slightly more electronic than we usually go here at WFM, however the song does itself justice and proved that it deserved to be put on the mantlepiece this week.

The atmospheric background of the track provides a great bed for AVA to sing over, and with her looming vocals they really blend well together. With the catchy chorus rotating over and over at the end, it has a certain sinister theme to it, as the words “When all is lost/After the Storm/We promise that we’ll never do wrong”. The track also has some eerie moments attached to it, with the vocals having a twisted note on the end, combining that with the disjointed instrumentals sometimes – it’s a welcome addition.

Hope you enjoyed the track this week, look out for next weeks single!

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Words by @AJWise

Single Of The Week: Chainsaw Murphy – ‘ A Better World Without Me’

A new feature for the site is single of the week, and staring off the feature we have a brand new song from Chainsaw Murphy entitled ‘A Better World Without Me”. The single is being released on Signal Flare SOS Records, who have been working with Chainsaw Murphy for some time now.

The song has a real darkened undertone to it, which is contrasted with the pace and brightness of the acoustic guitar beneath it. The vocals sound torn and emotional throughout, with Chainsaw Murphy sounding like he’s battling with himself to sing the song. This brings a really authentic feeling to the track, focusing in on the subject of the song which has him toying with the idea if it would be a better World without him.

There’s some interesting excerpts included on the track  which sounds like news bulletins from a radio regarding an atom bomb going off, adding another layer to the track showing there’s been some thought put into it.

This is only one of the first steps made by Chainsaw Murphy, so it will be interesting where his next step will be.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise