Single of the Week | Quinn – ‘All The Best’

Quinn have always worn their influences on their sleeve – their uptempo brand of power-pop jangle wouldn’t be out of place alongside Teenage Fanclub and Dinosaur Jr – and up until recently they wore their heart on their sleeve too. But singer Sam Lambeth has decided on a new beginning: no more songs about doomed love and no more dominant guitars. The result is as refreshing as lemonade on a summer’s afternoon. ‘All The Best’ is a perfect pop song, effervescent, uplifting and life-affirming. The guitars are still there but now they’re dipped in woozy sunshine synths and, combined with Sam’s taut and distinct vocals, this is a new direction that is very appealing. In a delicious minor chord twist in the bridge, he sings, “we can be like Winona and Johnny” before launching into the catchy-as-hell chorus. I defy you not to sing along.

From the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best / But I never thought that I would miss you

This is a song you’re not going to forget any time soon. The middle eight before the last glorious chorus says “I’ve been waiting, I’ve been waiting, I’ve been waiting for you”. Well, I’ve been waiting for the summer and boy, here it comes.

Words by Tracey Bowen @INeedDirection



Single of the Week | Our Girl – ‘I Really Like It’ (Alternative)

London Trio Our Girl release a beautiful alternative version of ‘I Really Like It’ 

Even though this song isn’t strictly a single, it really does need a spotlight putting on it. Earlier this year London Trio Our Girl I Really Like It’ which was a very touching and hoenst song filled with heartfelt lyrics graced with an indie twinge.

On May 23rd the band released an alternative version of the song, which is a much more stripped back version which highlights Soph Nathan’s soft voice, blending so well with the subtle instrumetnals. The sonn is completley packed with reverb bringing a isolated feeling to the track.

Both versions are amazing so listen to the original below!


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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


Single of the Week | The Blinders – L’etat C’est Moi

Doncaster trio The Blinders get Single of the Week with ‘L’etat C’est Moi


After a couple of weeks away from Single of the Week, The Blinders are here to fire it back up again. Their earlier release this year ‘Gotta Get Through’ was one of the bands’ best tracks to date, and ‘L’etat C’est Moi‘ sits right up their with it.

The track sees The Blinders jump head first into heavy riff territory, with the bass playing another riff which is as devilish as it is memorable. Frontman Thomas Haywood once again throws a huge amount of charisma into the track, giving the song a distinctive Blinders tattoo. The passion oozes from start to finish, and the chorus is another tasty one, proving that the Donny band quite clealry have a knack at writing an endearing chorus.

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Words by Alex Wise @AJwise

Single of the Week | Track Not Found – ‘Science Gone Wrong’

The Grungy Sound of Track Not Found gets Single of the Week

Single of the Week goes to grungy three piece band Track Not Found with their new song ‘Science Gone Wrong’. Leaning towards the more heavier side with the chunky bass riff, the band manage to craft a very catchy number with ease.

The erratic vocals create a sense of angsty chaos, which is only heightened with some good guitar work underneath. Track Not Found have a very real approach to their music, as you can hear that it’s personal and raw as they use it to get things off their chest.

Can easily see these three girls from Guernsey will be making some noise this year, with a string of shows lined up and hopefully more releases!

Single of the Week | The Novus – ‘Greyscale’



Midlands band The Novus get Single of the Week with ‘Greyscale’

This week marked another great week for music with a lot of bands releasing some new stuff. However it’s The Novus who gets single of the week for their triumphant new song ‘Greyscale’.

The song has a very click your fingers sound to it, with the incessant drum beat and attitudinal vocals. The simple but catchy riff is satisfying to listen to, but to get the full feel it needs be played loud and you’ll be singing “There’s a weight upon my shoulders” in no time.

The guys are playing alongside Ivory Wave on 27th April at the Birmingham O2 Academy 3, make sure you get tickets for this one!

Buy Tickets Here

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Single of the Week | Carnival Club – ‘Sin City’


Manchester Band Carnival Club get Single of the Week with ‘Sin City’


Single of the Week hasn’t been represented by a Manchester band so far this year, and Carnival Club are the ones to break that duck.

Sin City’ has a hard rock vibe with heavy guitars combined with screaming riffs, all with a very sleek edge. Regardless of the band coming from Manchester you’ll hear no hint of the famous Madchester sound, as the band give off a completely different feeling. The powerful chorus is one which is easily grasped onto, and when it’s delivered by the charismatic Kai Jon Roberts its made even more poignant.

You can easily see a crowd of people losing themselves to the track, along with the other great tracks the band have in their portfolio.


Sat 16/06/18 – Night People, Manchester – Tickets

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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Single of the Week | Hunger Moon – ‘Oh Friend’

Hunger Moon ‘Oh Friend’ is the Single of the Week!

It’s Sunday, Single of the Week day! After The Calamity provided us with ‘I Fell Asleep’ last week, this week we have Hunger Moon and their new track ‘Oh Friend’!

The Indie-Pop duo from the West Midlands give us some atmospheric sounds on the song, something that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Daughter record. However the similarities with Daughter end there, as the vocals draw a definitive line making Hunger Moon a different beast. The powerful and angelic voice is heavenly, blending perfectly well with the reverb doused instrumentals, which are well tied together. The song also pulls some similarities to the The XX due to the chilled vibe the track gives out, however Hunger Moon have more of a dramatic edge with this track.

Once again another Midlands band prove that there’s so much talent down here. If you think you have a Single of the Week on your hands please get in touch by emailing or tweeting!




Single of the Week | The Calamity – ‘I Fell Asleep’


The Calamity ‘I Fell Asleep’ gets Single of the Week

Single of the Week is a tad bit late due to the Easter Weekend, however it’s back on track and there’s a new track for you!

This week it’s Wolverhampton Band The Calamity and their latest song ‘I Fell Asleep’ providing us with Single of the week.

The slow paced track is well thought out and has a very grim feel surrounding it as the slumber-filled guitar plays out. The under-produced video adds to that gritty, fly on the wall feeling of it all, making it an ideal package. The story-telling in the song is it’s strongest feature as lead singer Billy Haynes tells us how he fell asleep and dreamt of World War III. He paints the scene of how he sees it panning out for us all, a dark but detailed picture giving depth to it all.

The band are still in their infancy but it’s clear that the ideas are there, especially with their sound. Looking forward to what they will do in their next project as I feel they have a lot more to offer.

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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Single of the Week | Suzi Island – ‘Show me the Way’

Brighton’s Suzi Island provides us with Single of the Week!

It’s Sunday which means it’s Single of the Week day!

Heard a lot of good music this past week, but it’s Brighton band Suzi Island who really found a way into my ears and stayed there. The song has a very laid back vibe to it, with some really endearing acoustic guitar. The vocals are heavily charismatic, as the vocals scream “Show me the way”. The track is extremely well put together as everything is crystal clear and really emphasizes those vocals. Important to note as well that the track was produced by former Vaccines member Pete Robertson, which quite a cool fact.

I hope this means more to come from Suzi Island, because this track has some great qualities.

The band will be playing The Star inn, Guilford May 1st if you wanna check that out!

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Single of the Week | The Cosmics – ‘Inishfree’


Birmingham band The Cosmics get Single of the Week!

This week was a wild week for new music, which saw a lot of music being released on Friday! Making it a very difficult week for Single of the Week, but a decision was made.

The Cosmics new track ‘Inishfree’ gets the nod, cementing them as one of the best bands coming out Birmingham today. The garage rock fuelled song is fuzzy and full of attitude, something that would go down well with a live crowd.

The hypnotic riff and the in-your-face vocals really get you pumped, and with the song lasting under 2 minutes you’re left needing more. The Cosmics haven’t got a bad song, packing their setlist with chaos. This is another step in the right direction for the band, and something for their live audiences to be excited about.

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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise