Shoot The Rabbit – Scribble EP


Band: Shoot The Rabbit


Boys in the band: David Bullough – Lead Guitar & Vocals , Rhodri Davies – Drums, Matt Norton – Bass, Adam Taylor – Rhythm Guitar

Sounds Like: Arctic Monkeys, The Maccabees

‘Scribble’ EP

Shoot the Rabbits intentions are clear throughout the EP, which is to create enticing, catchy and beautiful good old fashioned indie music, and they demonstrate this perfectly in the EP. Some bands now class themselves as indie, and when you’re listening to you feel led astray because it’s not really indie, it’s just some alternative nonsense, this won’t happen with STR as they deliver what they said they would.


From start to finish we’re gifted with fun and intrinsic riffs, which sound like something you’d hear off an early Maccabee’s album or perhaps an early Arctic Monkeys album. The first track ‘Scribble’ is what is described as indie music, pacey, catchy, seductive vocals and marginally lo-fi. The substance of the track lies with the lyrics as they prove to be clever and witty, something that Mr.Turner himself would perhaps write. It’s a bright and lively opening to the EP, which runs into the next song ‘No bugs or flies around me’.

Once again this features a toe-tapping riff that could linger around your head for days, this isn’t helped either by how jumpy it is in parts. This track easily paints a picture of how it would be received live, with people jumping from wall to wall as they try to keep up with the singing and the pace of the song, which is something that rarely ends well. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the first Arctic Monkeys album, because the song could’ve snuck itself onto the track list without anyone realising. The final track ‘Best Keep Quiet’ take as slight turn down to XX avenue, with the intro and the riff inherently reminding me of their distinct style. Although they seem to take a different root for this song, they seem to pull it off. However, the breakdown part is a bit scrappy and runs on for a bit too long, but we are rewarded after that long breakdown with a huge ending that would go down so well live.

To get the full brash effect of this EP, your speakers need to be relatively loud so you can appreciate every element in there. After listening to the EP, I will be keeping my eyes wide open, looking out for a pair of STR tickets round my area.