Shatter Effect – Cold

Shatter Effect

Band: Shatter Effect

Hometown: West Midlands

In The Band: Rebecca Davies  ,Robin Davies, Ricky Hill ,Tom Karakas, Edd Duffell

Sounds Like: Depeche Mode, Coldplay (Bar Vocals)

Shatter Effects attempt at introducing the most hard-core indie/rock fans to the slightly more dance side of music is probably one of the best attempts I’ve ever heard as it’s swung me over. Whether it was intentional or not, Shatter Effect as new sort of indie dance music, with a slightly more uplifting feel surrounding it accompanied by some angelic vocals.

As they slowly introduce some subtle dance conventions, for example the atmospheric sounds and the slight change of the drum beat, the song starts become catchy. The riff is perhaps the main reason for this, as it continues to float throughout the whole piece it brings a mellow side to the song because not as overpowering as what I usually find myself listening too. Finally the track is immaculately produced, as there are no flaws in it at all, with no rough edges. After hearing this track by Shatter Effect, I will be more than likely following them to see if they release any new material, it’s something about their sound that just sits well with me.