EP Review | Sea Girls – ‘Adored’

Sea Girls - Adored

Sea Girls Prove Once Again They Are One of the Hottest Secrets Around

Adored is the third EP from London quartet Sea Girls, and it sounds after those three outings the band have firmly found their musical feet. After their two prior successful EP’s Call Me Out and Heavenly War it felt like the band were ready for another big push and Adored is catalyst. Every live review the band gets it reads like a gig from heaven, with their performance upstanding those high expectations, which bleeds into this EP release.

Opening up with the title-track ‘Adored’ the EP has a strong premise to build off, with a strong and dreamy vocal performance along with some powerhouse guitars driving the track forward. The ethereal instrumentals are pivotal to the Sea Girls sound, the sound is very much of its time with a lot of bands going forward with this poppy sound. However Sea Girls don’t sound flabby or packed with fluff – the songs are strong back to front.

Too Much Fun’ is, pardon the pun, a really fun song. One thing that music fans love is well written, well delivered and super memorable. Sea Girls have cornered this art of the chorus, as they make it looks incredibly easy. This is also showcased on the final track of the EP ‘Eat Me Whole’ which is easily the best track on here. It’s a classic indie banger which you could hear being played in every indie nightclub.

Sea Girls have definitely carved themselves a place in the music world amongst some of the big bands. The band has a Catfish and the Bottlemen feel to them, as they simply know their way around a tune and have a great passion for the songs their singing. Looking forward to seeing the band play live this year and hopefully they will have some new material out by the end of it. The next step logically would be an album release, however if we get another EP – I won’t complain.


Words by Alex Wise @AJWise