False Heads – Tunnel Vision


Tunnel Vision has some interesting songs featuring on it including ‘Fall around’ and ‘Remedy’, however I don’t believe that this is enough to save the EP.

‘Fall Around’ starts the album well with space like sounds, a shredding guitar, and a rather heavy drum beat, which unfortunately can’t be heard to well because of the recording. However the problems occur when the next song hits. As much as I admire the angst and heaviness in ‘Without a doubt’, the timing of some of the notes take a bit away from the song as it all sounds a bit mismatch at times.

Their lo-fi sound is pretty impressive but by the sound of their guitars, I don’t believe that’s what the band was trying to achieve, as it feels like the music should be a lot louder and screaming out the speakers.

‘Remedy’ is possibly the best song on the album mainly for the lyrics and guitar work, as It seems to sit well together. Also as the band sing “Like an old remedy” you feel as though it could be an underground anthem in its own right. ‘Comfort Consumption’ tops the album, and with its slow and gentle sound, it’s much mellower than the previous songs. However the big ending rounds it up quite well, but you’re just aching for it to be louder.

It’s an honest attempt from False Heads, as they’ve managed to find their own sound, regardless of the fact that it may need tweaking just that bit more to get it right. The EP showed glimpses of brightness, and now is just a case of spreading that out through the entire album.


The Ninth Watch – Forever’s a long time – Dave Beech

Hailing from Manchester, UK The Ninth Watch already have their work cut out for them if they want to stand in the hallowed halls of Manchester greats such as The Smiths, The Buzzcocks and Oasis. Thankfully they look like they’re on the right track with their single ‘Forever’s A Long Time’. Sounding  something like a melodic cross between The Stone Roses and The Courteeners can’t be bad for a band that come from a city steeped in as much musical history as Manchester is.

Clocking in at just under four minutes long the single is perfect radio material. Vocalist Ste Ahern is obviously influenced by one Ian Brown and given his bands location that’s hardly surprising. Fortunately this works in favour of the band, and instead of sounding like carbon-copies of many Manchester legends, they’re an amalgam of musical sounds such as the string section found in the latter half of the track that The Verve would be proud of, while Matt Ryan’s drumming isn’t dissimilar to that found on a Kasabian track. The synth pattern that runs throughout gives the song enough energy to keep dance fans happy, while giving the verse an ambient air.

Bands in Manchester are ten a penny, but rarely do you find bands from the city that manage to pay homage rather than rip-off. The Ninth Watch fortunately manage to let us know who they’re influenced by without ripping them off. They’re a band that are capable of breaking through providing the rest of their recordings are as tightly produced and as danceable as ‘Forever’s a Long Time’. Expect big things in the future!

Sisteray – EP – Unsigned Bands



This band is a four piece coming from Chingford, London and although they’ve only been gigging for short amount of time they’ve built up quite a fan base around there, having sold out venues such as The Camden Rock and
The Rhythm Factory , and it looks like it may branch out it even further. The band consists of lead singer and guitarist Niall Rowan, lead guitarist Daniel Connolly, drummer and brother Ryan Connolly and Bassist Michael Hanrahan. Taking their influences from the likes of The Kinks, The Who, The Rolling Stones and loads more they have quite a good sound behind them. They’ve also gained interest from Tom Clarke, Bonehead and Peter Mcleod, as well as this they are wanted around the UK, South America and South Korea. As if that wasn’t enough they’ve aslo gained airplay from TCRFM Tamworth, Croydon Radio, The Hey Mr DJ online radio show, John Forster’s daily rock podcast  and The Unsigned Music Show, not badhttps://wordsformusic.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=823&action=edit for a band who’s just started.

The EP

The EP contains three songs which are ‘You Shine’, ‘Echoes’ and ‘War on the floor’.

If you read this blog regularly, you know I’m a fan of loud drums, and I like the drums to play an integral part of the song by being loud and prominent, so when I first listened to this song, after the first few seconds I knew there was going to be a strong chance I’d like it, and I was right.  I can definitely hear hints of Oasis in there, slightly in the sound of the guitar and an essence in the vocals. I think what I like most about this song is the edginess of it and the rawness, it doesn’t seem like it’s been coated with loads of effects which is nice to hear.


After listening to the first track, I had high hopes for the second on and it didn’t disappoint, as it stayed consistent by keeping that rawness which they get from having highly distorted  guitar and those loud drums being caned in the background. Like the first track this has a bit of a punky edge to it, which they get from the rawness of the recording of it, again it hasn’t had loads of effects thrown on top of it. For any other song I think I would pick out the fact that you can’t hear the vocals enough, but I think it really suits this sound, like The Strokes first album, Julian’s voice really suited the music they were playing.

‘War on the floor’ is probably my favorite of the EP, mainly because of the riff, it’s the catchiest one on there. Also I think the set of lyrics they have on this track are their strongest lyrics, and I also think that this is Niall’s best vocal performance on the EP. Also I think this one would be definite crowd pleaser live, all the songs would so big live but I just think that this on would sound the biggest, especially with the chorus.

It’s a band that I need to see live now, another one added to the list. They have quite a lot on their soundcloud, so it’s something that you should be listening to if you haven’t. After some good signs in their first EP, I’m really looking forward to their second EP, and what they will do next, so I’ll be keeping one eye open for them in the coming months.




Palahniuk – Flying – Unsigned Bands


Before I write about this band, I would like to apologise because of how long this has took, they got in touch with me a while back, Twitter failed and I didn’t get in touch with them for a while but final I’m doing it, Andrew, Shaun, Chris, I’m very sorry. If you don’t know how to pronounce the name (which I couldn’t), it’s, (Pala-nook), see it’s simple. It’s a three piece band, consisting of are Andrew Ralph (Vox, guitar), Shaun Potterton (Vox, Bass) and Chris Ralph (Vox, drums),they take their influences from The Beatles, Feeder, Travis and a slight bit of Bon Iver (which isn’t evident in this song). They formed in 2007, so been doing it fora while now, getting experience under their belt. They have been on BBC Introducing Three Counties no less than five times as well as featuring on the playlist through December 2010  January 2011. Playing prestigious venues such as The Dublin Castle (London), The Jericho Tavern (Oxford) The Cavern Club and The O2 Academy (both in Liverpool) its no surprise that theyre always called back for more, not too bad then.

The Song

There were two songs they sent me to review, and they said choose one, and I went with this one because I prefer it, simple.

I think it’s quite subtly a very psychedelic piece, with the drums giving this sort of hazy effect off by using the symbols quite frequently. As well as this I find the vocals and the lyrics quite psychedelic, with the ‘lalalalalalas’ in there. The riff which features at the start of the song is really catchy, and when that effect is being put on it, it gives it that psychedelic undertone. There’s also a really nice, solo, riff, diddy, (whatever you wanna call it)  in the middle of the song, which again carries that same effect as the rest of the song, there’s only the one guitarist so he must be using a pedal for the solo part, don’t ask what pedal I don’t know but it’s got quite a crunchy sound to it.

The Beatles

They also have a passion for The Beatles and because I’m a bit of a fan myself I couldn’t resist putting this video on here. The BBC wanted them to cover a Beatles song, so they did, and it’s probably one of Lennon’s best vocal performances in a song, along with Mr. Moonlight, I found out, and many others. Although it’d a cover, they’ve placed their own spin on it,, which I’m a big fan of in covers theirs nothing worse listening to a cover which sounds exactly the same as the song, because that’s not a cover, it’s an imitation.

The Band

Another good band in the UK which we should be supporting, so lets do our part.


The Tennysons – Fortune Faovours – Unsiigned bands


Been a very long time since I’ve posted, here’s what happened, I went on holiday, came back, had a lot of work, went on holiday again, then had a lot of work. So there is my explanation for my terrible blogging in recent weeks.

I was meant to do a post on these a very long time ago, before I went on my first holiday. This is a band called The Tennysons, hailing from Leicester like Kasabian, the band consists of Ryan Dunn – Vocals/Guitar, Max Stafford – Bass/backing vocals and Ben Woolley who plays drums. I haven’t seen these guys live before but from reading other reviews and listening to their music, I can say that they’re a lad band, and a very good lad band. They play music that makes people just punch the air stomp their feet, the sort of music I like, especially live because it gives me what I want. Their Influences are Oasis, The Smiths, Sex Pistols, The Stone Roses. You can see bits of these bands in their music, especially Sex Pistols because have punk edge to their music. One review suggest that The Tennysons reminded him of an early Oasis, and Ryan Dunn to a young Noel Gallagher.

The EP – Fortune Favours

They have a new EP out entitled ‘Fortune Favours’, which consists of four songs which are ‘George Smith’, ‘Sometimes’ , ‘New found glory’ and ‘Liar Liar’. When you listen to them you do get a taste of Oasis especially with the vocals in the songs, and I’d also say that with the sound of guitars as well, they are extremely well and in your face which gives me no doubt that they would be brilliant live.

All the songs on the EP are very strong and very catchy with the lyrics in the songs and the riffs playing a big part in that. One to mention would be ‘Sometimes’, as they have these really catchy part where they drop and the drums go with it, which really stud out for me. All the songs are actually quite capable of being an anthem for the youth (the cool youth, not the uncool).

I’d say my favourite song on the EP is ‘Liar Liar’, as it changes pace in the song which I liked, also you got the backing vocals in it which it gives it more of that laddish music effect. Love the little solo in it, not the most complex of solos, but it really sits in well with the song. Also this my pick of the bunch because it’s the most in your face. It’s 2 minutes of absolute energy, and 2 minutes of joy.


These are a little bit closer to home for me, so I might actually be able to go and see these live,which I hope I’ll be able to do soon. I think it’s a really strong EP, but I still think they’ve got a lot more to offer us, and I’ll be there to listen to it, and tell the world.



The Repeat Offenders – Fade Away – Unsigned Bands


New day, new band, why not I’ve got the time to do it. These lads come from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire (I’ve never heard of that place either, bu then again no one has probably heard of where I’m from). They formed in 2011, so still relatively quite a young band, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t got anything to give. Also for a young band they have quite a bit of experience under their belt as they’ve played Juicebox Indie, indie rocks, Sub Siren, The Horn, The Enterprise, The Flag Factory, Brixton Jamm and The Flag, and they’re eager to play anything you have to offer them, as they want to grow their fan base.

The Song

Right on to the song, I was going to review the EP but unfortunately it’s been a five weeker, and I have no money so I’m unable to buy it. So I thought I’d review one of the songs off there that I’ve found.

What I really like about this song is the lyrics, I like a song where a story is being told and  it’s not just drab coming out of the singers mouth, but they’re some nice lyrics in this piece. As well as this it has  cool little effect on the vocals which I quite like. The riff for the song is quite catchy as well, also the guitar isn’t too in your face and out there in this song so it allows the vocals to be heard, which you want them to be because of the lyrics. Having a song name called ‘Fade Away’, you’re going to get likened to Oasis, and compared to them, but this song just sets them apart from that because it’s different type of music to Oasis. It’s a totally different song in it’s own right.


Another good band that have a lot to offer, and we should be offering our support!




Hottaches – My my my


Hottaches are a four piece band from Manchester, and once again it’s not your typical Madchester band. Their music is Rock/alternative/funky/blues and seriously they are all of those, sometimes all in one song, especially the song I’m reviewing showcases this talent. The band consists of, Steve Thomas on Vocals, Billy Walker on guitar, Nathan Lowe on drums and Matthew Assperry bass. Their influence range from Pink Floyd to Jack White.

The Song

As riffs go, this song literally has one of the most bluesy,funkiest and catchiest riffs ever, listen to it and try to deny, honestly. When first listened to the song it reminded me of The Black Keys, because of that raw guitar and those very loud vocals behind it, and those quite anthem lyrics ‘Guess that we’re the chosen ones’. As well as The Black Keys it reminded me of the Kings of Leon Vocalist Caleb Followill, again I think it’s the harshness on the throat in the vocals that reminded me of that. As well as the riff you got a really catchy hook line of ‘My my my’, I couldn’t help but sing it, whether it was out loud in my head.

I’m a sucker for a good solo, and I think a good solo has to catch the melody of the song, fit in nicely and sing to you through the guitar, and this solo really does that, excellent work from the guitarist Billy Walker on that. I could see this song on the end of a gig, where the crowd just give it there all to that one song.

This is just the one song, they have handful to listen to, and they aren’t all the same genre, some of them are really out there and something you wouldn’t expect after listening to that piece of music.


Jumped The Gun – Unsigned Bands


I got talking to this band when I first started twitter, just never got round to talking about reviewing them so finally here it is.

Jumped Gun are an Indie/Rock band hailing from London, taking influences from The Beatles, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Oasis, Blur, Nirvana and  Radiohead. They’re a band that has an obsession for melody and you can tell this when you listen to the songs they create. Although they’re from London, one of the lead singer and songwriter is Glaswegian, they have an Italian bass player, which I think is pretty cool and they have an English drummer and an English lead guitarist.

The Music

I think before you carry on reading you should listen to their music, because you might be a bit angry at me for holding you up, so here’s the link where you can find it…


These are all the songs they have recorded to my knowledge, If I find anymore I’ll immediately put them on my twitter.

The three songs are ‘Problem Solving’, ‘Revolution in red’ and Wage war. They’re a great bunch of songs, and each of them can stand on your own. All of them have great lyrics, riffs, drum beats and vocals, so I don’t see what more you could want from songs. Out of all of them ‘wage a war’ really stood out for me mainly because I loved the lyrics and the chorus being ‘I wage a war against myself’, I just found it really catchy, and it really stuck. When 2.53 hits in the song you get this nice little solo, if it doesn’t sound good, it’s because you haven’t got it turned it up enough, it’s sounds so much better when it’s blaring out at you.

The most interesting song out of the bunch would be ‘Revolution in Red’, because it got quite a lot of effects on it, which are fucking amazing. Seriously if you haven’t got it turned up and blaring out at you, then your not gonna get the full affect of it. I really like what they did with his vocals in this song. It’s a song that I could imagine being played out in a packed out crowd, and each and everyone of them would be going mental. It would either be an opener to a gig or a close to gig, because it’s that big.

‘Problem Solving’ this song you can really hear his Glaswegian accent which I love, love it on James Allan, love it on this guy.You know what I just said about ‘Revolution in Red’ would either be an opener or a closer, I was wrong I think this would be, purely because of the vocals.They’re really out there and it’s such a great performance on this song. All the elements you want in a song, are in this song.


Another lot of tracks that I’ve had the joy of listening to, very glad I’ve got the chance to listening to these songs. Seriously this band really needs to be heard.


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Van Laun – Unsigned artists – 3 brilliant Demos!


I started talking to this band literally on the first day of opening my actual twitter account and working on it properly haha, they said they took influences from The Libertines, so instantly I was interested and I wanted to know what they sounded like. They also said they’re looking for a bass player and a drummer. When I listened to the songs it sounded like a band that had been together for quite a while.

The Demos

Here are the three demos they have, listen to them if you have ears (that’s everyone, except for people without ears)

I’ll be honest, I’m hooked on em’, and I can definitely hear hints of The Libertines in there. I love the tracks ‘Hourglass’ and ‘Interrogator’. All the songs are fast paced and have great melody, in two of the songs ‘Interrogator’ and ‘Half way home’ it breaks and then goes it turns into a little indie rave, I think that’s good how they’ve worked that into the songs.

All the songs have really catchy riffs in, the one that stands out for me is at the start of ‘interrogator’, i’ve heard a lot of unsigned bands try this at the intro and sometimes it sound quite under produced and a bit scratchy but this one is perfect,it gently brings you into the song.


I’m intrigued to see what they will be able to do when they have a fixed drummer and bass player, really think they could be something good here. If these are just the first of the songs, surely they can only get better, love to see if they could get an EP out. Another English band, based in Portsmouth willing to create music for us to hear so I think the least we can do is listen to it. They deserve a lot more recognition in my humble opinion, especially for a band that’s just started.



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Blur’s new tunes

Sorry for the absence of my blog yesterday everyone (nobody), I had one all lined up (I didn’t) and I was really annoyed I wasn’t able to get on here and blog my little heart out (I really didn’t give a shit).

Okay, Blur have got two new songs and I had a listen and this is what I think of them. I think they’re alright.  Well, I think one of em’ is, I think I will have to grow to like the other one, like a boy would have to grow to accept his step-dad.

I really like, under the westway, at the moment I’m in to quite mellow music with melody and quite quiet and easy listening and that’s what this songs is. It’s pleasant to listen to, and I think the piano in it which Damon is playing of course is really (I know it sounds simple) nice. I think it show’s how far blur have come, because they are quite the accomplished musicians now with some great records under their belt. I think they’re probably one of the best British bands.

Next we have ‘The puritan’, the lyrics I think are great, they make me think which is one of the things lyrics should do. I’m not keen on the noise that’s going on behind the lyrics though, I don’t think it sounds very good, but I do feel that this will grow on me because I’ve only listened to it twice and both times I’ve listened to it with the sound down, and I think it needs to be blasting out.

But two okay songs by Blur, which are both very different. Have a listen.