REVIEW: The Franklys – ‘Puppet’


The Frankly’s are a four-piece group that most definitely don’t look how they sound, which is always a pleasant surprise. On the surface they look like a nice girl group, that may sing in a colloquial accent, but when you hear them, its like listening to Joan Jett in her Runaways heyday!

“Puppet” is their latest release and it’s an upbeat, jangly song with a catchy riff and a memorable tune. “You never wanted me and kicked me down to the ground and left me there to die.” May not be the cheeriest lyrics that have ever been heard, but they easily enough get stuck in your head, and have you singing  for the next few days.

The jangly guitars, and use of handclaps are something that can especially enjoyed, as you find yourself sitting in your room listing to this song on Sound Cloud, clapping away like an over excited child at the sight of a birthday cake! Overall, a good catchy song that will probably stick in your head a long time after you’ve heard it.


Words By Emma Lawrence (