NEW MUSIC NOW! Twist Helix – “Pulse”!



On the never-ending quest of finding new bands and new music, it’s hard to ignore the larger than life sound of Twist Helix with their new track “Pulse”. The Newcastle based band have a clear idea of the music they want to make, as they craft an elctro-alt-pop vibe, which not many bands bring to the table, and they do it with conviction.

“Pulse” has a very cinematic sound to it, as it slowly builds up to these breakout vocals that could easily challenge some of the most commanding vocalists today. The addition of the pounding drums in the background gives it an unwavering tension which continues throughout the song, combined with the keys it almost has this sinister edge to it.

You cannot describe this type of music as easy-listening, but if you’re in the mood for listening to something a bit more grandiose, then Twist Helix are the band to listen to.

Words By Alex Wise @AJWise