New Release | Pizzagirl – ‘Highschool’

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Bedroom Synth-Artist Pizzagirl release New Track ‘Highschool’

Bedroom Music Makers are one of the most interesting when it comes to listening to new music, because a lot of the time they’re completely alone when making a new track. So they know no boundaries, and each idea they have isn’t contested so you get to hear the purest form of the artist.

Pizzagirl took this route when releasing his new synth orientated track ‘Highschool’, which sounds like its been picked directly out the 80’s and on the way caught a bit of the 00’s on it’s back legs.

Listen Below:

The slow and smooth the track works it’s way over the three minute mark, giving you a solid slice of synth-pop action. The vocals are completely soaked in reverb and slightly lost in the beaming synth which raged throughout the track.

For the majority of the song the pace sits at the same tempo, which heightens its cool and overall suave feel. It sounds as if he written the song from the perspective of John Hughes out of the Brat Pack film, as he frets about losing his cool.

This has been released ahead of his sophomore EP Season 2 which will be released this November!

What did you make of the track?

Words By Alex Wise