Happy Birthday Pedro! – 12-03-2012 – AW

Pete, doing his thing.

Happy Birthday Pedro, he’s 33 today, and I hope he had a bloody good day, which I’m sure he has with all his alcohol and friends. I know it’s late but I’ve been double busy today, double busy, had a guitar session, discussing my future (still haven’t  figured out what the fuck I’m doing), played some fifa and had a couple of cans on the decking warming myself up for the summer.

So Pete Doherty, some people adore him and defend him in every way they can (me), and some people hate the ground that he walks over (majority of the people in the whole of WORLD). Either way, surely everyone has a song of his or piece of work of his that they enjoy, whether it be when he was with The Libertines, Babyshambles, Solo or one of his pieces of his art work. For all those people they say that dislike everything his ever done, well I will say this, you must of started nodding your head, jumping up and down to the beginning of Don’t Look Back In To The Sun.

A piece of Pete's artwork, which also used for his solo album "Grace/Wastelands"

Pete’s done many things in the past, some things just a stroke of genius and some perhaps the most stupidest thing he could of done at that time, either regardless to what he’s done, he’s devoted himself to his fans by bringing out music that changed people, that influenced people and that gave people their first love. Also some of the stuff he did in the early libertine days by holding gigs to devoted fans, to his youtube channel and posting songs up there and going out onto the street to play, he’s gave a lot. Unfortunately I believe he’s gave too much as he’s practically given his life to his fans, and he’s had to give up a lot to do that. However some of the stuff he may just of done anyway, but still he’s given it up like not seeing his Astile as much as he should.

Pete and his Son

Personally I think he created his best music when he was with Carl, whether it was because of the chemistry that had together, Carl’s ability to create great sounding riffs and Pete’s talent of writing such poetic and interesting lyrics. I also think the fans just loved how Pete ‘n’ Carl were together, sometimes I just wondered why they weren’t married to each other, because they should be because they love each other. Although I love the stuff he did with Babyshambles, both of the albums they did were good, it was just missing something, Carl’s input.

What became of the likely lads....

Just gonna close this post by choosing my favourite song, it’s not an easy one to do because I enjoy everything he’s ever done even some of his weaker stuff. With brilliant songs like, ‘Time for hero’s’, ‘Music when the lights go out’ , ‘Can’t stand me now’, ‘what Katie did’, ‘Lost art of murder’, ‘beg steal or borrow’, ‘I love you but you’re green’ the list could go on for quite a while. But I think it’s got to go to ‘Music When The Lights Go out’, purely because of the lyrics, I think it’s a perfect love song, I think the lyrics just make the song. It’s beautifully simple, simple riff, simple to sing but I think the lyrics just mean so much to so many people. It’s been on more than one occasion when I hear the song, the hairs stand up on my back ( sorry for the cliché). Anyway, happy birthday Pedro…..