New Release | Mr E Bear – ‘Perfect By Design’

Scottish Caveman Mr E Bear Releases a Catchy Little Number

Of course Mr E Bear is not a caveman, although he does state on his facebook profile that he resides in a cave in Scotland. This a debut for Mr E Bear on WFM, as we haven’t crossed paths musically before, however his new track ‘Perfect By Design’ is a catchy little number.

Perfect By Design’ has a very frank and direct approach, because it comes across like he’s having a conversation with you in song form. It’s this conversational/storytelling style which makes the track very approachable and have a certain charm, especially with the unmissable thick Scottish accent .

The structure and and production of the song is very simple, as you’ve got a guitar, some drums and vocals, giving it a Lo-Fi sound. Along with this, the video is also cut from the same DIY cloth because it’s been recorded by the artist on a phone – which makes it more endearing! The song has been released on Beary Good Records, which is great as it adds to its underground, independent DIY style which is always admirable. Enjoy!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise