20 EP’s In 2018 That You NEED To Listen to (So Far)…

Before I start this list I want you to know that these are in no particular order, each of these EP’s are great listens and this is simply to showcase which ones I feel have really stood out. It was incredibly hard making this list as I have listened to a lot EP’s this first half of the year, so there are ones that have unfortunately been left out! So, without further ado.

Sea Girls – ‘Adored’

Sea Girls - AdoredSea Girls have been on my radar for quite some time, and I thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Call Me Out’’ EP which they released last year. However, ‘Adored’ really was a 3 hit banger, as each song has so much about it. Their big sound could easily fill out big venues, just listen to the hook on ‘Eat Me Whole’ and you can easily hear what they’ve got to offer. Along with this, their live performances have been highly praised which only adds to the bands aura.



Listen to the EPSea Girls – ‘Adored’

Youth Man – ‘Five Songs

Youth Man - Five SongsSince announcing their return to music, two-piece Birmingham band Youth Man have been highly anticipated. Their song style draw similarities from Drenge, another two piece band which carry a lot of angst and pace in their songs. Five Songs definitely is a flag in the ground to say that the band are back and hungrier than ever. The aggression that features on the EP makes the songs so intense, and ‘Constantly’ showcases this perfectly. Welcome back Youth Man.


Listen to the EPYouth Man – ‘Five Songs


Spinn EPComing across SPINN this Year has been a delight, as their floaty rhythms and hooks have helped me along many of my car journeys. Their EP featured four great songs which really put them in the front of people. Most notably ‘After Dark’ which is arguably the band’s best song to date as you feel like you’re diving into the unknown when the songs first hits you. The bands also catered to the lighter side with happier songs like’ She Takes Her Time’  which really is an indie disco anthem at heart. Full Review.


Listen to the EPSPINN – ‘SPINN EP’

Adam French – ‘You From The Rest’

Adam French - You From the Rest EPUpon first hearing Adam French I was astonished that I never had the joy of listening to his music before, simply because of how good it was, it felt like he should’ve been getting regular plays on radio 1 already. This EP is a rich masterclass in songwriting, as he delivers 4 of the best tracks to feature on a single EP. His acoustic tendencies are enhanced with great instrumentals. Normally this is because of the lack in vocals, but that’s not the case with Adam as his warm voice puts a firm trademark on his songs.

Listen to the EPAdam French – ‘You From The Rest’

Gender Roles – ‘Lazer Rush’

Gender Roles - Lazer Rush EPSince listening to this EP Gender Roles have become one of my favourite bands whom I haven’t had the chance to see live yet. Their brash punk roots and insane guitars show tints of The Cribs, which is why I initially gravitated towards them. Yet the band have their own style with tracks like ‘About Her’ and ‘Gills’ are fast and fun tracks with wall sticking chorus’, which I’ve come to learn is their forte. Cannot speak more highly of this EP, listen to it. Full Review.


Listen to the EP  – Gender Roles – ‘Lazer Rush’

Rascalton – ‘C S C’

Rascalton - CSCSticking with the theme of punky sounds I will slide on over to Glasgow punk band Rascalton who released a gem of an EP earlier this year. The frantic pace at which they move through this EP is invigorating, and gives you an uncontrollable buzz. ‘Told You So’ throws you into what Rascalton are all about, angsty vocals and mad riffs. It’s refreshing to hear 4 songs which finish under the 3 minute mark, because you never feel like it’s going on to long, and are always left wanting more.


Listen to the EPRascalton – ‘C S C’

Peach Club – ‘Cherry Baby EP’

Peach ClubThis was the first EP that I had the pleasure of listening to this Year, and I still find myself coming back to it wanting to hear more. Peach Club really do the the Riottt Grrrl Sound justice as it is all over this EP, and the vocal performance across all five songs are incredible. They were even more incredible live. ‘Cherry Baby’ is the epitome of what Peach Club are all about, the story telling, the in-your-face guitars and impeccable vocals. Full Review and Live Review



Listen to the EPPeach Club – ‘Cherry Baby EP’

Bryony Williams – ‘Conscious’

Bryony Williams - Concious EPThis EP caught me by surprise as I saw it being shared around twitter by my followers, and how glad I am to have found it. Bryony Williams creates her own world on this EP with it’s complete full sound and the far out vocals. It’s clear that her influences bleed into her music with Kim Gordon and PJ Harvey being her shining light of examples, but Bryony takes this on without turning into a cheap rip-off. With the beautiful sound of ‘Conscious’ really is Bryony’s best work to date, with her having so much more to offer.


Listen to the EP Bryony Williams – ‘Conscious

No Hot Ashes – ‘Skint Kids Disco’

No Hot Ashes Skint Kids Disco EPI’ve known No Hot Ashes for quite some time now which is a testament to the bands quality, as they’ve always produced a high standard of  songs. This came to light when the band released their 3 track EP Skint Kids Disco which premiered everything that is good about No Hot Ashes. Their attitude comes through in every song, especially in the EP’s title track. What is most unique about the Stockport outfit is the vocals as Isaac Taylor delivers some rough vocals which brand their songs with the bands mark. Looking forward to seeing the band live later this year. Full Review and Interview.

Listen to the EPNo Hot Ashes – ‘Skint Kids Disco’

I Feel Fine – ‘Long Distance Celebration’

I Feel Fine - Long Distance Celebration EP.jpgI first came across I Feel Fine when I heard ‘Everyday Safari’ which I completely fell into because of their quality punk rock sound, which had something about it. Their shout down the door approach to songs work so well, and they knew that going into this EP. Each song shares that noise punk-rock combined with the shouting vocals. ‘Lifer’ really is the stand out on the 5 song track list, as it has a great building intro and breakdown. Also the band is from Brighton, which seems to be a breeding ground for great music at the moment – along with everywhere else.


Listen to the EPI Feel Fine – ‘Long Distance Celebration’

The Modern Strangers – ‘Meltdown Mechanics’

The Modern Strangers - Meltdown MechanicsI was always taught to reference my sources so I have to give a shout out to Robbie Warren for letting The Modern Strangers come into my musical life. Meltdown Mechanics is a talented piece of work which is reminiscent to some of the material the band HURTS put out some years ago. The slick looking band delivered a suave debut EP which featured some great synthesizers and vocal performances. ‘One Of My Mistakes’ has all the qualities of a summer tune, which is a contrast to the bands darker songs like ‘She’s So Cold’.

Listen to the EPThe Modern Strangers – ‘Meltdown Mechanics’

Remo Drive – ‘Pop Music’

Remo Drive - Pop Music EPAfter becoming a keen fan when they released their debut album ‘Greatest Hits’ last year, I was interested to see what Remo Drive had to offer with this EP. Pop Music is a 3 song hit-and-run which still elements of their pop punk flavour which they delved into on their debut. It was refreshing to hear Remo Drive release something like this, as it done the band a favour and kept them at the forefront of their fans minds. ‘Heartstrings’ really stands out on this one as a favourite and is deserved to be on this list.


Listen to the EPRemo Drive – ‘Pop Music’


Pale Waves - All The Things I never Said EPAt the end of last year I said that it’s a really big year in 2018 for Pale Waves as they have a lot to prove to the World, as it seems they’ve been pushed some influential people in music. This EP ofr me was their first hurdle, and they leapt over it with ease as they back it up with the songs. It’s completely doused in productions with an extra coating of sugar, but the songs hold up. ‘The Tide’ is easily a floor filler and will resonate with a lot of young people, as well as ‘New Years Eve’. You can’t argue with good pop music. Full Review.

Listen to the EPPale Waves – ‘ALL THE THINGS I NEVER SAID’

Fangclub – ‘True Love’

FangClub - True Love EPAfter their impressive debut album last Year I was hoping Fangclub wouldn’t rest, but instead continue their momentum by releasing more music Luckily they released True Love which has been another shot to the arm for the band as their grunge sound is perfect when it’s packed into 5 songs. ‘Knife’ is a solid opening track, and when you have punchy rock songs like ‘Smother’ and ‘High’ to follow it’s a winner. All of these songs could’ve feature on the album they’re that good – which shows they’re not resting on the laurels.

Listen to the EPFangclub – ‘True Love’

Michael Cera Palin – ‘I Don’t Know How to Explain It’

Michael Cera Palin - I dont know how to explain it EP.jpgWhen I type that this was stumbled upon, it was genuinely stumbled upon. It was a night where I was just listening to all sorts of music just trying to find something new to cling to and there I found Michael Cera Palin. Released back in February the band unleashed five bursting tracks full of life that would engrain themselves in my brain. The standout track is ‘Portrait of a Man on a Couch with Cats’, not only because of it’s great name but because of it’s pop punk tendencies and heavy guitars – and the whole EP is like this.


Listen to the EPMichael Cera Palin – ‘I Don’t Know How to Explain It’

Cassia – ‘Movers and Shapers’

Cassia Movers and ShapersAt the start of the Year Cassia released ‘Come & Talk’ which won Single of the Week here at WFM – Read here. Since then the band have been breaking down doors at their live shows while continuing to release great music. Their EP release came at a great time, much like Fangclub they’ve built on their momentum. The tropical and upbeat sound which Cassia have adopted is all over the EP, from the moment ‘Sink’ hits you’re dropped on a mythical island to enjoy yourself.


Listen to the EPCassia – ‘Movers and Shapers’

Fuzzy Sun – ‘Want Love’

Fuzzy Sun - Want Love EP.jpgInitially it was the EP’s title track which gravitated me towards Fuzzy Sun, however it was the EP which made me become a fan of the band. Their elecrto-emotions on the title song is so good that it was whirling around my head for months “So tell me you want love!”. The EP very much builds a room of sadness for the band filled with desperation and a yearning for love and it’s a unique electronic universe.



Listen to the EPFuzzy Sun – ‘Want Love’

Sick Joy – ‘Amateurs’

Sick Joy Amateurs.png

Sick Joy delivered a very thick and heavy debut EP, which completely does the band justice. For a band with only two members that make some amazing noise, ‘Smiling Shame’ has a manic switch from singing to shouting and it’s a joy to listen to. The band show some real promise with this EP, and you can see the songs being big winners at a live show because they have a rawness about them.



Listen to the EPSick Joy – ‘Amateurs’

Sports Team – ‘Winter Nets’

Sports Team - Winter Nets EPWinter Nets’ is a very different to other EP’s on this list because of how unique the vocals are, as the lead singer delivers them in such a different style. The musicality on the EP is also interesting to listen to as it has some cool breakdowns as the guitars are just punchy and so poignant. Sports Team do everything they can to separate themselves from the pack, and they do in spectacular fashion, also with the recent release of ‘Kutcher’ you can be sure that you will hear off them before the end of the Year.


Listen to the EP –  Sports Team – ‘Winter Nets’

Glass Caves – ‘I Do’

GLass Caves - I Do EPGlass Caves have a very classy sound, from their vocals to their smart guitars they’re sound very tight and clean cut. The polished sounds come off very well in the EP, from the start with ‘I Do’ you already get the feel for what you’re in for. On this list they are one of the most oldest acts having released an album back in 2014, but this EP definitely feels like a fresh coat of paint for the band. The final track ‘Swim’ has to be the highlight with the angelic reverb and slow build it has a magnificent ending which is fitting for the EP.


Listen to the EPGlass Caves – ‘I Do’

That’s the end of the list I encourage you to take the time out and listen to all the EP’s listed as they are well worth your time. As I already expressed, unfortunately I couldn’t put more on the list but I wanted to stick to 20 so it didn’t become overcrowded! It’s only half way through the year so there’s another big 6 months ahead for more music to be released, really enjoyed making this list so I will be doing one again at the end of the year as I know there will be even more mind-blowing EP’s to be released!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

Would love to know your thoughts on the choices, so please leave your comments below!

EP Review: Peach Club – ‘Cherry Baby’

Even though Peach Club have only been on my radar for a short amount of time, as soon as I heard them I couldn’t wait for the release of their debut EP. This is the effect that Peach Club can have on you, they’re a very different band with venom running through their veins which comes out in their music.

After hearing ‘Bad Bitch’ ‘Cherry Baby’, two tracks that preceded the album, you get an instant feeling of what Peach Club are all about, raw vocals and rough guitars that create this perfect instrumental to what anger sounds like in song form. It became appparant after listening to those two songs repeatedly, that if they could carry this energy over an EP they would have a very good piece of work. Which is what Cherry Baby is.

Cherry Baby embodies what Peach Club are, this raw emotion which is delivered in a very visceral yet melodic way.

As soon as the EP kicks off with ‘Venus’ the band refuse to let go as they never slow down for a second. This opening track very much sets the tone for the entire EP as the band masterfully mix this heavily distorted guitar with this highly pitched voiced with an attitude, and it works perfectly. The contrast between them is so different it covers a lot of ground, and when combined with in-your-face vocals it becomes any riot grrrls dream.

The self titled track ‘Cherry Baby‘ follows, and it really is a highlight of the EP. The band tell the story of a girl called Cherry Baby chasing the dream of becoming a star with the helping hand of a controlling manager. The chorus of the song really makes it stand out, purely because of how it’s delivered. You can really hear the desperation of Cherry Baby in the vocals, adding this emotion into the song.

The EP rolls on with ‘Oh My God’, however when the intro of ‘Bad Bitch’ comes on you’re instantly hooked. The unique opening of the clapping hands throw you a curve ball, as it’s the most explicit song on the EP. You could easily lose yourself to this song, as you confess how much of a Bad Bitch you are at the top of your lungs. Also the track as this cool little twinkle twinkle littler star moment, which also gets stuck in the mind.

It’s finished off with ‘Death Becomes Her’ which is a great closer, as it serves as a final reminder of who Peach Club are as the drums are crashing with the guitar once again delivering another heavy riff that cannot be stopped.

Overall the EP serves perfectly as an introduction to Peach Club, because if you didn’t know what they were about going in, you will have a clear idea after. Looking forward to see where the band take it from here, as I can see the Cherry Baby tour being a very memorable one, with EP hopefully taking them to the next level!


Make sure you go and see the band live if you can, it will be your loss if you don’t!


6th – Sunflower Lounge – Birmingham – Tickets

15th – The Lending Room – Leeds – Tickets


3rd – Birthdays – London – Tickets

Words By Alex Wise @AJWise

Interview w/ Peach Club

Peach Club BandSo 2017 was a busy year for you lot, of course with gigging and getting your EP ‘Cherry Baby’ ready. How long did the Cherry Baby take to record and how did you find the recording process?

Becca: We took 2 days to record it and it was so fun spending it with everyone, especially because we could take a quick swim in the pool then laze around and carry on recording!

Charlie: We had a day of playing over and over and over and then the next day was mainly mixing and mastering! It was so much fun being in a studio with all this kit that we wouldn’t be able to afford ourselves. I was like a kid in a toyshop.

What influences did you take in with you when going to record the EP, or did you go in with a complete blank canvas and do you own thing?

Charlie: We went into the studio with the songs already written and rehearsed. We write and collect songs over the course of a year and then when we felt ready to go and put them down thats exactly what we did.

Kat: Yeah we had everything prepared and just played them like we would play them live!

On any Album or EP there’s always a stand out song on there, which one do you think will shine out the brightest?

Becca: ‘Oh My God’ is a bit of crazy song and I think it’s likely to go down well with our listeners!

Charlie: ‘Death Becomes Her’ is something a bit heavier than what we normally put out there, its a really fun song to play but I think shines because its different for us.

Kat: Yeah I love ‘Death Becomes Her’ because it was hugely inspired by Black Sabbath and I feel like Ozzy when we perform it.

Shortly after the EP release you have your first gig of the year in Birmingham the wonderful Sunflower Lounge! Have you guys played there before, and if not what are you expecting?

Becca: We haven’t played in Birmingham before so we are really excited for it! We’d love to see a good turn out with the amount of people who come!

Kat: Yeah, I’ve never even been to Birmingham before! I’ve heard nothing but good things about The Sunflower Lounge so I’m super excited to see it.

The Sunflower Lounge is a really small venue which I prefer as a setting for any band, do you prefer the small shows or slightly bigger venues?

Becca: I personally love the smaller venues, and ones without stages too because it feels like your enjoying the music with the audience more.

Charlie: Smaller venues are definitely more personal and its lovely to see people, especially ones you know, enjoying your music but we’d love to give bigger venues a go!

You played a fair few shows last year, including the one at Norwich Arts Centre, are there any other than stand out in your minds?

Becca: Supporting Nova Twins at Camden Assembly was so much fun because of how much the crowd were loving it, and singing to ‘Mission Impossible’.

Kat: Agreed, there were so many people dancing in the crowd and the people at the venue and Nova Twins themselves were so kind to us.

And are there any venues you’d love to go back to?

Becca: I’d love to go back to Camden again, or the Hope And Anchor.

Charlie: Moth Club! We had such an amazing night there just having a dance with some lovely people.

The Norwich Arts Centre show was for the C-Red Event supporting the Labour Party, how did that come about and what was it like?

Charlie: We were approached by the C-Red team and asked to headline the event which we were more than happy to do as Labour supporters.

Becca: It was brilliant because everyone was there for the same reason as us, supporting the Labour Party and to share our political views, it felt extremely purposeful.

Kat: My mother is disabled and I spoke about her through the set and a man came up to me after and had a breakdown and said he felt the exact same as me and that it was inspiring to see us. It was incredibly touching and powerful.

You also had support from Black Shuk that night, which I’ve heard bits of. Are there any support acts you’ve really enjoyed playing with this last year, or anyone you’d like to do a show with?

Becca: Headlining the Owl Sanctuary in our hometown Norwich was a great night because of the local bands which joined us, it felt very homely, and all the people we knew who came along. I absolutely loved supporting Trash Talk a while ago in Norwich.

Sorry to go off topic but I love asking this question, what were your favourite records in 2017!? I’m compiling a sort of league table, so just want to see who comes out on top at the end.

Becca: I can’t stop listening to Exit Order’s album ‘Seed Of Hysteria’, and OCS ‘Memory of a Cut off Head’ is brilliant.

Charlie: ‘Bambino’ from Superfood is definitely a favourite from last year and Brockhampton’s Saturation trilogy was amazing.

Kat: Definitely St Vincent’s MASSEDUCTION or Lorde’s Melodrama!

2018, the EP is coming out and I’m sure you have a lot of gigging ahead so I guess 2018 is all planned out for you. Or is there other things in the pipeline this Year?

Charlie: We have a fair amount planned for the beginning of 2018 but we’re always looking to do more and definitely visit new cities!

Becca: We are quite addicted to getting lots of merchandise at the moment and I think this year we’ll build up a super big collection.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview, I understand how busy you all must be with the promotion of the EP, all the best for 2018, you are firmly on our radar!

Interview conducted by Alex wise @AJWise