Interview w/ Peach Club

Peach Club BandSo 2017 was a busy year for you lot, of course with gigging and getting your EP ‘Cherry Baby’ ready. How long did the Cherry Baby take to record and how did you find the recording process?

Becca: We took 2 days to record it and it was so fun spending it with everyone, especially because we could take a quick swim in the pool then laze around and carry on recording!

Charlie: We had a day of playing over and over and over and then the next day was mainly mixing and mastering! It was so much fun being in a studio with all this kit that we wouldn’t be able to afford ourselves. I was like a kid in a toyshop.

What influences did you take in with you when going to record the EP, or did you go in with a complete blank canvas and do you own thing?

Charlie: We went into the studio with the songs already written and rehearsed. We write and collect songs over the course of a year and then when we felt ready to go and put them down thats exactly what we did.

Kat: Yeah we had everything prepared and just played them like we would play them live!

On any Album or EP there’s always a stand out song on there, which one do you think will shine out the brightest?

Becca: ‘Oh My God’ is a bit of crazy song and I think it’s likely to go down well with our listeners!

Charlie: ‘Death Becomes Her’ is something a bit heavier than what we normally put out there, its a really fun song to play but I think shines because its different for us.

Kat: Yeah I love ‘Death Becomes Her’ because it was hugely inspired by Black Sabbath and I feel like Ozzy when we perform it.

Shortly after the EP release you have your first gig of the year in Birmingham the wonderful Sunflower Lounge! Have you guys played there before, and if not what are you expecting?

Becca: We haven’t played in Birmingham before so we are really excited for it! We’d love to see a good turn out with the amount of people who come!

Kat: Yeah, I’ve never even been to Birmingham before! I’ve heard nothing but good things about The Sunflower Lounge so I’m super excited to see it.

The Sunflower Lounge is a really small venue which I prefer as a setting for any band, do you prefer the small shows or slightly bigger venues?

Becca: I personally love the smaller venues, and ones without stages too because it feels like your enjoying the music with the audience more.

Charlie: Smaller venues are definitely more personal and its lovely to see people, especially ones you know, enjoying your music but we’d love to give bigger venues a go!

You played a fair few shows last year, including the one at Norwich Arts Centre, are there any other than stand out in your minds?

Becca: Supporting Nova Twins at Camden Assembly was so much fun because of how much the crowd were loving it, and singing to ‘Mission Impossible’.

Kat: Agreed, there were so many people dancing in the crowd and the people at the venue and Nova Twins themselves were so kind to us.

And are there any venues you’d love to go back to?

Becca: I’d love to go back to Camden again, or the Hope And Anchor.

Charlie: Moth Club! We had such an amazing night there just having a dance with some lovely people.

The Norwich Arts Centre show was for the C-Red Event supporting the Labour Party, how did that come about and what was it like?

Charlie: We were approached by the C-Red team and asked to headline the event which we were more than happy to do as Labour supporters.

Becca: It was brilliant because everyone was there for the same reason as us, supporting the Labour Party and to share our political views, it felt extremely purposeful.

Kat: My mother is disabled and I spoke about her through the set and a man came up to me after and had a breakdown and said he felt the exact same as me and that it was inspiring to see us. It was incredibly touching and powerful.

You also had support from Black Shuk that night, which I’ve heard bits of. Are there any support acts you’ve really enjoyed playing with this last year, or anyone you’d like to do a show with?

Becca: Headlining the Owl Sanctuary in our hometown Norwich was a great night because of the local bands which joined us, it felt very homely, and all the people we knew who came along. I absolutely loved supporting Trash Talk a while ago in Norwich.

Sorry to go off topic but I love asking this question, what were your favourite records in 2017!? I’m compiling a sort of league table, so just want to see who comes out on top at the end.

Becca: I can’t stop listening to Exit Order’s album ‘Seed Of Hysteria’, and OCS ‘Memory of a Cut off Head’ is brilliant.

Charlie: ‘Bambino’ from Superfood is definitely a favourite from last year and Brockhampton’s Saturation trilogy was amazing.

Kat: Definitely St Vincent’s MASSEDUCTION or Lorde’s Melodrama!

2018, the EP is coming out and I’m sure you have a lot of gigging ahead so I guess 2018 is all planned out for you. Or is there other things in the pipeline this Year?

Charlie: We have a fair amount planned for the beginning of 2018 but we’re always looking to do more and definitely visit new cities!

Becca: We are quite addicted to getting lots of merchandise at the moment and I think this year we’ll build up a super big collection.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview, I understand how busy you all must be with the promotion of the EP, all the best for 2018, you are firmly on our radar!

Interview conducted by Alex wise @AJWise