Album Review | Parquet Courts – ‘Wide Awake’

Parquet Courts- Wide Awake!

Parquet Courts provide further evidence that they’re still one of the most exciting bands today with ‘Wide Awake


Since their sophomore album Light Up Gold, Parquet Courts have always been a band to keep note of, due to their erratic punk/indie music style which is exclusive to them. Over the years they’ve developed and established their sound to the point where it’s obvious when a Parquet Courts song has just hit the speakers.

This is the bands’ sixth studio album since releasing their debut American Specialties back in 2011. Since then they have grown and refined their sound while keeping their core musical features at the heart of everything they do.

Wide Awake is glowing evidence that the band have managed to keep their sound relatively the same, while also making it incredibly interesting and poignant as ever. Straight from the off with ‘Total Football’ you’re thrown into the mix with a very pointy riff which is inherently catchy and only develops as  the tempo swiftly speeds up.

The punches don’t stop there as the album moves through ‘Violence’, ‘Mardi Gras Beads’ and ‘Almost Had to Start a Fight/ In and Out of Patience’, with all of them providing tightly woven guitars and drum beats. Amongst all of this you have the unique vocals of Savage which is a pillar of any PC song. The way he delivers the lyrics in that rushed and provoked manor you’re immediately hyped up and ready to take on the World.

Highlights of the album have to be ‘Freebird II’ which is perfect slow song performed in their style. As well as this you have ‘Normaliziation’ which is complete chaos as the timing and precision across all instruments is impeccable which makes for a great listen.

This is one of the best records PC have delivered,sitting right up there with Light Up Gold. Also it’s further proof that a band can keep their sound/song style and continue to make it interesting as long as you’re creative with it and refuse to let it go stale.


Words by Alex Wise @AJWise