EP Review | Pale Waves – ‘ALL THE THINGS I NEVER SAID’

Pale Waves - All the things I never saidSince the middle of last year Pale Waves have been highly anticipated to make their surge into the conscious minds of every music fan. After being dubbed as one of the best up and coming acts in the UK, their debut EP ‘ALL THE THINGS I NEVER SAID’ has had a close eye kept on it.

Pale Waves dive head first into that synth-dance vibe which is combined with vocals that have been coated with reverb. Pale Waves however have enough personality and style to t carve themselves their own corner in this in the genre. Yes, it could be seen as 1975 rip-off but Pale Waves bring something different to the table.

First of all the vocals across the entire EP are angelic as their dipped in sugar, yet combined with the feel of the band it gives a great contrast to their style. For example ‘New Years Eve’ has a very dark underbelly but it’s delivered in the sweetest of ways.

My Obsession’ is a heartbreaking tale of a girl obsessed with someone, easily relatable. The vocals seem to drift around an ocean of overdriven guitars providing a certain lost feel.

The EP also has some easy-to-dance-to hooks, as the guitar swirls around that teeny bop vibe making it incredibly infectious. ‘The Tide’ has summer driven riff which wouldn’t look out of place on a 1975 track – but that’s okay. The same can be said for the closer ‘Heavenly’ as this also shares those same qualities, as it end the EP on a high.

The EP won’t be breaking any ground or re-inventing the wheel, but the record at its very core is a great pop EP. I can easily this easily rubbing a lot of 1975 haters the wrong way, but it’s not for them. Although I don’t see myself dancing around the room to it any time soon, I can take it for what it is, which is good pop music. Can easily see this being a big first step for Pale Waves this year, as I’m sure there will be more coming.


Words by Alex Wise @AJWise