TOTD- 28/092015 – Glastonbury Headliners…



With the Glastonbury tickets going on sale soon, we must prepare for the rumours that will ensue on every music website, including this one.

So like every year we will have the dream legendary headliners, these would include David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones including many more. Of course these three acts would all be amazing to top off the weekend because of their legendary status and would without doubt make the weekend special. The last time Bowie headlined was back in 2000, and The Stones in 2013, so Fleetwood Mac would extra special as they’ve never headlined.

Then we have the hopeful reunion bands headlining, these being The Stone Roses, Oasis and The Smiths. As much as the World would love a Smiths reunion, there is 99.9% chance of it not happening, Mozza has come out many a time to squash the rumours as has Johnny Marr. Oasis has said if the money is right they’d do it, and since The Stone Roses came back for those couple of gigs they disappeared again. Of course Oasis would be incredible, and out of these three they’d probably be the most likely.

Finally we have the likely acts, those being Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon and Arctic Monkeys. Seen as Foo Fighters couldn’t do it this year, it’s more thank likely they will be back for next year. Kings of Leon haven’t headlined since 2008 and, they always will sell tickets so it wouldn’t be surprising if they came back for next year. Lastly the Arctic Monkeys, it’s obvious they’re the standout UK band at the moment, and seen as they haven’t headlined since 2013 why not come back for next year after their long hiatus.

Words By Alex Wise @al4563

Sisteray – Happy Ending


The Band: Sisteray

Hometown: The Big LDN

Sounds Like/Influences: Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles, The Who

Reviewed these lads a few times, and have a become a bit of a fan of theirs, and this song has just cemented that slightly more. The jumpy and happy introduction to the song sets the tempo rather nicely as the rest of the song aims to carry this out throughout the song. The laid back vocals of Niall Rowan could easily be badly received because they’re an acquired taste, but I’m one that seems to enjoy the simple talking vocals, perhaps because it makes it easier for me to sing along too.

The song has every component to be an indie song, the riff, the miniature solo and foremost the lyrics that consistently talk about smoking, going out and a girl.  The lads pull it off nicely, making an easy listening tune that kills a couple of minutes, however Sisterays earlier material still proves to be the most strongest as the guitars are blaring and the tracks are much more in your face.





Words by Alex Wise


Stolen Haven – Stolen Haven EP

Stolen Haven

The Band: Stolen Haven

Hometown: Manchester

Boys In The Band:-

Andy Brides – Vocals.Song Writer.
Jimmy Gardner Guitar, Backing Vocals. CoWriter.
Matt Edge – Bass
Adam Brides – Drums

Sounds Like: Oasis, The Coral, The Seahorses

Stolen Haven EP

It’s always pleasant to hear a good EP, which Stolen Haven have provided here, as they demonstrate a diverse array of songs with an acoustic number, a classic chord thrashing rock song and a heavy blues track to top it all off. The quick pace of the first song ‘Broke’ reminds you of something that Oasis perhaps would’ve done in their earlier years, with a catchy chorus and a riff to match it, the song proves to be a strong start for the EP. Stolen Haven use their influences within their songs and achieve this without ripping their influences off as they manage to keep their identity on each track. ‘Decent Shoes’ perhaps has one of the most memorable chorus’ I’ve ever heard, as it continued to roll of my tongue every time I filled the kettle (A Lot of times), the gentle strumming of the acoustic guitar has the tendency to make you think about a younger Noel Gallagher playing ‘Half the world away’.

Stolen Haven 2

Once again the Oasis influences are bursting out at the seams with ‘Memories’ with the hook line ‘Cut you to the waistline’.  After the somewhat mellow introduction, the drums come kicking in and all inhibitions are lost as the song burst into life, hinting toward one of Oasis’ earlier songs ‘Columbia’. One thing that sets this song apart from Oasis is the vocals tower over them, as they’re not as brash as Liam’s, they’re actually soulful and well delivered. The bluesy number ‘Unhappy Restless Soul’ see’s the EP off, with a heavy, spiralling riff you’d expect to hear off Jack White. Stolen Haven show that they’re capable of stepping out their comfort stone, and try something that isn’t really expected after the previous three tracks.

Overall the EP is something that Stolen Haven should be proud about, as they’ve demonstrated that they’re capable of conjuring up a strong batch of songs, and they’re not your generic ten a penny band that struggle to create anything decent. Gladly the boys have more ideas in the pipeline, and it shouldn’t be long until the next load are ready to be released. Make sure you go to their soundcloud to hear the rest of their EP!

Words by Alex Wise – @al4563





Upcoming Dates:

The Queens, Tyldesley Manchester, UK
Ravenstonedale Festival 2013 Cumbria, UK
Festival Marquee 2013 Leigh, UK

Blind Drivers – It’s been a long time EP Review


This band got in touch with me a while back (I type that so much, becoming a bit of a catchphrase), and asked me if I could review their new EP, ‘It’s been a long time’, and after listening to it I was swung and I had to complete the review. The band hail from Sheffield, and taking in many influences which range from Reverend and The Makers to Oasis and The Stone Roses, so from that pretty good taste in music (except Rev’s new album). In the band you have:-

Paul Fletcher – Lead Guitar and Vocals

Matt Thompson – Vocals

Joe Doherty – Bass

Louise Patterson – Drums

The band has been together since 2011 and making quite a lot of progress with an arsenal of songs behind them and the willingness to get themselves out there by playing any gig they can. They have been considered to be one of Sheffield’s hardest working band, which you can see by the gigs they have played and the songs they’ve written, because none of those song would just come from a couple of sessions recording, okay on to the EP.

‘It’s been a long time’ EP Review

Apart from the pleasant cover of the EP, and it is because it made me make a cup of tea, the songs on there are quite powerful and catchy. The EP was released on the 2nd February, so a recent update for me. Unfortunately I’m not going to put the songs up on the blog because you will have to pay for them, so get on Itunes and get buying, okay the EP.

The EP is very versatile, the first track that features on their ‘Rich Tea and Sympathy’, was funky with the bassline and the rhythm of the guitar complimenting it, it’s quite Ska’esque with upstrokes of the guitar. Also the lyrics for the song are amusing with lines like ‘She needs some Rich Tea and Sympathy’, those can get stuck in your head for a while. Once I listened to that, I didn’t expect what was coming next with this guitar screaming out of the speakers and these very commanding drums building up a very good tempo.


‘Safe from Tigers’ is probably one of my favourite songs on the EP, because of how powerful it is instrumentally, and if that wasn’t enough it’s glittered with these forceful vocals from Matt which I think play an integral part to this particular song. Once I listened to that song I thought ‘Well anythings possible now, I don’t know what to expect”.  ‘Throwing Darts’ is a brilliant follow up from ‘Safe from Tigers’ because after that you’re quite built up and ready for some more fast-tempo songs. The riff at the start immediately gets you hooked, and it keeps you hooked throughout the whole song. It’s a blazingly well put together song, especially the guitar it’s really tight and well played, really good rhythm guitar.


The song doesn’t lose tempo throughout all of it until the very last part, I have nothing but respect for this because of how extremely hard it is to keep a fast tempo going for nearly four minutes is quite impressive.  To end the EP you’ve got this song that just slows it all down and brings it to a nice close with the song ‘Slow. Melodically it’s very attractive with the guitar just holding that rhythm and the vocals just gently covering it.


There’s a certain vulnerability in the vocals and the way the songs sung which sits well with me and makes it that bit more gripping and makes you listen that bit more intently. The lyrics are well written, and it seems to me like that this was written about something quite close to the heart.


It’s a great EP, one that I will be purchasing as soon as I get a bit money under my belt. I can only see this band doing more good things, as they can only better with time, and I think this EP exposed no weaknesses of theirs at all, because I doubt they have any. Get behind them, and get them out there…




The Cornerstones – Smack me in the face – Unsigned Bands


Got in touch with this band quite a while back, and decided that I should review them.The four piece hailing from Uxbridge in the UK, and they consist of Richard Ruth, Dan Bennion, Kyle Radbone, Ryan Pincott. They’re an rock/indie band with influences being The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Kinks, The Who and The Beatles which you can clearly hear in their music.

The Song

The song ‘smack me in the face’ is the fourth one of theirs (to my knowledge), and has quite a lot to live up to after their previous three, which I strongly recommend listening to, very catchy pieces of music with some nice riffs in place, with a distorted guitar in the back ground, this is prominent in ‘This is how it ends’. ‘Smack me in the face’, steps away from their other stuff as it has a piano featuring in it, which works quite well with the guitar. The singer although sounding slightly like Liam Gallagher he has more of singing element to his voice, a lot more harmony in his voice compared to Liam, but there are definite comparisons to it. Moving on from his voice, the song is quite slow paced, and can be quite haunting in places especially in the verses.After listening to it the chorus really stands out in my mind, which is always a good sign because it means it’s engrained in your mind. I think they’ve showed some versatility with this song because as I stated previously they’ve stepped away from something they’d normally do.


A really beautiful song, i found it better when I was listening to it with earphones in, else you get too much noise pollution an ruins the song. Think we can expect a lot more from this band, especially with the three previous songs, listen to them. They’re also working on an album at the moment, I will keep you updated when that will be out, also if you can go to their next gig, Sat Dec 1st at Trinity in Harrow, West London. Entry £5, If you can, just go, enjoy yourself while I slave away at work.

Get behind this band, see them when you can, i know I will be looking out for them.

The Tennysons – Fortune Faovours – Unsiigned bands


Been a very long time since I’ve posted, here’s what happened, I went on holiday, came back, had a lot of work, went on holiday again, then had a lot of work. So there is my explanation for my terrible blogging in recent weeks.

I was meant to do a post on these a very long time ago, before I went on my first holiday. This is a band called The Tennysons, hailing from Leicester like Kasabian, the band consists of Ryan Dunn – Vocals/Guitar, Max Stafford – Bass/backing vocals and Ben Woolley who plays drums. I haven’t seen these guys live before but from reading other reviews and listening to their music, I can say that they’re a lad band, and a very good lad band. They play music that makes people just punch the air stomp their feet, the sort of music I like, especially live because it gives me what I want. Their Influences are Oasis, The Smiths, Sex Pistols, The Stone Roses. You can see bits of these bands in their music, especially Sex Pistols because have punk edge to their music. One review suggest that The Tennysons reminded him of an early Oasis, and Ryan Dunn to a young Noel Gallagher.

The EP – Fortune Favours

They have a new EP out entitled ‘Fortune Favours’, which consists of four songs which are ‘George Smith’, ‘Sometimes’ , ‘New found glory’ and ‘Liar Liar’. When you listen to them you do get a taste of Oasis especially with the vocals in the songs, and I’d also say that with the sound of guitars as well, they are extremely well and in your face which gives me no doubt that they would be brilliant live.

All the songs on the EP are very strong and very catchy with the lyrics in the songs and the riffs playing a big part in that. One to mention would be ‘Sometimes’, as they have these really catchy part where they drop and the drums go with it, which really stud out for me. All the songs are actually quite capable of being an anthem for the youth (the cool youth, not the uncool).

I’d say my favourite song on the EP is ‘Liar Liar’, as it changes pace in the song which I liked, also you got the backing vocals in it which it gives it more of that laddish music effect. Love the little solo in it, not the most complex of solos, but it really sits in well with the song. Also this my pick of the bunch because it’s the most in your face. It’s 2 minutes of absolute energy, and 2 minutes of joy.


These are a little bit closer to home for me, so I might actually be able to go and see these live,which I hope I’ll be able to do soon. I think it’s a really strong EP, but I still think they’ve got a lot more to offer us, and I’ll be there to listen to it, and tell the world.



Jumped The Gun – Unsigned Bands


I got talking to this band when I first started twitter, just never got round to talking about reviewing them so finally here it is.

Jumped Gun are an Indie/Rock band hailing from London, taking influences from The Beatles, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Oasis, Blur, Nirvana and  Radiohead. They’re a band that has an obsession for melody and you can tell this when you listen to the songs they create. Although they’re from London, one of the lead singer and songwriter is Glaswegian, they have an Italian bass player, which I think is pretty cool and they have an English drummer and an English lead guitarist.

The Music

I think before you carry on reading you should listen to their music, because you might be a bit angry at me for holding you up, so here’s the link where you can find it…

These are all the songs they have recorded to my knowledge, If I find anymore I’ll immediately put them on my twitter.

The three songs are ‘Problem Solving’, ‘Revolution in red’ and Wage war. They’re a great bunch of songs, and each of them can stand on your own. All of them have great lyrics, riffs, drum beats and vocals, so I don’t see what more you could want from songs. Out of all of them ‘wage a war’ really stood out for me mainly because I loved the lyrics and the chorus being ‘I wage a war against myself’, I just found it really catchy, and it really stuck. When 2.53 hits in the song you get this nice little solo, if it doesn’t sound good, it’s because you haven’t got it turned it up enough, it’s sounds so much better when it’s blaring out at you.

The most interesting song out of the bunch would be ‘Revolution in Red’, because it got quite a lot of effects on it, which are fucking amazing. Seriously if you haven’t got it turned up and blaring out at you, then your not gonna get the full affect of it. I really like what they did with his vocals in this song. It’s a song that I could imagine being played out in a packed out crowd, and each and everyone of them would be going mental. It would either be an opener to a gig or a close to gig, because it’s that big.

‘Problem Solving’ this song you can really hear his Glaswegian accent which I love, love it on James Allan, love it on this guy.You know what I just said about ‘Revolution in Red’ would either be an opener or a closer, I was wrong I think this would be, purely because of the vocals.They’re really out there and it’s such a great performance on this song. All the elements you want in a song, are in this song.


Another lot of tracks that I’ve had the joy of listening to, very glad I’ve got the chance to listening to these songs. Seriously this band really needs to be heard.

Get em’ on twitter

Oasis – Definitely Maybe – 20-04-2012 – AW

Thought I'd put this one because I thought it looked pretty cool.


After yesterday I was going to review one of the Arctic Monkeys albums, because the song ‘electricity’ inspired me, but I didn’t have a clue which one to do so I just left it. If  you want me to review an Arctic Monkeys album, just let me know and I’ll do as soon as possible (when I get chance). So, I just grabbed an album at random and it was this one.  REMEMBER I GOT INTO THIS SORT A MUSIC A BIT LATE, I GOT INTO THIS MUSIC WHEN I WAS 16. So yeah, this was the first Oasis album that I brought (see, sounds better now you know I got into this music a bit late) I brought it on the strength of my mate saying ‘It’s fucking brilliant’, and that’s all I needed for me to buy the album.


Oasis were the first rock/rock ‘n’ roll/britpop group that I got into, again on the strength of my mate telling me ‘they’re fucking brilliant’. I thought it was a good place to start because I think they’re probably one of the best bands that there’s ever been, I think a lot of people like to steer away from this because they’re not as complex, or they ripped off the Beatles slightly, I personally don’t mind I still think they’re a great band, that had this attitude and an image that you couldn’t help but admire.

Discovering Definitely Maybe

Listening to this album was like me watching Aston Villa winning the league, it was a joy. I think all of the songs on their just carry that attitude with it, whether it’s because of the way Liam is singing it or whether it’s the way the guitar sounds, it sounds good. Obviously you’ve got the classics on their with ‘Live forever’, ‘Supersonic’ and ‘Rock and Roll Star’ but the songs around it which are rather underrated with ‘bring it on down’, which is amazing to listen to when it’s blaring out the speaker, with the bass coming out. Also with ‘Slide Away’, I think this song really goes under the radar, when it talk to people about Oasis songs a lot of the time ‘Slide Away’ doesn’t get mentioned, and when it does get mentioned it get’s a bit of a mixed reaction, which I think is mental because I think it’s one of the best songs on there. The album ends on ‘Married with Children’, which I think shows Noel wit, because he is quite funny, watch his interviews. Learning this song was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done because it winds my girlfriend up.

Digsys Dinner

I thought this song should get it’s own paragraph because I think it’s brilliant, obviously the song isn’t serious, Noel’s a clever man, he knows what he’s writing, anything that he writes doesn’t go unnoticed he knows what he’s doing. I remember going through a phase of listening to this song because I just liked the guitar parts in it, and the chord progression. I didn’t learn the lyrics for a while, but when I did, I pissed myself. Learnt it on guitar and everything just to sing it around the house to wind my mom up.


Overall 8.5

An album that will probably stand the test of time, whenever people talk about britpop or Madchester this band, this album will be mentioned immediately. For a debut album, it ain’t bad.

Songs to download/get/listen too/whatever

-Live forever

-Cigarettes and Alcohol

-Slide Away

All the rest of them.