Noel Gallagher at Kerrang! Radio


Sorry about the photos, Iphones aren’t best to take photos!

I was extremely lucky yesterday as I got the chance to see Noel play live at Kerrang! Radio at an intimate gig. There was literally only about 40 people there and I was one of them. I’m a roadie there so I got to sit in the back where he was before he played! At one point there was only about 8 people in that room and me and him were two of those people, I felt very privileged. When I saw him, he was just on his phone and seem to have this godlike genius glow to him, and he was just effortlessly cool, even though he did look shattered. It’s a day I will never ever forget, just being in the same rooms as him.


The Gig

His set was very heavy on Oasis songs, which I preferred because I haven’t seen him play some Oasis songs live. Off his new solo album he played, AKA…What a life and If I had a gun, I think that was it haha. But he played the old favorite It’s good to be free along with Supersonic, Half the world away, Don’t look back in anger and Wonderwall.

He also played ‘D’yer wanna be a spaceman?’ which was brilliant because he said before he played it ‘ I’ve only played this one 8 times live’, so I felt very privileged, and it was class, everyone was singing and it reminded how much of great song it is.

He went on for about 40 mins, which was longer than I expected because it was only a radio station gig.



There was one heckle and it was the most obvious, I’m all for heckles only if they’re funny and haven’t been shouted millions of times. The heckle was ‘Where’s Liam?’, when it got shouted out I thought ‘F**k me? Nothing better than that?’. Noel took it well and replied with ‘I don’t know, he’s probably at home. He’s got a shot load of money…for doing very little’, which obviously got a round of applause and a couple of laughs.

I wanted to shout out something, but I didn’t want get in trouble and lose my very important job, probably one of the best jobs I could ever have. So I thought I’d leave it.

Unfortunately I didn’t get anything but I don’t mind, seeing him live was amazing. Also I wasn’t able to record any videos :/, which I would’ve loved to have done.

That’s the post for today, please comment, even if it is on my terrible photography.

The Chief’s new tracks!

Before I start, just wanna say that this one of the coolest photos I’ve seen.

Right, Noel Gallagher, two new tunes, what we reckon?

Have a listen first…

You know what you’re going to get with Noel Gallagher songs, catchy chorus’ (I’m already singing one of em’), simple chord changes, nice slow pace, and these two songs don’t step out of that boundary. I don’t think it matters though because they’re good like that, they’re simply brilliant as I once heard them called. I think now Noel’s a bit older, he’s doing more love songs, obviously they’re not soppy and full of cliche’s but you know they’re about love and being with someone, and he’s doing it the right way by not entertaining the idea of ‘soppyness’.

I think they’re two beautiful songs, sung by a beautiful man, with beautiful hair and cool glasses. Chop them down by saying they’re simple, easy, boring, but I really like em’.

Keep going chief.

Noel Gallagher, how did the chief get on?

Bit late, seen as I did see him on Thursday and it’s now Saturday but, I’ve had a lot on, work, meeting people, eating, sleeping just haven’t had the time, so don’t go mad, don’t think anybody will because nobody cares that much.

Right, so how did the chief get on? Well, the answer is, very fucking well. The gig was amazing, a very good experience and it was £40 well spent, sorry £45. Noel gave it everything from start, to finish he was immense, didn’t miss a beat. Before I went I was quite worried about his singing, thinking it might not be strong enough for the gig, fuck me I was wrong, why did I doubt him. You could play the album, and it would sound exactly the same, right on the spot every time. The start of the gig didn’t go to well, fucking beer thrown from every angle (a lot of it went on me) also, felt some warm beer thrown on me(I fuckin’ hope it was warm beer, don’t think it was though), my mate Andy turned round and said to me “That’s warm, I don’t think that’s fuckin’ beer”. So after that happened we just thought, lets enjoy ourselves and ignore what may or may not be piss. Really good setlist, played all of his new album except for ‘stop the clocks’, would of loved to heard that one, along with ‘the good rebel’ and ‘freaky teeth'(that was brilliant). He also sprinkled that with some classic oasis songs with the likes of ‘supersonic’, ‘don’t look back in anger’ and ‘whatever’, however he left out ‘wonderwall’, would of liked to hear that one personally. Have a butchers at the setlist.

(It’s Good) To Be Free
Mucky Fingers
Everybody’s On The Run
Dream On
If I Had A Gun
The Good Rebal
The Death Of You And Me
Freaky Teeth
(I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine
AKA… What A Life!
Talk Tonight
AKA… Broken Arrow
Half The World Away
Solder Boys And Jesus Freaks
(Stranded On) The Wrong Beach
Little By Little
The Importance Of Being Idle
Don’t Look Back In Anger
Noel Gallagher performing live


It wasn’t a  big active gig with loads of jumping, pushing, moshing going on but it was hard hitting. Every song that was played almost everyone was singing along to it because they’re great songs. The closest it got to moshing was when ‘Importance of being Idle’ came on. The personal favourite for me was ‘Little by Little’, I thought it was a good oasis song, but Noel playing it live made the songs so much better, you felt like it was being sung to you.  The only the songs I wish he would of played was, ‘wonderwall’, ‘The Masterplan’ and ‘Stop the clocks’, but I suppose there’s only so much time.

As always the chief was very witty with the comment “I dedicate this to the best rock ‘n’ roll star ever…….Mario Balotelli”. Then he went on to say “You know you love him….and he loves you”, Had to laugh when he said that, he’s made me go mad on Mario Balotelli, I want to become him.


The Chief having a smoke.

Overall I thought it was a great gig, definitely going next time the chief comes round, looking forward to his new stuff with amorphous androgynous, and looking for to his new album whenever he may bring that out. The only thing that could have made this night better is if I didn’t get that ‘warm beer’ thrown over me. Check out the video below, my new favourite song.