EP Review | No Hot Ashes – ‘Skint Kids Disco EP’

No Hot Ashes Skint Kids Disco EP

No Hot Ashes produce a fine Debut EP with ‘Skint Kids Disco’

Skint Kids Disco is the debut EP from Stockport band No Hot Ashes. After years tearing up venues all around the UK, this EP gives them validation of their true talent.

After dropping ‘Eight Till Late’ last year it was clear the EP was going to be packed to the brim with dancehall vibes combined with ear piercing guitar riffs, which is what they’ve provided in the EP. The EP title track ‘Skint Kids Disco’  is the brightest spark on the album, as singer Isaac Taylor provides us with the catchiest hook-lines the bands ever produced:

Find me by the skint kids disco trying to look alive/ take me to the skint kids disco just trying to survive”

The gruffalo aggression in the tone of Taylor’s voice as he delivers the lyrics is endearing, providing a desirable contrast to their bouncy disco instrumentals. There’s a beam of energy that streaks through the entire EP, and this track really is the heart of it.

Bad Crowd’ wraps the up the EP, which has an exotic musicality with bright electronic strings to open up the whole track. Once again Taylor effortlessly paints a picture which only a working class kid could truly understand. This song follows the suit of the EP with the in-your-face vocals along with a really sleek guitar riff, however you do get to hear more of a vocal range from Taylor as he sings “It’s alright it’s okay/it should work out anyway” midway through the song. The track ends in spectacular fashion with the guitars screeching and the vocals showing real emotion.

This EP should set the band up for some memorable shows, as audiences can really fall into this EP and it’s sound which will cause mayhem at live shows. Great to see how far the guys have come, and it’s obvious they’re going to go further with releases like this one.


Words by Alex Wise @AJwise