Ancient Times – ‘Nightschool’ Review



‘Nightschool’ is double A side from the band Ancient times, who hail from Bristol who at the moment are thriving musically.

The track offers a very prominent bassline and crashing drums all the way through, which are delicately coated with some soft Morrissey-esque  vocals. The lo-fi sound works as it gives that rough around the edge feel, making it more human and realistic, as opposed to pampered up song from out of space.

‘Hieroglyphic’ is the most important track on this double A side, with the vocals still flourishing over the track, we’re faced with a totally different sound and feel, as it’s just so much louder and in your face. Although the track is only two minutes long, theres enough there for you to sink your teeth into, like The Vaccines ‘Nogaard’, short, sweet and devilishly catchy beyond thought. A strong two songs from Ancient Times, which has been released a s a 7inch on Soft Power Records, a record label in Scotland. Their songs continue to impress, which is slowly building up the anticipation for a possible EP release which would do anything but let us down.